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Moms of Many It's April!

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: Welcome :

Subbing until I have more time to post.
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I met Orangefoot's big kids yesterday and they're lovely young men. : I also have twenty million photographs of sheep because DD has learnt how to take a picture with daddy's digital camera.
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Holy crap! Where did March go???? Time is flying and we have been busy doing all the spring cleaning stuff. Moved around the furniture yesterday in my livingroom and bedroom to give it a new vibe. For some reason rearranged furniture causes my kids to play more productivly....they sat and read books and drew for HOURS last night in thier "new" environment!
We seem to finally be finding a good routine for day to day, even bedtime! took me awhile to find what would work. Lots of tweaking at it to get it right!
Namaste to all you other mamas of many out there!
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I was surprised to see the new thread, too. It is April!

I'm struggling with going back to work. O has decided that he likes his bottles better than straight from the tap. So I'm trying to stay caught up with pumping and still offering him to nurse when I'm home. DH is the SAH Parent so no option for me to stay home.
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Thank you for your compliment Flapjack; I will pass it on! Sheep, sheep and more sheep: I found a bit of wool in the pocket of my jeans when I put them in the wash last night.

Re-arranging furniture is good fun isn't it? We added a large cardboard box to our living room last week and they have had great fun in it. Tonight though I really need to clear our living room floor and the sofa. I need more visitors to motivate me to keep a clear path from one door to the other and somewhere to sit without getting a book up your bum.

We discovered tonight that a neighbour has died and no-one knew. He lived in a house behind the houses in front of us so we never saw him go in and out of his house and we didn't know him. The road was full of police, then a forensic van and people in white overalls, then a coroner then a private ambulance.

This makes me so sad but I know from experience that I can be housebound for two weeks or be in hospital for a week and none of our neighbours knock to ask if we are ok. Privacy and independence have trumped community spirit and it feels so wrong.
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Subbing and reading along....

I'm on spring break this week from work and the kids are off school as well. We're celebrating birthdays and spring cleaning like crazy!
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wow! that's great!
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Originally Posted by orangefoot View Post
We discovered tonight that a neighbour has died and no-one knew. He lived in a house behind the houses in front of us so we never saw him go in and out of his house and we didn't know him. The road was full of police, then a forensic van and people in white overalls, then a coroner then a private ambulance.

This makes me so sad but I know from experience that I can be housebound for two weeks or be in hospital for a week and none of our neighbours knock to ask if we are ok. Privacy and independence have trumped community spirit and it feels so wrong.
sorry to hear that - it use to be a fear of mine when i was single and living alone
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Sorry about your neighbor orangefoot.

I also cannot believe it's April, tomorrow our baby will be two weeks old!

Great news is that yesterday we bought new flooring for our first floor....commercial quality laminate flooring lol! Won't be installed for a week but i'm excited. Our carpet was gross when we bought the house, but dh and I take forever to agree on anything.
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mclisa - DH is the SAHD here as well and I go back to work next week. DD2 was born 01/09/09. She has not taken well to a bottle yet though and I'm worried about pumping when I go back (supply). I joined the yahoo group pumpmoms.

Multimomma - we're looking at new flooring for our kitchen, dining/living room and hallway. We tore out the wall between the kitchen and dining and tore up the kitchen floor hoping to get to the hardwood, but didn't. Now the floors are not level and the old LR floor is causing splinters! Since we will have to tear up our old flooring, we're looking at $$ flooring that will hold its value...

Orangefoot - I am sorry to hear about your neighboor. I'm now thinking that the next time I cook something like bread, I'll cook some for the neighboors. We have a nice middle-aged couple on one side (empty nesters) and a young couple expecting their first on the other, but we aren't close with either!

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I've been thinking all day about this neighbour and hoping that he died peacefully and not in need of anything. My own mortality bites me on the bum every now and then and this month it will be four years since my dad died so maybe that is why it is playing on my mind so much.

On another note - when dd1 was 8mo I went back to college one day a week (Friday) and she wouldn't drink the milk I had gone to great lengths to express. She went boob mad as soon as I got in the door though and reverse cycled over the weekend. I know of other mums who have been out of the house for more days and for longer stretches than me and still managed to get mummymilk into their LOs so don't lose hope just yet!

Smooth flooring means you can sweep all the stuff on the floor into a big pile every day and get it sorted out by your little assistants then just sweep up what is left and put it in the bin. I love our floor but I honeslty don't know where all the dust and dirt and stuff comes from.
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I've been so busy obessing about this lo being due and being pg I've totallly lost track of time and the fact that its now April. But hey its April and i'm due in 2 weeks! : Wish he was out by now but his timing right?

