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Lotus' birth story - Planned UC w/ hospital transfer

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I've had quite a week.

As lots of you know, I UP'd and was planning on UC'ing.

My water broke on Friday and my husband set up the birthing pool and yadda yadda yadda. It was more exciting than a million Christmas Eve nights.

I don't feel like typing a whole lot, so I'm going to leave out the details of back labor and hands and knees positions and roaring like a tiger.

I was in labor for two days and pushed for six hours. I couldn't not push but since there seemed to be no progress I thought perhaps it was just some sort of stupid FTM fake pushing. I wasn't watching a clock so I didn't realize how long I had been doing this until later.

After a while I got the feeling that something was wrong. The feeling got stronger and stronger and couldn't be ignored. I wondered if maybe the baby's cord was too short for her to be born. So we transferred to a hospital.

My husband went in and calmly alerted the ER guy that his wife was in labor. An ER guy came out with a wheelchair, took one look at me, and yelled back to the building, "we need a gurney!". I didn't know it, but Lotus was just about to crown.

I was rushed up to L&D and everything happened so fast (literally - Lotus was born within twenty minutes of us arriving there). I had EFM strapped to me, but whatever to that, and I declined an IV. The nurse said "you *have* to have an IV" and I mentioned signing a waiver and her expression said "darn, she knows about waivers".

So blah blah blah, they made me breath through contractions until the doctor arrives, doctor arrives, I push a little bit, and Lotus' head is born. Her cord was tightly wrapped twice around her neck and the doctor couldn't unloop it so it was cut before her body was born. She was blue/grey and limp with an Apgar score of 2 and was immediately whisked away to the NICU where she received fifteen minutes of resuscitation. My husband went with her to be her advocate and her comfort while I got stitched up and cleaned up. I didn't get to see her for two hours after she was born, but we have since bonded (I can feel the oxytocin flowing through me when she nurses. It makes my uterus contract and I feel this overwhelming love for her).

Anyway, she fought a Group B Strep infection and was in the hospital for a week. I got to stay with her the entire time and by her second day she was allowed to room-in. As soon as I was discharged as a patient (but still allowed to stay as a parent of a patient), I moved the hospital bed out of the way and set up a nice big air mattress that my husband and I slept with our daughter on (amazingly, none of the nurses made a stink about us cosleeping with our infant daughter).

The hospital stay was amazing and was so much better than I ever could have imagined. There were a couple of nurses who lectured me about home birth, but other than that the support was surprisingly excellent. I did weird one nurse out when she walked in while Lotus and I were practicing elimination communication though (hehe!).

Lotus didn't get the gentle water birth that I wanted to give her. She didn't get to receive all her cord blood and we didn't have immediate skin contact. But she honestly needed medical help and I am at peace with how things happened. We're planning on Lotus being an only child, but if we change our minds, we will be planning another home birth (though likely with a very non-invasive lay midwife). I believe the key with home births (midwife-assisted or not) is to know when to transfer and to be okay with transferring when it's needed. Lotus needed to be born in a hospital and I have no grief about that.
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It's so great that you knew instinctively to transfer without even knowing what was wrong... it makes me so proud for you. It's my prayer for myself. I'm so glad that she's doing good now!::
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Congratulations! ::: When you listen to your intuition, there is not second guessing it later! You did great mama. Also, I admire how strong you were when you were in the hospital!
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Congrats on your little one... and I am so glad you trusted your intuition!
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Mother's intuition is rarely wrong! I'm so happy you had a great outcome. It's births like yours that are really what hospitals are for, so I'm really happy it all worked out well. Sorry you didn't have the gentle birth you planned and CONGRATS on your perfect little angel!:
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awesome story!

it's so cool how well our intuition works, and i'm so pleased that overall, your hospital experience was pleasant!

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Great story - even if it wasnt exactly what you intended. Thats what dr's and hospitals are for. I am glad Lotus (awesome name!) is well and thriving and you are feeling all that mama love now! Congrats again!
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Good job mama, what a wonderful gift you gave your daughter listening to your intuition.
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What a story! What a strong intuition and communication between you and your unborn daughter! I'm so glad you got to the place she needed to be be to be born safely and that you're all home and well now!

Enjoy these newborn days
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Wow! I'm so glad that everything went well although not quite as planned!
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Great story, glad you listened to your intuition. Good for you for doing what you wanted at the hospital regarding cosleeping and EC! And CONGRATULATIONS on your little Lotus! What a nice name too.
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Thanks so much for sharing this, and congrats!!!

: :
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Great story! I love hearing about intuition, whether it says "stay home, everything's fine", or "get to the hospital, we need help". Intuition is such an amazing thing, and kudos to you for listening!

Congrats on your newest little one! Welcome earthside! :
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Awesome story, mama! I second the posts about your intuition. You rock!
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Congratulations!!!! Welcome Lotus! :
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congrats! I have to say, it took me a min to realize that your baby's name is Lotus. Very beautiful name btw, but I thought you had a "Lotus Birth"... two very different things lol. Love your story at any rate.
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Congrats :: Love the name
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