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My LO is 15 mo old and we still BF and we suppliment with formula occasionally. I've gotten a lot of questions about when am I going to start giving her juice! To me juice just seems to sugary at this stage. My thought was to wait until we were done BF and then introduce it.

What are your experiences with Juice?
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I don't ever plan to introduce juice! Water and milk are just fine. If he wants apple juice, he can eat an apple. Otherwise, it's all sugar water to me...
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Nah- we don't do juice. Too sugary, but if you want to do something besides bm and water- how about coconut water? Super good for babies! And nursing mamas
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We didn't give DS juice at all until a bit past 1 year... and he just gets a very small amount in water, occasionally.
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DD is 19 months and I don't plan on offering juice. She doesn;t know what she's missing- and I've seen soooo many juice addicted kids!
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DS didn't get juice until he was over 2 and then it was 3/4ths water. He's 3.5 and still prefers water to juice.
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Dd has mostly water and milk (mostly breastmilk, some cow's), but about 3 months ago I started giving her a little juice mixed with water. She loves it. It's uncommon for us to have juice in the house, so it doesn't happen often. Until I got pg and couldn't drink water w/out some juice in it. Now we always have juice in the house, so she gets it maybe once a day (still mixed w/water; that's how I drink it too). But once my morning sickness is gone, the juice is leaving the house.

Anyway, the shorter version of my answer is: Yes, she gets some juice.
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I offer it, he won't drink it..... we started around 15 months. It's meant to be a treat, but he doesn't like it.
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We didn't do juice for A at all until he was over 2. J gets it a little earlier because he'll swipe A's. It definitely isn't necessary and I prefer them to drink water.
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We don't do juice.

I probably won't even offer it until my DD is 3-4. I just don't see the sense in it when she is perfectly content with drinking water and eating fruit. And when we do finally offer it to her, it will be very diluted with water.

Now, I just recently started letting her have a small glass of iced tea once a week or so. The tea is homemade herbal and fruit tea lightly sweetened with some local raw honey. Its yummy and she's been a little sick and feverish so I haven't seen the harm.

But really, she prefers water. (Well, Mama Milk first, then water! )
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We don't do juice. DD has tried it a couple times when other kids had it but she doesn't like it. If people (read: older relatives) have commented on it to me I've replied, "Why would I give her juice it's mostly empty calories?" DD is 2.5. She drinks breast milk, water and herb tea.
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I give apple or pear juice if DD is constipated. ALthough flaxseed oil seems to work better. I also give a little oj, diluted with water if we are trying to boost Vit.C to help prevent illness. DS, age 7 has juice occasionally. I think a glass of pure oj is great!! I also pack him a "Vruit" juice box in his lunch. He doesn't eat a lot of veggies and this is one way of getting a serving in him.
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We don't do juice much at home. He gets a small glass at daycare a few times a week but I rarely buy it for us at home. Sometimes I make OJ and I'll give him a glass of it, or he may want some lemonade. Most of the time it is just water though.
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I wasn't planning on offering juice at all for the reasons above. But the poor kiddo became chronically constipated. We started offering apple or pear juice about once a day to keep a handle of things. Any time I tried to stop it (which he didn't mind), he'd be back to crying while trying to poop. We started with juice around a year old I suppose? I wasn't thrilled, but it really helped get things sorted out.

Now we don't give it every single day, but most days he gets a cup of juice. For the same reason. I thought it was just teething related (some kids get diareha while teething...mine gets plugged up!), but doesn't seem to be since if we cut out juice for several days, we're back to our same old problem. We try to keep him well hydrated with plenty of fiber and watch the bananas and things like that they're contributing to the problem.

I don't think there's any reason to offer juice to a child under normal circumstances. Your ped should back that up...even a totally main-stream one. Usually they ask you to limit juice intake to avoid filling up on empty calories.
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We give ds juice occaionsally usually diluted apple cider. And sometimes I let him have it at playgroup. Wouldn't ya know though, he has fewer than 15 spoken words and one of them is "juice" ACK!

eta: another one is "boppy" when he wants to do a nice longer nursing session
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The instructions on my juicer say no more than 1/4 cup at a time for kids under 6 years old. ds is 14 months old, so juice is a "grownup drink" like coffee and alcohol right now, but i do make muffins from the leftover pulp for him.

1/3-1/4 strength dilution sounds about right to me.

I did not dilute my older children's juice. The 17 year old won't drink water amd says he HAS to drink Coca-Cola because only dweebs drink Pepsi.
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I never really 'introduced' juice. DS is quite happy with water tbh! He has had it of course - I can't really remember how or when though. I am not really too fussed about what he chooses to put into his own body. I have made him 'juice' before - carrot and orange (homemade juice with my juicer hehe). Not really what most people think of though when you say 'juice'.
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My DS basicly drank water through till 15-18 months when I introduced raw cows milk. Occasionally he'll get a little orange juice or apple cider (we made a bunch last fall and canned most of it, froze a little, tis wonderful stuff!). But mostly he drinks water. And we're all OK with that!!
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My son is 27 months and we rarely do juice. Didn't have any until he was 20 months or so. Now he might get some orange or POG juice if we go out to breakfast or some apple juice on an airplane. Every once in a while I buy cranberry juice and let him have a bit of that. 99% of the time though its water or milk, I don't want him to get used to sweets or thinking everything has to have flavor.
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Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley View Post
I have made him 'juice' before - carrot and orange (homemade juice with my juicer hehe). Not really what most people think of though when you say 'juice'.
Yea, I'm thinking vegetable juice from an overabundant harvest may happen before ds is 6, so I'd rather not make any predictions. Fruit juice isn't necessary and did a number on 20yodd's teeth as well as 17yods's tastebuds.

I did the best i knew how and now that i know better, i do better.

14 month old ds LOVES fresh, cool, clean water and sips of herbal tea.
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