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stiches and bruising

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Last night my DD hit her head off the TV stand and split her forehead open.
It was very deep and We took her to the hospital.She got 4 stiches in it and I am not sure if there is anything I can do for her to help it heal quickly and scar less.
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No suggestions?
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My daughter needed stitches on her forehead, 5 stitches, about 2 years ago. After the stitches came out the doc told us to use Aquaphor, no way, I never bought the stuff. I just used plain ol' vitamin E oil for at least 8 weeks maybe longer and we are very good about using sunscreen on our faces all the time. It healed very well, her forhead scrunches just fine (no strange wrinkle from the scar with any of her facial expressions, this is probably more to the credit of the doc who was very careful how he stitched up the inner muscle tissue) and her scar is thin and white.

I occasionally put rose hip seed oil on it now if she's in the bathroom while I get ready for bed, that stuff is good for scars (and for fine lines in mama's face). I do remember her doctor saying that they can treat scars with a laser to lessen their appearance but that it wouldn't be neccesary unless the look of the scar bothers her when she's older, say teen years. She's only 4 and while she knows the scar is there she doesn't seem bothered by it. We have made a point to not bring attention to it but we don't ignore it either. If someone does notice and inquire she will tell the story with a smile.
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Arnica is great. She can take the pills (they dissolve under her tongue and have a sweet taste) and there is arnica gel that you can massage into the surrounding area (keep it away from the stitches).

Myself, I always keep the stitches moving (gently move them back and forth so that they don't get "stuck). Keep the wound clean. I use H2O2 on the incision and clean off the seepage. That way, the skin bonds to itself more easily (imo).

As the pp mentioned, Vit e oil is good, as is tamanu oil (smells like butter pecan!). But, if your dd has any nut allergies, stay away from the tamanu oil!

Honey is also a very good treatment for skin injuries (especially, Manuka honey)!

Hope she feels better soon!
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