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Poet - You are in my thoughts
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As someone posted before....there are no words for this. Only that you know there are so many out there who are praying and thinking good thoughts for you. I truly am sorry and I wish I could make the pain go away.
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How is everyone doing??

We have all been quiet lately.
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It has been awfully quiet around here. I think this has been a tough month for many of us. The rain in the Northeast is not helping my mood at all (although I don't think the BCPs help that either).

I hope everyone is doing okay.

I'm finishing up BCPs - four more days to go - and then I can wait for AF for the 2nd time this cycle and the beginning of our last IUI cycle before moving onto IVF.
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I just wanted to say thank you for all the sincere and caring sentiments. I keep forgetting it's over and wanting to start all over again so we can get the outcome I deserve. AF today. A terrible feeling this time. So much potential. I guess we'll still try on our own, but really...I almost don't see the point other than to get to actually make love again. I may try DHEA, I know it's controversial but indicated to be helpful in improving egg quality. Does anyone know anything about it?

Laci, I hope your cyst stays away. Cyst management, a whole other stressful layer to fert. treatment. Stay away from the dairy, ok? That helps some.

DMae, Just want to give you some : for this cycle. I remember that last iui before ivf, everything in me saying 'oh please!' Will have fingers crossed for you.
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DaisyMae - Good Luck with your cycle - Hope everything goes well.

Poet - : I remember how it felt when my last cycle failed. Hang in there. Sorry I don't know anything about DHEA.

Hi to everyone else. Hope you are all keeping well.

AFM- We started stimming today and we have our D3 u/s on wednesday. I can't believe how fast this cycle is going.
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Poet- You know your strong positive inspiration in all of this has to pay off. I have heard of DHEA. Usually they recommend 25mg three times a day. You have to take it at least 3 months for it to be effective. I heard it worked wonders for alot of high FSHers. Also, I heard taking whey protein shakes helps. My AP says to eat alot of quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat and whole grain rice. I guess this helps with increasing protein intake. I am veggie so my AP is trying to increase my protein for egg quality. Also, I read that 80% of people who try IVF three times succeed. I have been searching around in alot of groups and have noticed alot of them don't succeed the first time. Plus, I seen people with horrible counts, bw, etc and had gotten pregnant and some who were textbook perfect don't succeed. I think its a matter of time when it will happen for us. I have come to that conclusion. Theres no explanation why all of this happens. I hope you are feeling ok. I know its painful. It hits you at your core. But remember you did all you can and its out of our hands. Look foward to next cycle now and make a goal to increase your egg quality if you have to. Hows dh swimmers, is he taking supplements? Maybe it might not be nothing wrong with you. Maybe next time do PGD? I am not trying to sound mean or anything, I just want to help you because you well deserve this. I have been reading and reading all kinds of stuff. Well I have to go I can go on and on with this.
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poet- I haven't heard of DHEA. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Really. This just sucks. Take care of yourself.

booja's mom- Good luck this cycle! We are all pulling for you.

AFM- Boooo for CD1. Waiting for the RE to call me back. Ugh.
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Nummies --sorry about this cycle. It sucks. What are your plans for now? Did the clinic call you back.
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wtg- He did call back:

He wants us to go back on Clomid. Have one ultrasound around CD13 to confirm that I have follicles forming. Then he wants me to get a HCG trigger shot. Then we do one IUI on CD14 and one on CD15. Then back on progesterone after ovulation and re-check levels at 7 days post-ovulation. $1500 later..... ugh
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Poet- I'm so sorry that you weren't successful.

I'm still around. This month was interesting because I tried to downplay the whole TTC thing by not charting or doing anything special. I think I O'd late, but not by much. But still, I'm totally analyzing every twitch and cramp just like before. During my break, I never thought about them at all. I guess that hope doesn't go away.

Nummies- I'm listed in both the taking a break and the active TTC lists. I'm now actively TTB although without any ART. Thanks!

DH is gearing up for his 1 year later cancer scan. He's off his meds and will be radioactive for a few days next week. That will be fun...

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Just wanted to update my status- we have been TTC #3 since 4/2007. Moving on to IUI #2.

Wishing everyone lots of luck this month :
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Update of my status too- We're onto round 2 of Clomid. I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!
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updated to here.
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nummies-sounds like a good plan. I don't recall you ever used the trigger shot for your IUIS. Hmm maybe this will help.
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wtg- No this is my first time using the trigger shot.

Question for all of you. How many hours after the trigger shot was your IUI? I am deciding if we should do two or just one well-timed IUI.
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Nummies -I hope this IUI will be your last. : I am not sure if the IUI trigger is the same as the ivf but I know that I have to wait 36 hours after trigger to retrieve the eggs.

EastbayK - Good Luck this month Hope your DH will get the results he is hoping for from his scan.

Poet- Thinking of you. Hope you are keeping well s

Happy Thursday to everyone else
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My ultrasound went perfectly this morning. No cysts or anything. So I start Clomid today (in fact I just popped my first pill). Although he raised my dose to 100mg. So hopefully this does the trick. On Sunday April, 19th, I go back in for an ultrasound/ bloodword to see how the eggs are doing. If all goes well, I will get the HCG shot. Our IUI (only one this time because the trigger shot allows us to be more accurate) will be on the 21st.

How is everyone?
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with ds, my trigger shot was at mdnight on a saturday and the IUI was at 9:30 on Monday.
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Sorry for my absense. Been busy with gardening.

Nummies- yay for no cysts! I got pregnant twice on 100 mg, that was my "lucky number" as far as Clomid went. GL!

Eastbayk- GL to your husband!

Poet- so sorry Take care of yourself. (hugs)

Everyone else, GL and hope things are going well-

As for me- I'm cd 15, feeling some twinges. I took soy isoflavones, 55 mg a day, cd 3-7, just like with clomid. I did soy last cycle and it did help me o and extended my LP, which has been short since having the twins. I'm hoping taking the soy earlier, since last cycle I took it starting cd 13, will help me o even more normal-like, versus last cycle's cd 38.

So updating my info:

TTC #3 since August 08. PCOS and tandem breastfeeding my b/g twins (thank you Clomid!). Trying soy, since it worked last cycle.
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