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Favorite menstrual cup and where to buy?

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I need to get another menstrual cup. My dog ate mine a couple years ago and I've been so lazy about replacing it.

I had a diva and didn't like it. I could always feel it.

So, I've been looking around and see that some love the Lunette but, as far as I can tell, it is only available internationally. This seems to be the case with a lot of menstrual cups - they're only available internationally.

There is also the LadyCup that seems to be sold on Ebay but, wow, it's expensive.

Am I correct that only the Diva, Keeper and LadyCup are available in the US?

So, I'm wondering what your favorite cup is and where to you buy it?
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I love my mooncup UK. I bought it from here. I had great customer service from them. You can also order here; she has good seller reviews on tbw.
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lunette (sp?) I bought it online from a place in Finland I believe... plus I have a "UK" mooncup... both work well for me
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I just got a Ladycup.... I googled it and went to their website... and I was able to order it. The shipping was like 1.20 or something... took about 2 weeks (since it came from Europe). And it didn't seem to cost much more than any of the others I looked at... prices were all around $30, unless you ladies know where to find them cheaper. Plus the ladycup comes in different colors and I think they run a special each month on a different color... right now is green month and you can get a green ladycup for 23.99 eu (which is $29.58 USD) Then you add the 1.20 or so for S&H, and you're spending about $31 (I found the Diva's online for about $32 and that was befor S&H). www.ladycup.eu

This is the first menstrual cup I've ever used, and I like it so far. Can't feel it at all... and no leaks (unlike with pads and tampons). The only issues I'm having are issues linked to being a brand new menstrual cup user (like I'm still trying to figure out how to easily get it to pop open after inserting it... I have to stand there and mess with it for several minutes, but I think with practice I'll get better at it)
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I always felt the Keeper and didn't like it. I much prefer the Diva Cup - it is softer and fits more easily and comfortably. Both are sold at health food stores in my area.
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I got the Lunette on ebay for less than $20 shipped. I chose it because it's smaller. I find it very comfortable but it also has plenty of room. I'm not a heavy bleeder.
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I just got a DivaCup and I really like it. I got it at Whole Foods. They also had the sanitary wash to rinse it which is probably pretty clutch.
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: for when my cycle returns
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After reading as many reviews as I could find from women who have used multiple types of cups I decided to buy a LadyCup. It seemed to come out on top. I can't give you a testimonial because I just ordered it. I ordered it from their official site and I don't mind paying the $32 becaue I know it will last for years.
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I use a Mooncup US (Keeper)... I love it. I can't feel it, and it pops open easily once inside your vag. I bought it off of ebay for about $30 including shipping.
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I have a Lunette in the smaller size.

I LOVE IT!!!! In a couple years when it's time to replace, I'm getting another one for sure!

It's so soft that most of the time I forget it's there!

But if you have a heavy flow, I definitely recommend getting the larger size in Lunette cause they are pretty small, and because they are SO soft, I don't think it would be too uncomfortable to have a slightly larger Lunette.

Lunette's are slightly on the pricier side, but I would recommend it to anyone! It was worth every penny!

I bought my cup from gladrags.com. I live in the US and have never really seen them in stores.

Good luck finding one you like!

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Obviously, I am biased as to where to buy a menstrual cup... www.gladrags.com :) If you buy from us, please make sure to go to www.gladrags.com/mothering so you can get a special coupon code, too! Additionally, all menstrual cups on our site always ship free within the USA. The only cups currently available for sale in the USA are: Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Keeper, and Lunette (we carry all of these options).


Aside from where to buy, I personally like the Moon Cup and the Lunette. The Diva Cup is too wide for me, and the Keeper is stiffer than I like. Of course, this all depends on your body and needs, so it's different for everyone! If you want to chat about which cup might fit your body best, please let me know -- I am happy to help :)

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