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**~~April Infertility ONE thread~~**

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The Infertility ONE Thread

A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!

:Trying to Conceive :

anne1140 - TTC #1 since Nov. '07. Done blood work, semen analysis, and HSG. One blocked fallopian tube and bicornuate or septate uterus.

Becky8824 - TTC#1 since 03/08. One round of clomid 50mg and IUI in January.

brandyshea - TTC #1 since Feb 08. Suspected low progesterone/luteal phase defect. Starting 1st round of clomid with ob (50 mg).

Eastbayk- natrual

tami1981- TTC for 2+ years, secondary infertility, Clomid+IUI

brittloup - TTC #1 Since March '07 DH 33 (Great counts-Low Morph and Low Motility) Me 22 (No problems!) // 4 rounds Clomid with OBGYN all BFN// IUI #1 with RE Clomid and 2 75iu Bravelle injections--day of IUI sperm count 108 million--BFN Found cyst on left ovary and taking one month break.

booja's mom- TTC 4 years, one failed IVF, IVF mid-March

blackapple-Melina- 27, with husband Chad, 28, TTC #3 since August 08. PCOS and tandem breastfeeding my b/g twins (thank you Clomid!). Trying soy, since it worked last cycle.

crazyrunningmama - TTC #2, FET possibly February

Crystal-mommy - TTC #2 w/ PCOS on and off for 3 yrs. 2 clomid cycles-BFN, 1st cycle w/ femara

DaisyMae08 - TTC #1 since 7/07. Currently on IUI #7 in March

eternalsunshine - TTC#2 w/MF issues. Conceived DC#1 through IUI. Currently on IUI #6 and seriously considering IVF soon.

Julia'sMom - TTC #2, ivf#1 7/08 - 12 wk miscarriage, ivf#2 2/09 converted to iui - bfn, ivf#3 in April

Jelinifer-TTC#1 since 12/08 on to cycle number #2 with Clomid

Laci - Secondary IF.TTC #2 for 2+years-2 IUI'S- BFN- Next IUI-April 09

ladylaura-Laura, TTC #1 for almost 22 months, doing IVF #1 with ICSI and PGD in April

lola88 - 38 y.o., TTC#1 since Oct. '05, 4 failed clomid cycles, 1 failed clomid/iui cycle, moving on to adoption!

MOMTOALEXIS - Trying to conceive since 9/07. 4 failed Clomid cycles, 3 with IUI. Moving to IVF January 09

mamasgirls- TTC #3 since 4/2007. Moving on to IUI #2.

marg- TTC since 03/07 PCOS

Needle In the Hay - Needle In the Hay - Experiencing unexplained secondary infertility for 5+ years, hypothyroidism under control, 3 failed IUIs with OB/GYN, first appt. at fertility clinic in mid-June, ttc naturally in the meantime.

nummies - 25, TTC #2. Conceived 23 month old son from IVF/ ICSI. MFI with 0-1% normal sperm morphology. 5th IUI cycle in April.

oregonduck- Kim, 34, TTC#1 since June, 2007. 4th Clomid cycle since m/c.

Perdita_in_Ontario - TTC#2 w/ IVF/ICSI for MFI - next cycle Q2/09

pixielou- TTC 2 years, waiting for IVF or IUI

poetgirl - TTC for 28 cycles. Low progesterone, possible premature ovarian problems, LPD and hypothalamus dysfunction. Removed polyp 3/08. 8 failed ART cycles. 1st IVF this Feb/March.

Pookietooth - TTC#2 3 years with PCOS and age (I'm 43), started IVF cycle in January. ET is 2/3/09.

tomanygirls - TTC #4 since 11/07 - PCOS with Metformin,HSG, blocked tube, 1st round of clomid, canceled 1st IUI cause we only had one egg on blocked side.

wileymama- TTC with injectibles/IUI for unexplained IF after November stillbirth

wgt4miracle- TTC #1, IVF#1 getting ready for stimming. Finished bcp, continuing lupron. Maybe ER and ET middle of April. (never had a chance to do IUI cause of blocked tubes, ARGH)

WoodlandFairy- 27, have been TTC for over 15 months

Taking a Break

christophersmom - TTC#2 since November 2005. Multiple rounds of Clomid, two HSG's, 1 IVF in November 2007 (twins miscarried in January 2008), miscarriage in September 2008. 2nd IVF in December 2008, miscarriage in January 2009. Taking a break.

Held - 39 years old, TTC #1 since 2005 (although no prevention since late 2002). Dealing with mild MFI (low motility) and unexplained. Currently taking a break.

kristenok18. TTC#2 since 2004, taking a break.

lovebug - TTC#1 for over 3 years, but on a break while DH is in Iraq.

poetgirl - TTC for 28 cycles. Low progesterone, possible premature ovarian problems, LPD and hypothalamus dysfunction. Removed polyp 3/08.

:Graduates :
(May everyone who passes through this thread find their way to this section)

Aly22681 TTC #1 since January 2007, 3 MCs. --> July 2008


by-the-lake - TTC#3 with new MF issues, injectibles/trigger/ IUI #6, 1st with DI.

