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Originally Posted by sea island mama View Post
Almost makes me want to get one...but no, not until after the summer...
See, I wanted one early in the summer so we could do all our training when the days are long and the weather is nice. Rain got me up at 6:15 this morning and had it been the middle of winter I would not have been impressed!!
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I hear that! I just don't want to be dealing with a new dog or puppy while we are camping in our trailer for the first few times...maybe August??
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We pick up our puppy a day or 2 before we head to the cabin for 2 weeks!
We've potty trained all three kids there; I guess it makes sense to be housetraining the pup there too!
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Well, pup is home!
She's beautiful; very cuddly and sweet - We are all in love.
Only problem is its bedtime now and she will not pee or poop! She's hardly gone since we picked her up. I don't know what to do!
Poor dh is outside now trying to get there to go before we crate her for the night (or part of it anyway!)
Any suggestions?
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No suggestions on the toileting, hope it's gone better over the past 24 hours!

Congratulations on your newest family member!!! : :

Does she have a name yet?
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Congratulations, robugmum!!!! :

Rain didn't go potty the whole 3.5 hour journey home. I was worried but eventually she did pee. I think it was the stress of the move. She also didn't eat for over 24 hours, but the rescue lady assured me this was normal and she would start eventually (which she did).

Unfortunately you'll probably be up a lot with the pup at night, but like with babies "This too shall pass".

Have you decided on a name? I voted for "Shade" and I think I was the only one, lol. But I also really liked Poppy. I actually saw an adult black standard poodle the other day, without the dippy hairdo, and they really are lovely dogs!
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Training info: so, Rain has developed a problem over the last couple of weeks. She has become very aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs (she wasn't before we brought her home). My best friend has worked with dogs for years and with the SPCA and she recommended a place called House of Wags (wags.ca). They have a daycare, overnight boarding, even a swimming pool for dogs, lol. Anyways, my friend has worked closely with the owner of Wags, Danielle, and asked her for advice about my problem. Seems somewhere I have done something quite wrong and sent Rain the wrong signals, so today we are heading down to Wags for an evaluation. Danielle suspects its a combination of poor "dog greeting manners" on Rain's part and increasing anxiety from me not managing the situations properly. Rain will be boarding at Wags while we are in Vernon for the music festival and will receive some socialization training. I am also going to enroll with Wags' in house trainer, Shelagh from Dizine Canine (dizinecanine.com) who has a class called "Reactive Dogs" for just such a problem. Finally, I will likely send Rain to "daycare" when I occasionally work at UBC.

I am feeling like one of those parents who have always lucked out with easy kids and thinking it's all me and now I have a challenge that I did not know how to deal with (and didn't realize it was a problem until it got so bad). So now I'm eating humble pie. But I'm also glad that there are things we can do about it.

I also wanted to put in a good word for Wags. She's in North Burnaby and my BF says she is an awesome person with strong ethics and a true love/concern for dogs. She also does anaesthetic-free teeth cleaning. She owns and operates the business herself and I'd really like to support her. So if any of you need some services please consider using her.
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Well, we just got back from the vet for a check up.
I decided to name the pup Clover. It was going to be Poppy but my ds said he really didn't like it and wanted her to be called Cinder. I didn't like Cinder much (it sounds negative to me) but the name Clover kept popping up in my head and I though it might appease him because it has a similar sound. So I have named her Clover, which I really love - for various reasons. One is that it has the word Love in it!

She's great but really does not like being confined, either in her crate or an X pen. She will go into the crate to lie down but yelps incessantly if we move away from her, close the door or use the pen. Any suggestions?
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I came across these interesting links on dog behaviour recently when looking up another breed:
They are geared toward small dogs, but they apply to all sizes. Things you might have known or heard, but never knew why...
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thanks for those links, helen. I've been reading tons!

I met with Danielle at Wags yesterday and she gave me hope that Rain is just insecure and young and this can be dealt with fairly quickly. I'm using a martingale collar now and it definitely helps with the pulling. She said its not uncommon for the smarter breeds of dogs to develop lightening-fast techniques for getting out of a Halti collar, lol.

The facility was really nice and I'm happy Rain will be staying there while we are away, though I am going to miss her SOOOO much!

Love the name Clover! How are the nights going robug? Getting much sleep? Is it like having a baby all over again?
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We got a dog from a litter in the back of a truck outside of a health food store in Eugene, Oregon.  She is the best companion, and so gentle with the little boys.  She was a pup at the same time as my eldest, so she likes being climbed on, wrestled with, etc.  She's a mix of black labrador (she loves swimming, fetching, chasing her tail) and Australian shepherd (she's smaller than a typical lab, and wicked smart).


Getting a dog is like getting a baby.  You can't really know what you're getting into until it's there.


Dive in!


(For what it's worth, we live in Port Moody right now, around a lot of green space and quiet streets.  It would be harder to have her in a more urban area.)

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