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Blackapple-Did you do soy at the same time as Clomid, or on different cycles?
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updated blackapple! Good luck!
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the cyst is getting bigger and I am on hold again may next month............................................. .....................................
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Laci: That's terrible! You're in my thoughts
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Laci - s I am so sorry... Cysts SUCK

Blackapple - GL this cycle... I think it's so cool that you are still BF your twins... Someday I hope to follow in your footsteps

Nummies - So happy your u/s went well Hope everything goes super well this cycle.

AFM - After having a slow E2 start on day 3 and a lot of crying D5 Results came back and E2 is 214 which is ok... I am stimming slowly but that is what we wanted. Last time it was to quick and made the egg quality very poor... : that everything stays ok.... going back on Sunday for another u/s and bw

to everyone else... Enjoy the weekend
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Jelinifer- oh no, not at the same time. I am trying to avoid clomid for #3. I was given a huge chance of twins again or even more. 1/2 for twins, 1/4 for triplets, and 1/6 for 4 or more. So we are trying to do this without clomid. Soy isoflavones can work for some women like clomid, since it works much the same way. That's why it's so often used for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. I took it last cycle, 55 mg a day, starting cd 13, for 5 days and o'd cd 38. That sounds terrible, but for me, that is awesome. I normally don't o at all and have to take provera to get AF. This time, I took it more on the right time, cd 3-7, so I am hoping it will work more efficiently.

Laci- that sucks about the cyst. Have you heard of the beet and molasses trick for helping reduce cysts? I think it's a Dominican Republican old-timey fix, and I have had friends use it with good results. Basically take a beet and run it through a food processor, add a Tbsp of molasses to it and take a shot glass sized amount of the mixture each morning. HTH

booja's mom- oh thanks! I sometimes can't believe I'm still bfing them. I struggled so hard at first and now they won't give it up. They turn down treats and trips to Granny's, preferring boob, lol. Gl with your stimming and such. Hopefully the slower pace will help make for a healthy and stout egg.
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Originally Posted by blackapple View Post
Laci- that sucks about the cyst. Have you heard of the beet and molasses trick for helping reduce cysts? I think it's a Dominican Republican old-timey fix, and I have had friends use it with good results. Basically take a beet and run it through a food processor, add a Tbsp of molasses to it and take a shot glass sized amount of the mixture each morning. HTH
How does that taste? Would molasses cookies do the trick?
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Hello Girls
here I am, back on the Pits, first of all want to wish all the girls who are TTC good luck, congratulations for the ones that are Graduates and happy resting for the ones who are taking a break.

Today I had my control and everything is ok, my endometrium is 13mm and is type II, the follie is wonderful and ready for the ovulation so I put my inyection already and on thursday I have to check if I had my ovulation.

For Tuesday and Wednesday Doctor give us the homework and we have to rematch it on thursday if the ovulation happend also adding another HCG inyection.

So since now and until Friday DON'T DISTURB, COUPLE DOING BABY

Is so nice to be back on the pits
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Victorian Patch: GL!!!
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Best wishes victorian!!
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So, it seems that I am now in the waiting to O category.

This cycle has been mucho weirdo. I started spotting last Thursday and AF came full blast yesterday. I called my doc and the nurse said to start Clomid the same day (yesterday.) They considered Thursday and my spotting to be day 1 of my cycle! I wonder if I have been doing it wrong all along!?! But, I have not spotted this much in quite some time, usually a day is warning that AF is on her way...

Good luck and sticky baby dust to everyone!
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Victorian Patch - GL

Oregon Duck - GL on your clomid cycle

Hi to everyone else hope you are all keeping well.

AFM - 1 more day of stims and we will most likely do the ER on Saturday.
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Daisy Mae- I don't think it would work the same with cookies. I never tried it, but 2 friends have with positive results. One's cyst completely went away and the other's shrank 50% and also her fibrocystic breast disease diminished. Neither said it tasted very good, lol.

VP- Sounds like a busy week for you! GL!

OregonDuck- is it typical for you to spot? Are you charting? GL on the new cycle!

me- still waiting to o, hoping I will.
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Hey everyone my name is Sarah and have been ttc for a year. Finally got my prescription for clomid in hand and am super excited and petrified at the same time. I was wondering if i understood correctly that after my last pill its usally 5-10 days till i hit O time is that right?? So i should be having sex basically all those days?? Im a little confused about that. Im going to be taking it days 5-9 and hoping for the best on my first round.. Any tips or pointers??

Thanks keep you all in my prayers!!

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Ocean I can tell you all my experience, but I think is much better if you call your Doctor and ask him for the method that you will use, is normal if it id your first time you are bit more nervous and you should forget all the indications, all this situation could be similar but are different for each patient.
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It's like some mystical force keeps giving me and DH more and more time to be together, but it's always as a result of something negative. First, we could never time his flight schedule around my ovulation days. BOOM, he gets cancer and is home all the time. A year later, still not pg and always too tired for some action by the time I crawl into bed, BOOM, I get laid off. Now we are together 24/7 for the next 16 weeks until I start school. If we can't get our timing right now, I don't know what to think!

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Oceangirly- Are you using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits)? That could help you narrow down the day a little bit.

AFM- Just waiting until my ultrasound on Sunday!
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Hi all

Well I have come out of hiding. My cysts are gone The doc was going to drain them if they werent. So now I stopped the BCP and I am waiting for AF. We are not doing clomid this round just injectables. I am super excited and I can feel a BFP. Three is a charm and I hope to be pregnant by Mother's Day. Positive thoughts until then. I told him I wanted to do the full dose of the trigger shot since last time we only did half the dose and I want 2 IUI's, last time we did 1 because I had 2 really good follicles and 6 others. He asked if I was willing to do selective reduction if I end up pregnant with 6. I said no so of course he said we won't be as aggressive if I have as many follicles. But one step at a time...Just need AF to get here so I can start my meds. I am sooooo excited I just know this is the month.
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OK girls I'm ready , everything done , I really enjoy : DH doing homework, now I am 2WW for April 30th
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becky- Keep up that positive attitude! Best wishes to you!

victorian- Good luck!

AFM- I am really worried that I am going to O early on this Clomid. Eekkk.
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