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question about AI at home

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So I am going on cycle #5 of ttc #2, technically #3, and Im stuck. For the first 2 months I tried using frozen sperm. for the last 2 months I used fresh sperm. Obviously none worked since Im still not prego. My question is, my cycle is a bit all over and I have been trusting opk tests to tell me when to AI. Im not sure if I should be doing it while I have ewcm, which is way before a pos opk test, or to do it when I have the positive opk test. I have been waiting for the positive to do AI so far. I do it the day I get a positive and then 2 days later. I thought this covered my window of opportunity but since I am going on 5 months now I am not so sure. any tips?
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CM all the way!

From what I've read - CM is by far the best indicator of fertility. Are you tracking any other signs like saliva ferning or temp? Maybe if you had multiple signs lining up, you could pinpoint it better?

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When doing frozen IUI insems OPK is the way to go but for fresh sperm your cervical mucus is a much better way to time. You might be like me and dry up before you get a positive OPK. If that is true then it would be a non-optimal environment for the sperm to be introduced in. My CM drys up the day I get my positive OPK. I usually pop an egg 24 hours later. After two days I'd be completely dry and my egg would be long gone.
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