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Can I Be An Attachment Parent and Christian? - Page 3

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Yes! We are followers of Christ and find that attachment/gentle parenting is actaully a very Biblical way to treat children. For example, when you are gentle and patient with your child you are modeling the fruits of the Spirit. Jesus said what we do to the least of these we do to Him and I take that very seriously!

Our church does not really go along with this, but I am trying to get the word out there. I will not parent differently to please man though because it really is a spiritual conviction for me to parent the way I do.
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yes I think the 2 can coexist, in fact I believe them to go hand in hand with what my faith teaches me. I think a lot of it depends on demographics and the church itself. For instance when we first moved we were looking for a new church to attend. We visited several but 1 really struck us as being a good fit. Now all of them were the same religion but the members and their makeup (i e yound families vs. older members,youth groups, family friendly events/masses) really did make a difference in our comfort level attending church there.
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This is a fabulous blog post on this issue: http://katiekind.wordpress.com/2009/...ian-parenting/
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I haven't read many of the other posts,  but I found myself in the same positioin,  I want my son to have that same sense of community in the church.  I started taking him the the Unitarian Church.  

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I just wanted to pop on & support the recommendations for Congregational Churches (I have attended two different ones and found tem very supportive of AP) and gentlechristianmothers.com. I definitely think AP & Christianity can go hand in hand. :nod

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Originally Posted by dulce de leche View Post

 it is because of my convictions as a Christian, not in spite of them, that I practice AP


Yes.  This.

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You should be able to find a group of believers to meet with.  Where I meet there is no 'church stance' on discipline or breastfeeding.  We all do as how we feel led by the Lord.  The mom's nurse in the meetings, the kids play quietly and we are free to decide how to discipline.  Many of the parents expect their kids to obey them, but I don't see how that should be a problem for others who don't have that expectation.  I think most parents use time outs and some use spanking as a last resort.  But no body has ever told me nor was it said in a message to discipline a certain way. 


I think AP has to do with the 7 B's.  Birthing bond, baby wearing, breastfeeding, bedding close to baby, belief in the language value of your baby's cry, beware of baby trainers(feeding and sleeping specifically), balance (your needs and baby's needs).


What you seem more concerned with is whether you will be free to use gentle discipline without anyone criticizing you or preaching at you.


Pray and ask God to lead you.


BTW, I meet with what would be considered a protestant fundamentalist group. 

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Yes!  wave.gif

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