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We juice. We all drink pure OJ for breakfast, and DS and DD get a small amount of apple juice 2 or 3 days a week in the afternoon. I see nothing wrong with a small amount of juice, it's like a small amount of chocolate or small amount of ice cream or small amount of gin and tonic for some.... all are sweet and yummy and life is to be enjoyed, on occassion! I think almost anything in moderation is fine.
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I give apple or pear juice if DD is constipated. ALthough flaxseed oil seems to work better. I also give a little oj, diluted with water if we are trying to boost Vit.C to help prevent illness. DS, age 7 has juice occasionally. I think a glass of pure oj is great!! I also pack him a "Vruit" juice box in his lunch. He doesn't eat a lot of veggies and this is one way of getting a serving in him.
Same here. Juice seems to work for constipation when even prunes won't. DS will gladly accept water if it's all that's offered.
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For those that don't do juice, are you anti-smoothies too? Just wondering. We give DS a quarter cup of my husband's morning smoothie every so often. It's OJ mixed with banana and mango.
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We do smoothies, well I make them for myself and share with him, but I never put juice in them anyway. Generally some combo of coconut milk, kefir (made from raw cows milk), and then fruit. Then even though the fruit gets sort of liquified it still contains the original fiber, etc.
Actually, you can make "juice" that way too though. Like taking a whole orange (peeled and seeds removed) and put the whole thing in the blender with some water. It's still the whole fruit whereas actual juicing removes at least some of the pulp and stuff. But then I would still make it a small portion drink to have at the table in a normal cup and then drink plain water and wipe or brush teeth afterwards b/c of sugar/acid on the teeth. Water only for sippy cup throughout the day.
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They don't need it, so you don't need to give it to them. It is probably easier to let them have it at other people' houses though, as they get older. It makes it a special treat.
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We'd been sort of half-heartedly trying to teach DS sign language, but he hadn't picked it up yet. I was drinking OJ a couple of weeks ago, and I gave DS a sip just to let him try it. OMG, all of a sudden he knew the sign for "more" like nobody's business.
But other than the rare sip as a treat (I think treats are fine sometimes), I don't give him juice. Seems like it's partially responsible for a lot of extra weight gain among kids nowadays. We don't usually have it in the house anyways. I'd rather eat the whole fruit. He drips breastmilk and water.
(Lest I sound too sanctimonious, I am totally drinking a soda right now. I try to avoid them but I was totally craving carbonated caffeine. )
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I think it's weird when people ask when you're going to "introduce" juice, as though it's a necessity that should be introduced at some point. I don't mind as much if they word it like, "When do you think you'll let him have juice," because that implies that it's more along the lines of a treat, and not something that kids need.

My 4yo DS has juice occasionally; my 11mo DD has never had it and probably won't until she's over 2. I just don't see it as a need -- they have plenty of access to whole fruits, and I give DS a smoothie several times a week, and will start offering smoothies to DD soon too. I consider smoothies to be more like food than a beverage, though -- DS's contain a whole container of yogurt, 5 or 6 strawberries, half a banana, and half an orange. That's a lot of food, and fills him up way longer than an equal amount of juice would.
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DD has it occaisonally but doesn't really care for it. She has had it on and off since a little over a year. It is "the box" that appeals to her. She gets juice boxes at others houses (playdates) or at a restaurant. We do keep some in the house (mostly for other kids) but she never asks for them, I have to offer. But lately, she has been on a milk kick anyways...
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We make our own juice, so DS will have a few sips with us. He never has his own cup of it.
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DD1 who is 5 just had her first taste of apple juice at a birthday party. She took one sip and said she didn't like it
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We don't serve juice (watered down or otherwise) and don't really have any plans to "introduce" it for our 20m. He drinks water throughout the day, still nurses a bit, and isn't very interested in cow's milk. I don't see any real value in offering juice and mostly see it as a source of calories and sugar.

We live in Southern California and have access to abundant fruit and vegetables throughout the year. Organics are pretty reasonable. He eats a lot of both. The closest he gets to fruit juice is drinking the extra juice from his cut up blood orange. He likes it. Occasionally he'll drink some drinkable yogurt or kefir.

He doesn't have constipation issues but he if he did I would try and adjust other factors in his diet. He eats a daily breakfast of oatmeal mixed with 7grain cereal and some sort of fruit and that seems to help.
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we do smoothies usually twice a day with a bunch of greens (black kale is a favorite), a banana, and frozen organic berries with 1/4 cup pumpkin and hemp seeds (in the am. for the three of us) and in the evening different berry/green and flax oil. We do not do juice.. DD had a sip out someone else s sippy and gagged! But she loves her green smoothies.
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My six year old dd is a juice hound - we recently cut back and she is allowed 6 oz of straight juice in one day. My sixteen month old won't be having juice for a long time!
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we use juice medicinally.

apple juice for constipation (hot apple cider for sore throat), pure OJ with added vit. C for a cold.

sometimes when we go out she will have an ounce or two mixed with a couyple ounces water, but thats rare!
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I was thinking of introducing it this summer as a popsicle, but very watered down!
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DP and I often have juice mostly watered with sparkling water for use with dinner and I have no problem giving some to DD. I'll also get those Hansen's water beverage juice boxes, water mixed with a little bit of organic juice. They're not too sweet and can be watered down further.

She doesn't drink a lot and loves plain water too, so I don't really have a problem with it.
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DS is 3 and he gets 4 ounces per day (ped recommended) and that's it. He was introduced to apple juice at 18 months. But he's definitely more of a milk kid than anything!
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DS is almost 16 months and we've given very, very, very diluted 100% juice a handful of times as a treat. I thought he'd really like it but he doesn't seem to care at all so we've pretty much stopped offering. He really likes plain old water, who can complain about that?
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We do watered down Orange juice when dd has a cold and other juices as treats. Maybe once every two-three weeks. I don't have a problem with it in moderation.
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Dd won't drink juice unless it's at someone else's house! At home she just wants water. She won't even drink milk (although she still nurses a bit)
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