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Will a One-Size REALLY make it the WHOLE time?

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I was petering around with the idea of a one size (ala Bumgenius or the new Softbums), but then I have heard alot of people talking about replacing velcro or elastic - and I am NOT interested in that.

If I have a stash of say, 18 diapers - (about enough for 2ish days after the newborn phase - I have nb dipes) - will I likely need to do replacements/ repairs on the diapers???

If so - I'm OUT on those. I'd rather buy the three different sizes and have them be reliable and hold up.
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I think it really just depends on how much you use them and how you care for them. We have had the same stash of OS diapers for... 6 months? Maybe a bit more and none are showing signs of wear and tear except for some minor staining which doesn't concern me. I think they will last till DS1 potty trains, but I don't know for sure. I like the OS diapers because we will have 2 in diapers and I want to be able to just grab diapers and go and not worry about sizes.
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It's iffy - but you'll probably be fine. I definately have aplix that is curling and doesn't stick great, but it's all still usable. My ds is 26 mo., but we didn't cd from the nb stage. All my elastic is fine. I've replaced velcro on one cover (bummis), but not on any pockets. We have #2 coming in Aug and I'm thinking I'll need to replace the aplix on my bg and on my mommy's touch - the others seem fine. (I've tried 6+ brands!) I am gradually transistioning to snaps on many items, though, because then I don't ahve to worry about it! How I hate it when all my velcro items stick together in the wash! And they inevitably pick up lint.
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I mostly bought OS diapers with snaps. They are awesome. :
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There's also the question of whether or not they REALLY fit newborns (they tend to be bulkier than diapers intended for small sizes only) and also, if you have a big toddler and/or a later toileter, your child may outgrow them before being ready for underwear.

IMO, it's really not THAT complicated to grab 2 sets of diapers in different sizes- I did it with disposables when DD2 was tiny. By the time I switched back to cloth, I had a chubby infant and a skinny toddler who could both wear mediums.
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We have some one-size with snaps that have been going strong for about two years now.

They haven't always *fit* properly, but they definitely held up. I expect them to last through my second babe and possibly more if we have them
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I would get OS diapers with snaps (ie Fuzzi Bunz or Blueberry or Tiny Tush). You have a better chance at them lasting longer.
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I have a variety of OS and I do not put my OS with velcro in the dryer and that seems to help the velcro last longer
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I've been using the same 25 one-size diapers for 5 years now. They're not pretty at this point (finally getting some holes) but they'll last through my next baby.

They're Growing Greens One-Size Fitted Diapers and I used them with my 6.5 lb and 8.5 babies, all the way through potty training.
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My LO outgrew BG OS by 9 months-we didn't get them till he was 4 months (I hope he can start wearing them again when he gets taller and thins out).

Personally, I hate velcro and these diaper's velcro will not last 3 years. Although, I do wash everyday and use the dryer (I have the AIOs and they wouldn't dry for week if I airdried them

If you want to go with a one size, I would use snaps (AMP or FB are my faves) and check out warrenty. FB warrenties their snaps for life, and the elastic can be replaced in less than 5 minutes with a kit they can send to you.
Hope this helps,
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We have a stash of BG that we have been using for about 14 months now and they are totally showing wear and tear now, in the velco and in the elastic. I'm hoping they will last until we potty train but they could go out beforehand. We also started using them when DS was 7 months so if we had bought them when he was a newborn I don't think they would have lasted.
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I would not get bg given my time over. I have had mine for about 7 months and the waterproof fabric is giving out, and they are really hard to get smells out of and the velcro is giving up the ghost. Waste of money, i also have some mediums in another nappy that will probably last longer then the onesize! i am either going to have to buy more bg or more of the other type and i know witch ones it will be.
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I can't give you a definitive answer, but here's my experience:

BG - I have about 8 BG OS and they get washed at least 3x a week. The aplix is curling up on some of them, but after almost a year of use, they are still going strong. However, I don't expect to be able to use them for subsequent babies.

