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My poor sick baby...

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Owyn is coming down with a cold. For about a week now, her nose has sounded stuffy when she eats. I try cleaning it out, but never get anything with the nasal aspirator. Last night, she started sounding phlegm-y. Her throat is mucousy and she can't seem to figure out what to do with it. I wish I could cough it up for her. We've had some very long nights the past few nights because she just feels crappy. She keeps spitting up and it has mucous in it... this morning she projectile vomited everything she had just eaten. She seemed to feel much better after that and slept good for a couple of hours, but woke up crabby. And now her voice is hoarse and she just seems so miserable.

I don't know what I can do for her. She's not running a fever. We stood in the steamy bathroom earlier to see if that would help break some of the mucous up... I can't tell if it helped. She ate right after and promptly fell asleep so I guess I'll see when she wakes up. She's just 4 weeks old today and I so wish she didn't have to feel crappy already. Damn Missouri weather making my baby sick. I have to go back to school tomorrow and I really hope she starts feeling better by then or I don't know how I'll leave her for the day... especially if we're up all night again.

Just needed to vent... Thanks for listening.
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Oh, poor Owyn. So sorry you're dealing with that. I've been holding my breath to see if my baby gets sick. Her dad had strep throat and we didn't know it, just though it was a cold! So far so good.

Hope tonight is easier for you.
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I'm so sorry Owyn has picked up a cold. I had a flu-type bug earlier this week and then after only 2 days healthy got a cold. I've been keeping my fingers crossed that Royce stays healthy. I would feel awful if I gave him something. I hope Owyn get's better soon!
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Sorry your little one isn't feeling so well. I found it helps to put in saline drops in the nose before suctioning.
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So, I'm wondering if I should take her to the doctor? I'm not really sure what they'd do for her, but her congestion isn't getting any better. It's not in her nose, she can breathe just fine through her nose. It's all in her chest and I can feel is rattling around when my hands are on her back or chest. She is coughing it up a little better, but then gags on it when she coughs (although I'm pretty sure she has a very sensitive gag reflex, she even gags on her pacifier). We still aren't sleeping well and I think it's because of this cough. It doesn't help when she's laying down and has slept better when she's inclined (in her bouncy seat or swing).

What would you mamas do? Should we go to the doctor?
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