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Which NB AIO?

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Okay, so with my last two babies at different stages, I've tried all the different types of diapers under the sun, and I'm pretty certain about what I'll keep up with and what dh and I will both use regularly and work for our family....

I need staydry TRUE all in ones.

So - the question is....which ones are best?

I've already purchased a couple of Bumgenius xs, and a couple of Monkeydoodlez and the MD look SO much more absorbant - they both look easy to use and easy to clean.

It's been a couple years since we were in the diapering world, so I'm curious what the 'new' 'great' stuff is.

I'm open - tell me what you love and hate (and why)!
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I'll be trying some nb Thirsties aio in Aug for babe #2...I love their covers and the aio works well for my ds, 26 mo. For him, if I'll need to leave him more than a couple hours, I add an extra hemp or mf insert (it is aio but also has a pocket), but with how often nb's poop, I think their aio will be plenty absorbant.
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I just posted this on a different thread, but if I could do it all over -- I would have ordered a whole stash of nb and small AIOs from this WAHM:

I can't recommend enough these AIOs: www.hyenacart.com/clothcurious I'm not affiliated in any way I just love the diapers. They are quick drying AIOs(AI2s really). Although they are sized -- sizes small should fit good from 8 or 9 lbs and mediums will last most kids to toddlerhood.

I've never tried another cloth diaper yet that is so trim, easy to use, quick to dry and pulls moisture away from my kid's bum and into the diaper -- I really like that I am supporting a WAHM. The prices are comparable with the big name brands and these are 10X cuter.

Here are some action shots for ya.






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I like Thirsties AOI because you can flip them inside out to clean the inside if it needs a second wash.
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A nice wahm aio you can have custom made in whatever print is Chunky Monkey, we always personally use a mix of bG,thirsties,chunky monkey,my precious baby,tykie diaper.
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I love the Blue Penguin SposoEasy cotton all-in-one - the aplix closures are quick and easy and never get yucky in the wash. There is a little feature that prevents wing droop. They are super-absorbent yet quite trim. They are sewn quick-dry style so they get really clean. I can't say enough good things about them!
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