With 18 dipes, washing 2x a week, I think you'll be good for 24 months. Line drying helps lengthen the life of your diapers, so you might want to think about that too.
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Sometimes. It really depends on the baby, it depends on the specific diaper too.

In general, one size diapers fit a baby from 8 lbs on, so they don't always fit at birth even on the smallest setting. Average or large size newborns they should fit ok, but they'll probably be a bit bulky in the beginning.

They don't always fit every toddler until potty training, either. Larger sized babies are may need a different diaper.

I will say that Goodmama diapers fit my kids until potty training and probably well after it too, but my kids are average sized. I can definitely say that, for example, SOS diapers did not fit my babies very well into toddlerhood, and those are supposed to be one sized. I do know several other moms who mentioned the same thing.

The bottom line is that no one diaper fits every baby. BUT!! At the very least, one size diapers does mean that it will fit a much wider range of children for a longer period of time.

It was my experience that most fitteds wear out after about 1.5 years of diapering. BUT I also had a smaller stash. My pockets lasted a long time, I never had one wear out on me though they didn't look as fab after a year of hard use.

18 diapers is NOT ENOUGH. Your diapers most likely will wear out pretty quickly being washed that often, and it's barely enough to even get you through 24 hours. However, every baby is different as far as how many diapers you go through in a day. My kids went through 10-12 every day at least.
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We started out with BG but I can't stand the velcro so we started using FB which I LIKE but I really wanted to find a good one size diaper so we tried the Tiny Tush Elite One Size snap diapers and I LOVE them...I started using them a few months ago and they're awesome! Very good looking, strong, and EASY!
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I started with 24 Motherease one sized when my oldest was born 5 1/2 years ago. I generally washed every day, so that I could afford the extra time for line drying. So those 24 were washed upwards of 5 times a week (not every one was washed each day) for 2 1/2 years - for each of my oldest two kids (so 5 years, 52 weeks, 5 washings... a total of about 1300 cycles through the wash) . They're now started to show wear - not quite as absorbant, getting threadbare in spots - but are still functional.

As far as fit, I agree that the one sized don't fit under 8 pounds particularly well - I tend to use disposables for the first couple of weeks as my kids are 6-7 pounds at birth. My 2 1/2 year old is 31 pounds and the motherease still technically fit, on the largest setting, but barely.

I hope that helps!

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I wouldn't do one size and haven't. Some of my reasons are good and some aren't.

1. I change my mind frequently
2. I have very hard water which leads to a certain amount of stinking and stripping
3. bulkiness on a newborn
4. absorbency on a toddler
5. wear on stress points like velcro
6. I like how well my flats clean as compared to a prefold or a prefitted, I wouldn't consider a fitted for this reason alone

I am sure there are more reasons but off the top of my head this is it. YMMV
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I have my doubts about a waterproof cover holding on that long, but I think the diaper itself could. So one-sized fitteds with a separate cover would likely be more durable than one-size pockets, IMHO.
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I don't think the waterproofing would be a problem, it's the actual SIZE that's gotten me.

I've tried Goodmamas, Mutt 3sr's and Wonderwraps. I only kept the Wondewraps of those items because the others were such a poor fit on DD. The shape of her compared to the shape of them just did not match. The wraps are almost too small for her now at only 16 months and 25 pounds. I'm glad to have had at least those to be there when I realized my mediums and smalls were suddenly too small though!
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I'm absolutely firm on using aios ONLY. There's just too much crap to keep straight any other way and we didn't keep up with it with our last kiddo and ultimately ended up in sposies. (though TG I still have them as we forgot we ran out last night at bedtime when 3.5dd still wears dipes, so I dug in the garage for a BG OS and put it on her with a microfiber insert and a joeybunz )

Anyways - It doesn't have to make it from nb, I'm buying a stash of nb aios - so I figure around 8 weeks and 10lbs we'll switch to the next set of diapers - either smalls or OS....the large setting still fit my 3.5 year old 32 lber last night, so I'm not terribly concerned about size - it's the ACTUAL diaper holding up that's been concerning me....
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