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Hello! I am brand new!

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I have been lurking for a few weeks and just joined! We are talking about TTC our 1st a little later this year and I think this could be a great resource for information. I'm really interested in my options for pre-natal care, birth, etc.
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: Hello and welcome!
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Welcome! Have fun ttc!
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Thanks for the welcomes! It must be a good sign that Veronica was the first to reply - Liam is one of our favorite names! (Not that we are planning that far...yet)
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whats TTC?
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Hello & welcome!

TTC = trying to conceive:-)
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hello and welcome!!:
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Welcome to MDC!!

Hope your journey to TTC is a short one
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Welcome to Mothering!
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Welcome aboard, enjoy the journey!:
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Welcome to MDC!
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::Great to meet you::
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hello brand new! hihi just kidding. welcome to the forum
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