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Run with the fools! Dingos unite!!

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April showers bring May flowers - run with the fools!

From DrJen:

"Come one, come all, come join the Dingoes!

We are a group of women who are united in the desire for forward motion, and we support each other in our quest to find balance and reason in our lives.

There are no requirements for joining the thread besides a desire to move forward. So, if you're just starting the couch to 5k or training for an ultramarathon, you belong here!

We post fast (figure ~1000 posts per month), and it's great when you follow along and encourage others. If you fall behind, it's just like your training schedule: Hop right back in and continue on.

Below, I'll post a list of pregnant dingoes, our race list, and the links to the question: Why are we called the dingoes?

So, post your intro and your goals, and we'll welcome you and cheer you on!

Edit: Spelling in title changed to reflect group consensus, though not necessarily English-language norms.

Edit II: We are the dingo pack: a bunch of badass women jet-setting around the country, b!tch-slapping, giving props, and holding babies."
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: LOVE edit II. subbing, no post-half run yet bc my quad is STILL sore. it's getting better so I don't think I tore anything, but jeez! Thanks, hills. Oh and I had read that hill running article in RW and it's true. Instead of running my usual trail for my last LR (which is flat), I ran hills for 12 miles and it helped SO much. (and plus it is nearly the awesomest feeling in the world to PASS people on hills. Right katemom? although I do it at a 9:30 pace and she does it at a LIGHTNING SPEED pace...)

having a hard time getting motivated to do anything, not running makes me feel sluggy.
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went to the dermotologist this morning and he removed three areas. Pray for good news! supposed to do five, but one spot is on my back and think it would rub on my sports bra. It's covered with bandage and lidocaine right now though.

HBM~what did you do when you had the spots removed? I can't remember.
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It's snowing, our goose is sitting on eggs ( a broody goose?), white rabbits before breakfast!
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So behind around here, but subbing.

It's snowing here toda too, Plady. Ugh! What a joke from the April Fool's God huh? :P
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

HBM~what did you do when you had the spots removed? I can't remember.
They told me to keep them dry for 24 hours and since I sweat a LOT (and would need a shower), I skipped that day. After that, I just went back to normal. When I was 20, I had one removed from my back and it was very tender for quite a while. I remember being in a lot of pain in my yoga class at the time. I hope yours heals quickly.

Bah, I was going to run this morning, but it was raining and I would have had Jojo with me. I had a great zumba class though.
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You might need to get a helmet for your next race...
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A helmet? They actually had me for a second!

RM - Hoping good thoughts for your spots! When I had mine removed I couldn't shower for THREE days! I could hardly stand to be around myself.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
: That's a good one! Have you seen Google today? They have a new AI feature that looks totally cool. Just go to Google's homepage and click on the CADIE link.
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That is awesome!
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Thanks to whoever suggested Hal Higdon. (Sorry I don't remember who, it was on the March thread). The novice 3 training plan is exactly what I'm looking for!
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Anybody had Myofascial Release? Or Active Release? Both seem to be things Chiros do...

I was just reading around about my various ailments and found a YouTube series of vids by a Chiro (in Canada who basically described EXACTLY what I think is going on with my leg and how to treat it!! Now how do I find that person?! (and can dh get his signing bonus 3 mos early ?)
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Jess, myofacial release falls in the massage category (as in, there are therapists who do it). Technically, I could do it, although I did not specialize in it. Essentially, you are moving very slowly over a large area in order to release the fascia. The concept being that you can work on releasing the muscles (or for that matter, the bones) all you want, but if the fascia is all verklempt, it will only pull everything back.

I did learn it in school, and would feel fine doing it, but there are continuing ed classes that further teach it. You might try googling for an LMT. (the AMTA does list therapists -- you could start there) Tom Myers is the big name in MFR. Not sure what you would find by googling him too.
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sparkle - there was a PT group here in Berkeley I was looking at that have that mentioned on their website....maybe go the PT route if you can't find a chiro near you that offers it?

solpt link
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Thanks for the info about the spots I had removed. I hope that my back doesn't hurt to run as I have a race this weekend. Oh, well, we'll take it one day at a time.
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Back from running 3 with DS and the dog. It probably should have been 4, but I was really lacking in motivation. So lacking that I'm kind of surprised that I got out and actually ran! I'm supposed to do 2 tomorrow, but a friend wants to run, so it'll probably be 3...that balances it out, right?

Glad you guys enjoyed the link! It had me going for a while, too. I'm pretty gullible! :

Ok, really need to get in the shower and go run a couple of errands...
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