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Boob issues...

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Anyone know what to do about this?

My right breast consistently produces about three times more milk than the left one, and flows pretty fast. (I know from pumping.) I had an augmentation on the left when I was pretty young, and i don't know if that's the cause or not. Either way, Aubrey attacks the left one so hard I don't want to let her nurse on that side because it hurts. She seems to get frustrated that its not as quick as the right, which she's not so violent with. Any idea how to encourage her to go easy? I'm afraid she's really going to damage something.
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I can't say that I have advice, but am anxious to see some replies. I have the same issue only the opposite. My left breast produces more milk and the let down is much quicker, but she prefers the right side with the slower let down. The left side is just too forceful for her and she gags/chokes on it once or twice everytime she feeds on that side. It used to really bother her and she would scream when she fed on that side, but she seems to have gotten used to it. Even though she still gets choked up sometimes, she just coughs it out and continues to feed for the most part... unless she's not feeling well (needs to poop or is too tired or too hungry) then she gets upset.
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My left side also doesn't seem to produce as much milk and my littly guy would always seem to be "fighting" with it.

I changed the way I held him, from cross cradle to clutch on the left side. Also, I would use a warm wet washcloth on the breast and massage it before he nursed. It took me a week of doing that on the left side before I could resume nursing with the cross cradle.

He doesn't fight the breast anymore. When I pump though, my left side still does not seem to produce as much as my right. It's frustrating but I know he gets milk from the left side so I try not to worry.
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