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Taking a breather here, I just got done going through all the girls' stuff. How can 3 little people accumulate so much stuff??

I did my best not to get sentimental about some of it. I can't get rid of the newborn clothes yet though.
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Coat closet--check! I still need to straighten the game shelf, but my husband is going to build a better shelving unit for them, so that will have to wait until we do that project. The rest of the closet is done though. I've also cleared out my son's closet--now to put it back together!
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today I am cleaning out the office aka 'the nursery.' I'm going to have a baby shower soon and realized I have no place to store baby stuff. at all!

where did all this junk come from?
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Just got done reading, I guess I'll head to the garage. It's so COLD today : Makes me want to curl up on the couch with some coffee.

I'm semi-almost done with the garage, though
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YAY everyone!!

The girls' room is DONE : ! Holy cow, that was a chore, but it's DONE : !! I have 4 big black garbage bags of clothes for Freecycle, plus one more of sheets & blankets.

I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is the coat closet.
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I posted my whole lot of MK on CL. It's not much but it's about 3 sq ft of space done! haha.
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FINALLY finished DD's room. We all worked on the living room too and re-organized some play areas and craft areas.

I finished the kitchen except for mopping. (Re-organized pantry, utensil drawer and caddy and cleaned refrigerator)

Still haven't tackled my closet...I know. Bad! LOL
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Coat closet is DONE : !!! And OMG, there were at least 50 pairs of shoes in there . Most are going to Freecycle. It's nice knowing who has what shoes now LOL.

Tomorrow I'm taking a break to do something fun with the kids.

Happy Cleaning everyone!!!
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Took 2 hours to sift through 2 boxes in the garage. Finally got those organized. Still need to make the thrift store run - maybe tomorrow.
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Didn't read through everything yet, but I want to join! Earlier this week I felt great about going through all the clothes in the storage room and reorganising into similar sizes/gender. A good job to do while there was a snow storm!

I often get started on a job without finishing it through, so I felt really good that everything was put back into the storage room. My husband helped to fit things in a little better, so it is easier to get at everything now. I would still like to work more in there to get rid of a few things, go through some photos, etc. But I can work at it little by little.
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yard is tomorrow. the yard ***said in the creepiest voice imaginable***
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Originally Posted by ian'smommaya View Post
yard is tomorrow. the yard ***said in the creepiest voice imaginable***
Eh, I hear you. I need to start on that soon - ours is pretty gross right now. We had lots of wind storms and a bunch of random garbage is stuck in the bushes. That's technically the landlord's responsibility but he hasn't been around in ages.

I've done NOTHING these last few days! I've been so, so ridiculously exhausted all the time... I need some motivation!!!
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My Progress:

1. The Linen Closet in the Bathroom DONE
2. My clothes closet DONE
3. The Girls' clothing bins DONE
4. The Baby's clothing bins DONE
5. The Girls' closet DONE
6. The Baby's closet DONE
7. My Filing Cabinet DONE

8. Storage Shed
9. Closet under the stairs
10. Coat Closet in the Hall

Whew!!!! :

I made huge progress over the weekend...although it took me hours.

I sent out three HUGE bags of clothes to Goodwill, I posted baby stuff on diaperswappers and craigs list, I filled an entire recycling box with papers from the filing cabinet.

Our house is definitely lighter.

I want to have less stuff to deal with this summer.

Continuing on...
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FINALLY tackling the family closet and dresser.

Have all clothes separated to take to charity, give to friends or use as rags.

Now I just have to get the rest into the closet and dresser and keep it looking tidy. Argh! LOL
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I have removed bags of clothing fromt he premises and cleaned the cuboards and the fridge.

laundry room looks pretty good but never stays that way.
Tommorrow we are tackling the huge moster of a pile of clean clothing int he front room. It will stay clean for a day...

I am working on chore schedules. This is to cut downe on arguing about who id what and who needs to do what.
My goal for next week is the carpets.
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I was hoping to have the summer to really get things done but a friend of mine needs a place to stay when he moves down here next month. I want to help him but i am so embarrased about the state of my house. It is awful! And i mean truly awful. Guess i need to get to stepping. One thing a day, and i will get it done.
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zona - I here ya on the chore list, I'm working on one now, along with a cleaning schedule that will hopefully become a predictable routine.
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WOOT! cleaned out the master closet. a HUGE bag of trash (mostly papers) and several empty boxes. i still have several things to sell that are sitting in the closet (as well as many of dh's things he needs to throw out). i can't believe it but i was finding receipts from 2005!! craziness.
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Oh Mamas, I'm subbing for inspiration. I totally know that we need to do spring cleaning but I'm so freaking tired from working FT and PT and generally that I can't imagine when and how I'll have the energy. First I've got to get more rest and take care of myself..... and then do things in small manageable chunks. Gotta clean behind the fridge, take down the curtains and wash, dust everything, clean windows. I'm considering getting a cleaning lady to help some. I wish I had a money tree. I also want to clear out some toys.

You are all so inspiring! Keep up the good work Mamas!
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The night before last, I cleaned out the downstairs closet. It took 3 hours, but it was so worth it - before, things would fall down on you when you opened the door, it was that bad. It's now clean and well-organized, and it's barely half-full.

Yesterday I cleaned out and organized the kitchen cupboards. Now I can actually put all the food away instead of having to use the tops of the fridge and microwave for food storage.

I also worked on the upstairs - got rid of a bunch of my old clothes, cleared out a lot of junk, and rearranged the furniture.
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