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cervical swelling and prodromal labour

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I've been having prodromal labour for days and days now. last night the baby dropped LOW into my birth canal. like really low (I can feel the noggin when I check myself).

anyhow b/c of all the pressure I have some decent cervical swelling. I'm not dilated much... but swollen all around my cervicx and vagina and it's pretty uncomfortable. I'm not worried about it medically - all seems well, just very uncomfortable. never had this before, and as a doula I've only seen it happen in hospital clients pumped full of IV fluids and pit and then purple pushing... but I've never seen it just from prodromal labour and a low baby. (lucky me!)

any ideas on how to be a little more comfy? or should I just deal with it, as it's part of the package of prodromal labour?

figured I would ask in the off chance that someone had some great advice to ease the discomfort or something

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really? nobody?
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I'd only suggest that you stay off your feet as much as possible, and possibly do some 'anti-gravity' positions, like knee chest, periodically. This will reduce the pressure--and if baby needs some wiggle room for positioning, it could provide that.

good luck!
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i had prodromal labor with my last for a week. it is exhausting!!!! i don't really have any advice. i'd probably stay off my feet as much as possible, nap as much as possible and be taking a lot of baths/showers b/c they are yummy!
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Swimming worked for me.
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Hmmm... I'm curious to see what others say as I had 2 weeks of prodromal labor last time and I am expecting it this time again. I wonder if it's your cervix specifically that's swollen or if it's just all the tissues in the area, which could definitely happen from having a low baby as the blood returning to your heart is slowed down a bit so the fluid/plasma moves into the surrounding tissue (instead of in your veins). Try swimming, drinking loads of water, and resting in positions that take the pressure off.

Hope you're holding that sweet little one soon! :
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no it's everything vaginal that is swollen. but after staying off my feet over night it did get better. now it's just normal swollen if that makes sense. it was VERY painful last night... and it's a bit better today. I think I will try to stay off of my feet more if I can. but I am going crazy sitting in this house!!
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Do you have any varicose veins in your vulva/vagina? I have one, and after a long day it swells up and hurts a lot.

I bet you are going crazy inside... your babe will be here so soon! for you, mama!
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Cornsilk tea is a very mild diuretic that can help rebalance fluids. I swelled alot during my second pregnancy and found it helped. If you cannot find any cornsilk tea, dandellion root is also good for swelling.
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Black Orchid,

I have been taking dandelion root every day since getting pregnant. it does help with general edema, but not with the vaginal swelling of the last couple days.

Blissful - you know, I think I might but I am finding it very hard to see!! I just went out a bought a handheld mirror so maybe I can see. I never had them before, but I was wondering if I do now b/c it's just very sore in that area right now, and it never has been before. almost like a burning feeling. would it feel like that? I'm going to go look and see if I can tell by sight.
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could you have a YI?

You might consider trying the corn silk tea... it works differently than the dandilion root.

Also, are you taking Calcium-Magnesium? I found that increasing my Cal-Mag supplements in the third trimester helped with swelling.

It could also just all go away once you're active and baby is passed the 0 position. It could be the result of everything being sort-of inbetween, YK? I know exactly what you are describing... the majority of my clients are hospital births and get IVs and it amazes me how the fluid collects.

All the best to you! I can't wait to read your birth story!
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How about homeopathic arnica.
Im not sure when its ok to take during pregnancy, but its recommended during labor/pushing to prevent cervical swelling...
May be something to check into?
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Originally Posted by WannaBeAMamaMia View Post
How about homeopathic arnica.
Im not sure when its ok to take during pregnancy, but its recommended during labor/pushing to prevent cervical swelling...
May be something to check into?
i just took some right before i saw your thread!

... just trying to figure out *how* much and how often to take it. I'm not very versed in homeopathics... I'm more an herb girl myself.

any ideas?
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update: I bought some primrose oil to help with the swelling... but now I just looked with a mirror and I DO see a bulging/protruding blue veiny area right where that burning swollen feeling is centered. ouch!! will the primrose agitate it or sooth it? I'm scared to try b/c if it makes it worse... well... ouch!!
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hmmmmmm, does it say how much to take on the bottle?? i would go by that. But make sure its ok for taking in pregnancy.. For some reason my brain is thinking that its only supposed to be used during labor??? I dont know!! So i would double check if i were you

I don't know about the Primrose oil, sorry!!!!
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Lots of sympathy! I've done the prodromal thing for weeks and weeks with each of my pregnancies. It gets old fast. I hope it's done for you soon! One thing that might help is have your DH put a sling or a sheet under your tummy while you are on hands and knees, and then he lifts... OMG that feels so good. Might help with the pressure. Left side lies might help too and def swim.
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I had a lot of the swelling, like my insides of my vagina pushing out and being irritated by the underwear. And I attribute it to my twin pregnancy with tons of extra pressure. Only thing that helped at that point was sidy-lying and staying off my feet. Extra fluids to help circulation.
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thanks everyone for the great advice (and sympathy!) it surely does get sorta better when I lie down (esp on the left side). but wow... I have two other kids I homeschool. since I've been on bedrest for more than half of this pregnancy already, I am going crazy! I SO wish I could afford childcare, a cook and a cleaning lady this week!

so right now I'm up doing some dishes because contrary to what they do try to convince you of... the dishes don't do themselves. they really don't. and some laundry (b/c I have yet to figure out how to dry off with socks and I'm the weird kind that prefers not to sit around in dirty undies for days in a row.

I will be the happiest woman in all of MDC when I have this baby. seriously. I will doing backflips! I'm just thankful I have a husband that works like 50% of the time from home - if nothing else for moral support!
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Too bad that a lot of mama discomforts require rest, huh? It's sort of like cruel irony....

The EPO shouldn't affect the varicose vein either way, I wouldn't think. Gently rubbing some Vitamin E oil might, though. If you do this while lying down on your right side it might help to get some of the collected blood back in your circulation. Unfortunately, though, it will likely be uncomfortable until baby is born!

And I will do a backflip for you when this LO is born too!
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Sometimes you can get some relief from tying a piece of wide stretchy fabric around your hips after lifting the baby/belly up a little bit -- takes some of the pressure off. I use a moby wrap even though it is way too long. 2 or 3 ace bandages sewn together at the long edges would work too.

You can also do compresses of witch hazel on the veins. That helps too.

Hope you feel better soon!
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