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Gay friendly businesses

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I know this is for queer parenting, but figured this was the closest correct spot to post this lol. If it's in the wrong place I hope a mod will move it for me please .

Where I'm living we have something called "The Purple Pages" that lists gay friendly businesses.

Do you all try to patron gay-friendly businesses as much as you can or do you really not worry about it that much? And anyone able to tell me what exactly makes a business "gay friendly"? Gay staff? Just not giving you evil looks if you walk in holding your partners hand?

TIA ladies (and gentleman?):
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Sure I do. Our town used to have one of those directories too but whoever was making them stopped a few years ago. I'm in a very liberal town and most people are gay-friendly...we kiss and hold hands in public. I would most definitely leave if anyone gave us bad looks for being who we are.

I wish that I knew of more online businesses that were gay-friendly (or homophobic so I could avoid giving them my money). That would be great.
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Hmmm you'd think that somewhere would have a listing like that. I'll check into it. If not, I wonder if purplepages.com could maybe start up a project for that?
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No purple pages here. I have friends that are sort of trying to put together a similar list though. We do try to frequent gay-friendly or gay-owned (all one of them lol) businesses -- basically anyplace where we feel comfortable and they don't have hate literature out in the open. Yes, there is a bit of a story there.

This is a tough town to find gay-friendly.
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