I'm glad to see everyone doing so well.Have to go back to the March thread and catch up some. I'll be back!
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Ok back.I guess it wasn't as long ago as it felt that I was here and got caught up. Thx flapjack and oragnefoot for the responses- I had forgotten I'd posted that ? here. Response- My labors stall out before transition- like when I am dialated to 5-6 cm and been going at it for about 6 hrs. Having this happen now still. Spent all day in early labor hell on Wednesday- CTXs that never got to the point I felt I should call and backache. Then CTXs would stop and I'd rest only to have it all start up agian an hour maybe two later.

I've tried RRL tea- but it seems to stop CTXs so I drink on the "off" days. Trying EPO and has helped make my cervix more ready than any other pg w/o.LO just feels like he's trying to get out and is frustrated w/it all- not in disstress but angry. It's funny we already have seen his personality come out at USs and he's not even out yet. He doesn't cooperate w/the techs when they nees to find something or have him in a certain position! He's our little Loki!

My kids start spring break today- so hoping he was here by now. Now hope he stays put till they go back. But if he does come my mom will come and help get the house clean again the day I come home from the hospital.

Spring cleaning- been doing it for the past month. would love to rearrange the house (livingroom) but not gonna be albe to till lo comes- don't think moving furniture is the best idea! And need DH and someone else to get a love seat out of there first!
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fairymom - have you tried nipple stimulation to augment your labors? I was induced with my first 2, AROM and then PROM followed by pitocin. With my most recent, a HB, I went to 42W 5d! I used my pump for half an hour and it induced labor for me, naturally. It's something I would definitely consider if I was already in labor and it stalled.

We've also started spring cleaning. We started cleaning out the garage. I sorted some things and put the trash on the side of the road and who knew? The city picks it up. Haha. We've been in our home for a year and a half and DH always brought the trash with him to work where he threw it in their dumpster. I've been too busy to find out if trash pick up was part of us paying taxes! Now I know!

I am going back to work full-time next Friday. 8-5 and it is a 50 minute commute. I carpool. I think I'm finally at peace about this. DH stays home so I can't ask for anything more, except for him to get a job that pays as much as both of us combined so I can stay home! We're working on that. I have 3 LO (all under 3) now and am planning on applying to medical school once DH gets his secure job with benefits (he's now working as a roural route carrier associate for the post office). I don't stress myself about it, but hope someday it will happen. We decided that we wanted to have children before I established my career because I didn't want to wait until I was older. Now I want more children - the idea of only 2 went out the door when we started because we love it so much. Talk later!
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fairy mom not sure what the question was need to go back to March. With my last labor my water was broken for 36 hours with no contractions. My MW gave me cottonroot bark tincture and I had a baby about an hour later. I was already 6 cm though as of several weeks before so not sure if that made a difference. She said its a uterine stimulant and I was worried it would be like Pit which I had with my first and honestly it was nothing like it. Not sure if you wanted this info or not.
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A good friend called last night to tell us that his dw gave birth to their fourth babe yesterday then later on a friend of dh's sent a text from hospital to say that she had had her babe that day too! :

The first baby is a sister to two of my god children and apparently it was us visiting them just a year ago and them seeing Frida toddling around their place that made them think one more might be fun

The second is a much longed for little one to a mama who was convinced she couldn't conceive.

Dh and I had a serious conversation about whether 5 would be good or not last night.....
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And??????? Does he get his way? Congratulations to your friends, btw It's a good time for babies.

(I have a new sewing machine, btw, a vintage black singer with a million different feet.)

Fairymom, stop trying to be in labour and enjoy these precious last few days. You're never going to be a million years pregnant and fed up with this baby again, remember... if the RRL stops contractions, go with it.
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Well I can't get rid of all the terry squares for some reason. And I'm seeing the haematologist in a couple of weeks and if he doesn't sort me out some long term anti-coagulation options I honestly wouldn't mind injecting every day during pregnancy to keep me from getting another clot. I feel safer being pregnant than I do right now in that respect. Mad but true.

Have you got a bias tape thingie and a ruffler and a rolled hem foot with your new Singer? They are my favourite and most used feet.

Love your new siggie
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Wow,I totally missed out on March.Yay! Its April,its my birthday month!My oldest is on Spring break and we have been having fun,Spring is finally here.Today we went to a Scottish festival and the two younger ones did thier own versions of a highland dance.Very funny,DD dances like she is listening to the Greatful Dead and DS #4 tries to break dance so that got thrown in too.
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Orangefoot, yes, yes and yes! And a million different hemming feet.

Crittersmom, I turn 32 on the 21st- when's your b/day?
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