Kiki99 TTC #1 since Apr 2007 (unexplained infertility) with DH. 1 unmedicated IUI - failed, 2 Clomid IUI's - failed and had my 4th IUI with injectables. --> July 2008

mischievium TTC since February 2007 with MFI (antisperm antibodies) and possible mild congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Currently TTC with Clomid and IUI. --> July 2008

Jelly Bean TTC #2 since April 07. one unmedicated IUI, one month of just clomid, one month of clomid and 2 IUI's and this month we did injectibles and 2 IUI's. --> July 2008

Corikodjo 39, TTC since August of 2007,1 Chemical Pregnancy 11/07, on 2nd IUI --> August 2008

blueRhino TTC #1 since June 2007. TTC with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. --> September 2008

Voltige - TTC #2 since 7/07; Recently diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS but trying to conceive naturally for a few cycles post surgical laparoscopy --> October 2008

songbird45 - TTC #1 with PCOS since January 2007. Pregnant after 22 months and 4 medicated IUI cycles! --> October 2008

FayeO - Tired mama (age 34) to DD (1/03). TTC #2 since November 2005. Diagnosed with MFI (antisperm antibodies) this fall. Currently TTC with unmedicated IUIs. December will be IUI #8. Only one more after that and then it's time for a BIG decision about IVF. --> December 2008

LibbyLou - TTC #1 since Sept 2007 with PCOS. Cystic fibrosis carrier. Currently trying Metformin + Clomid. Diagnostic Lap Dec '08. --> January 2009

MeadowMom - TTC#2 with PCOS and fibroids. Using Letrozole and HCG trigger. --> February 2009

blueyezz4 - TTC #1 since July 2006; Have done 3 rounds of clomid (1 - 100mg and 2 - 50mg) with 2 failed IUIs. Have now finished first injectable (Gonal F & Trigger) cycle with IUI done mid Jan and now in the dreaded TWW. Hoping for a early Valentines/B-Day present with a BFP!! --> February 2009

gumby74 - ttc #2 with just the use of folic acid and baby aspirin. If not successful, we will do the hormone IUI route starting next cycle. --> February 2009


Victorian Patch


Catubodua - 39, TTC #1 since Oct 07. we've already had a semen analysis and HSG done and both were fine.

PLEASE let the threadkeeper know if there is anything you would like to add/ delete/ change from your synopsis above.
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Thanks Nummies!
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Welcome to April everyone! Hope your April Fools Days aren't too bad

Lacie're going to Ogunquit. Bar Harbor sounds lovely- we might have to trek up there sometime when we can make the drive!
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Has anyone else had progesterone make them sick? Man, I am feeling really bad.
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Happy April Fools Everyone! Hope we will all get to enjoy Mother's Day with BFP!!!!
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
Has anyone else had progesterone make them sick? Man, I am feeling really bad.
Provera sucks. (So far I've had worse symptoms while on that than from Clomid!) I've never gotten sick off of it (usually get exhaustion and hungry 24/7...) I hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks Nummies for doing the new thread. Looking good here. I never been on progesterone so I can't help you there. Are you on the shots or suppositories?

You can update me. IVF#1 getting ready for stimming. Finished bcp, continuing lupron. Hoping this will do the trick for us. Maybe ER and ET middle of April. (never had a chance to do IUI cause of blocked tubes, ARGH)
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wtg- I am on suppositories. They suck. I will update you now.
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Happy April!

I'm in the 2 ww here on Clomid cycle #4. Hoping Clomid comes through for me again, but I'm not too optimistic about it. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all of us though!
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Nummies: I am so sorry! I read too quickly and thought you said Provera

I hope you feel better soon!!!
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nummies--maybe being sick is a sign, not that I want you feeling bad but your temp spiked also today. Something else going here?

oregonduck--gl with the 2ww.

Becky--I hope we all can have our bfp when mothers day rolls around.

Jelfiner--are you talking about Maine. I love Maine and ocean waves. Its so peaceful up there.

Laci--gl with the baseline on thursday. Hopefully the darn cysts are gone. They should be by now. Hows the AP going. I just had my 3rd treatment. I does relax me but not so sure about helping my IF.
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wtg- Not sure what is going on. The temp spike today was odd.
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Nummies, I did the suppositories for a couple of months and didn't feel sick (grossed out, but not sick). So maybe that's a good sign?
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Wtg: Yup, I'm talking about Maine! DH and I absolutely love it up there too!
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So they say my cyst is bigger and originally they were not going to let me cycle but then she said it looks like it is trying to go away and so she gave me a green light to start gonal 75 and lupron 5 tonight. It may get bigger and I may have to cancel. I have u/s scheduled for M-W-F and I set up acupuncture for Thursday night. I figure I might as well give it a shot. We are blessed with state benefits so my IUI's are considered medical and I do not pay a copay. This will be my 3rd IUI! I hope that I don't get canceled but am preparing myself for the possibility.
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Coming over to share that our IVF/ICSI was not successful. It's very very hard to take. Though we only had one embryo survive the process, we spent the past two weeks believing in it and looking at its pictures and envisioning its potential. I don't know what to change my status to. Waiting to Stop Crying? Taking a valium? : We just never ever thought ivf wouldn't work for us. We've tried the whole palette, I've had an entire pregnancy's worth of fertility treatments. Though we will eventually do this again, for now, I'm not really thinking of myself as "trying to" do anything, but stay loving and sane.
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I'm so sorry poetgirl.
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Oh Poet. I am soo soo sorry. There are no words for this. Just know that you are in my thoughts.
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Poet, you are in my thoughts
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I am so sorry Poet
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