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Product/Service name:
Explode the Code (Books 1-8)

Brief description of product/service:
This is an affordable, easy-to-use, simple phonics program in workbook format for grades K-4. Book 1 starts with the short vowel sounds. If your child doesn't know the consonant sounds yet, start with Get Ready For the Code, Get Set for the Code, and Go For the Code (all kindergarten level.) We've only used books 1-8.

Explode the Code is a good basic program for anyone, but it is especially helpful for kids who struggle with phonics (such as kids with dyslexia.)

Store/Site of purchase:
I buy the workbooks and teacher's guides at Mardel's, but you can order them at

Each workbook and teacher's guide costs about $8. The teacher's guides cover two books each. We complete at least 2 workbooks a year.

How long have you used this product/service?
2 years

My son likes the funny stick figure drawings and that the lessons are easy to understand and don't take a long time. I like that the pages aren't cluttered. I think these workbooks help with beginning spelling as well.

The only thing I don't like about the program is that in books 1-3, the workbooks have those confusing young writer lines with dashes in the middle. We use Handwriting without Tears, a handwriting program that has two simple lines (like real notebook paper), and it was confusing for my son to try to write with the dashed lines.

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