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Congratulations! Such great news that he's breathing on his own. I came online as soon as I got home from work to see if there was an update.
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So exciting! I hope he continues to flourish. Best wishes to you. Can't wait to hear more.
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Oh, I haven't been online for a couple of days & we already have our first DDC babe! How exciting!

I'm so glad to hear he's breathing on his own. Hope his stay in the NICU is short & that you are both home & well soon!

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: Congratulations! :
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:Congratulations!!! Welcome little one!!!:
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Popping in from the June DDC...

You and baby will be in my thoughts! Hoping his NICU stay is very short and you can give him lots of hugs and kisses!
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:: Hooray! Congratulations!::
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Keep thinking about the baby... man, this is so crazy.

Let us know how ya'll are doing when you have time!
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Congratulations and welcome to the world little one! ::
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Congrats! How exciting!
Hope hes back in your arms asap.
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Congrats mama!! I hope he has a short NICU stay and you are all home happy and healthy soon!
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Can't wait to get an update...hope baby is doing well.
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stopped by again to check on updates! I can't wait to see pics of the first May DDC baby! I bet hes cute!!
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Stopping by to say CONGRATS!!!!
Here is to a healthy mama and a healthy baby.
So happy for you!!!!
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congrats! : I hope all is well eagerly awaiting an update!!
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HI everyone! I have a moment to breathe so I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your well-wishes and to update you on the little guy. This may be way disjointed - I have no brain at the moment.

I don't know if I posted his stats earlier, but here they are: 34 weeks, 4 lbs, 14oz, 17 3/4 in long. Born March 30th at 11:56 AM.

His birth was good- Started with my water breaking at about 1:45am - they took my cerclage out at around 6AM (OW!) and I had to really fight hard to keep the Pitociin away - Which really annoyed me - The kid's been trying to come out for 5 months now - there was no need to push things artificially! And I was right, of course - Labor got really moving around 9AM and he was born less than 3 hours later - drug free. Phoey on that doctor! Even though things moved pretty fast, it was a way better experience than my first son's birth.

Julian is doing pretty well - having some minor issues, but all very normal for his gestational age (a few minor apnea events and he's jaundiced) - He's still on room-air only and they even moved him into a less-critical area of the NICU. He is currently getting his food (all breastmilk) from a tube in his nose. I am able to try and breast feed him - he has latched and taken a few movements to BFing, but he needs a little more time. He's mostly too tired to even try.

Since his birth, I have been there every 3 hours around the clock to do his vitals, diaper changes, cuddle and attempt BFing. We are also doing kangaroo-care, usually twice a day for at least an hour. I'm glad we are close enough that I can drive to do this - though kind of kicking myself for pushing for a fast check-out from the hospital. It was certainly way easier to do all this when he was just down the hall! The nurse was giving me a hard time about all the driving and walking I've been doing, but I basically told her "oh well..." - Like I'm not going to come in? Though I do wish that they had closer parking for NICU parents. Is *is* a really far walk between the crappy parking and getting to the area in the hospital. Oh well.

Since Julian's been so very tired lately, the doctors have recommended that I cut down some of the BFing attempts to maybe every-other time. It really wears out the little dude to even be handled just a little, and trying to BF really knocks him out. They think that his apnea will self-correct with age and a lot more rest. It's hard thinking that what seems intutive to me (holding him, talking to him, rocking him, BFing him) could be too much stimulation for him right now. It's a whole different world. At least this is very short-term. While it is very disappointing, the extra rest for me is helpful too- I've never been so tired and sore in my life. I'm also hoping that if he gets better rest in between BFing attempts, they will be more successful, since he's basically been just latching and then falling into a very deep sleep.

The nurses are all really wonderful and dress him in cute little hats that volunteers made. I know he is getting really great care, but it is so very painful and seems so wrong to leave him there. We are hoping he'll be home around Easter.

I don't know when I'll have brain-function to update again, so if I don't respond to your messages please don't take it personally.
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Take your time and take care of yourself, we'll be fine, haha.

So good to hear that he's doing well.
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It sounds like he's really doing well. Hang in there mama! It sounds like you're doing a fabulous job, too. Congratulations! Easter will be here before you know it.
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Wow! Thanks for the update!

My best friend works in Peds and sometimes floats to NICU and I remember having a conversation with her once (from my high horse no doubt) about how Kangaroo Care was best for premies etc.

I remember her telling me that they get overstimulated so easily and how it can be really hard to have to not have them be touched too much.

Luckily they grow just as fast, if not faster, when they're early, so I'm sure your little guy will be gobbling down the nummies in no time!

We're all thinking about you and sending you love and positive mama vibes!

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Oh wow, what an intense experience - as if having a baby is not intense enough. You sound SO positive though, you are doing great. And he's doing great! Yay mama, yay baby! Thanks for updating...you have alot of "strangers" out there cheering you on!
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