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I'm spotting : (

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Well, I was just reading through Shwarma Queen's ordeal yesterday and right as five o'clock rolls around (of course just after the doctor's office closed) I went in the bathroom and discovered I was spotting : ( It seemed like a lot at first but it was all brown and pink. I freaked out at first but it sort of went away and then was there off and on all evening and then more this morning, only pink this morning. This happened in my last pregnancy but it was so light and only for a minute and it was earlier, so I would call it implantation bleeding.

I called the doctor this morning and was trying to be all nonchalant about it because this happened to my sister recently and she said they wouldn't even see her, they only did a blood draw and told her they get calls like this all the time but then, her bleeding was a little earlier on as well. So the nurse sounded concerned and moved my appointment up to this afternoon from next week. Now i'm worried. I haven't been sick at all, which worries me even more because I was definitely sick the last two times.

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I hate this

Heidi in Utah
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I know it is so stressful, I was spotting yesterday and had my mw call in an ultrasound because I couldn't handle the worry. Turns out all was fine. Sometimes our bodies just react differently. I am glad they moved your appt. up so that you can talk to someone. Please let us know how it goes. I will be thinking about you.
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So sorry this is happening. Good luck this afternoon! :
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Oh no...I hope it's nothing. Are they going to do an u/s? I'd request one if not, even from a nearby facility if they can't get you in soon. Please let us know how everything goes.
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I hope everything goes okay- I'll be thinking of you.
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my fingers are crossed, good luck and calm down until you see your doctor......I had spotting for a long time now son is 9 years old

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Hope you are doing ok
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Sending positive thoughts- please keep us updated.
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I made it to the OB office feeling more calm and collected after reading lots of these spotting experiences online with good outcomes. Then had another lovely gush(red this time) just before I gave a urine sample. I pulled my pants down and there is a nice little stain on the pad I had on and then you know that little wipe they give you to clean yourself before you give a sample, I'll just say that wasn't doing the job. Anyways, I sat in the exam room for what felt like an eternity trying unsuccessfully to read prevention magazine.

Finally, the doctor came. He didn't do all the usual stuff because he didn't want to irritate anything. He has placed me on bedrest for the next week, I mean full on, don't get out of bed except to pee bedrest. He thinks i'm threatening miscarriage : ( He sent me over for an ultrasound. While I was in the waiting room the ultrasound tech came out and asked me to explain what was going on because he hadnt been notified I was coming. Well, there was a lady waiting there with me and she heard was going on and just looked at me and asked if I was o.k. Thats all it took, I started balling. I think she felt really bad for unleashing the flood because she just turned back to her magazine and tried to look like she was totally absorbed in her reading. That poor woman, I felt bad for doing that to her!

They came and grabbed me for the ultrasound. I have a uterus that tips way back instead of forward like most women and so they had to do a transvaginal ultrasound, where they stick the probe up your hoo hoo.... fun stuff. So the baby is there, I heard it's little heartbeat. This was a huge relief. The baby is measuring 6 wks 1 day and I am 7 wks 6 days pregnant, I know this for sure because I kept careful record on a calandar for the last two years of my cycles. So this really scares me : ( The doctor will call me tomorrow to discuss the results of the ultrasound. Until then i'm here in bed. DH is going to arrange to do some work from home so he can help me with our darling six year old, Whom i'm sure will be more than happy to play tons of computer games this next week.

Only time will tell I guess, but i'm hoping for the best outcome.

Heidi in Utah
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Nice to hear that it was a heartbeat there, I was 9 months bedresting, so you will survive with only a week. Maybe your ovulation date was later and the homework too , think positive and I'm still crossing my fingers for you.

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oh man. i'm so sorry yer going through this. hang in there! so glad you were able to get an u/s.
sending sticky vibes and hope you have a fab book or great cable tv vibes.
keep us posted--
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Sending sticky, sticky vibes, mama!!!
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I'm sorry you're having these scares! Hopefully the bedrest will help everything. Let us know what your doctor says!!

What part of Utah are you in?
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Sending you lots of sticky vibes!! Bedrest sucks, but it is doable. (though I've never been on full bedrest, just partial) I am thinking of you!
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Oh goodness, my thoughts are with you! I hope you get to feeling better, and am sending all the positive thoughts in the world.
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Big !!! Sending you sticky vibes for that little bean.
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Hope you're doing ok heidi. Let us know how you're doing when you can.
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I hope it's all okay! :
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I hope everything turns out okay for you!

I had bleeding w/ both my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, and both turned out to be healthy baby boys so bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage. Good luck to you!
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You're in our thoughts. Hope all turns out alright. Rest up!
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