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10.5 weeks PP and 1st period?!

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this weekend i had some spotting on the tissue spoadically and still have some today...i'm barely 11 weeks pp now and it seems way too soon for me---has anyone else experienced this yet?

with dd--4yrs--i didn't have any sign of a period until 1yr and even then it was irregular until the 3rd year, so this seems odd to me.

the only difference this time around is that my thyroid is being managed.

as with dd, i am nursing exclusively, co-sleeping, nursing on demand and not using a pacifier. ds isn't going longer than 4.5 hours between feedings.

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well, I'm in the same boat...I was 10 weeks when it happened to me. I guess I'll have to wait to see if it happens again in 28-30 days...if not, I'll assume it was "breakthrough" bleeding (I started the mini-pill about 5 days before the period). I'm pretty sure it was my period, though, as the flow and duration were pretty much on target with my norm.

I'm like you--nursing on demand, baby isn't sleeping through the night yet, eating every 2-3 hours during the day. My periods came back at 11 months, 7 months and 8 months with my others.

As if seriously leaky breasts arent' enough! UGH!
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whew, i feel a bit better. thanks

As if seriously leaky breasts arent' enough! UGH! -----Amen to that!

For some reason I feel sad about it, too--and I have 6 little pimples on my face--count 'em! can't remember when that has happened.
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Yeah, I already had PPAF at 6 wks, ovulated and everything... It was 4 mo PP with #1. EBF both times.
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I think I got my period too

My supply went down - alot! and now I'm pumping like crazy to bring it back up, and nursing all the time - but Lincoln has to be supplemented with the milk I pump, and today I went to use the potty and there was blood on my pad - not just spotting!

Can that cause a decrease in supply? If I keep pumping and nursing like crazy will it come back??
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Not in your DDC but AF can rear her head way too early sometimes!! I got my first pp AF with DS at 6 weeks, had it for my 6 week check up! :

AF always made a dip in my supple while breastfeeding, I'd drink a lot of fluids, load up on oatmeal and it always came back. Frustrating but normal I think.
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Not in you DDC, but it is unfortuantely possible. After both kids my AF came back at 8-10 weeks PP. . and that was with constant nursing on demand.

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By 10 weeks pp I was 4-5 weeks pregnant.
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I was spotting last week too. Thought it might be second wave bleeding, but I guess it was AF. Didn't notice a decrease in breastmilk supply, but now I'll be curious next month.
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I'm glad to see I'm not alone - I had some spotting this morning so I'm hoping it's af and not implantation bleeding (we weren't too careful for a while). It's just crazy, I didnt get af back until ds1 was 14 months.
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I am 4 weeks PP -- 4 weeks and mine is back! This happened with my twins too -- but they were premature and all I could do was pump around the clock so I chalked it up to pumping rather than nursing.

My baby has never gone more than 3 hours without nursing -- and it is usually every 30 mins to an hour! I wonder what hormones make one more likely to menstruate right away rather than delayed?

Anyone know?
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