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April in ABQ

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Happy April Fools Day and Happy Birthday to baby N.

Doularn, that's very cool that you could work out a problem without going back to school!

ASF, we'll get in on that.

Playgroup: I'd be happy to host either today or tomorrow, but not Friday.
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so i scared the crap out of dh this morning - heh - did the hmmm, how weird, it is cycle day 57 today...he said "so you are um like pregnant" *gulp* and i said well i dont think so but something weird must be going on, maybe that diva cup sucked my next period right out of me." he was looking kinda gray and unconvinced so i told him "april fools!" he was very relieved. I am evil

doularn - that does sound cool - hope you can figure that out

kmj - co poisening how scary - you get to get a new dl - that is exciting - they have this new facial recognition stuff and the license looks weird

so yes, everyone let me know about spanish because i want to tell them how many adults and kids and then we can know how much the cost would be.
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What's the time commitment with the spanish? When would it start? I need more details! If I were to do it I hope it would be me, J and S. At least it would be me and J. I took it for seven years and was "textbook fluent" but could not converse to save my life (evil, evil verbs). The last time I spoke it was (gulp) 15 years ago and it's mostly gone.

If people want to play I can host Friday. The gas leak is fixed. There is still no fence around the (empty and covered) pool so if people want to wait until that happens, I can totally understand. My kids don't go near it but Anodyne's H walked right out on it without hesitation, which was appropriately terrifying.

Tomorrow is my (35th) birthday and we have a sitter for the evening. Where is a good place to eat? We'll end up at Genghis Grill if I don't find something else. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'm always up for something new if it's yummy.

This post was sponsored by parentheses.
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hi ladies, i'm back, 30 weeks pregnant, taking a break from births while i gestate and give birth, so i'm jumping back in to say hello! it's been a very crazy busy time with hilary, but now that i'm off call, things are easier to plan. i know some of you already, had the honor of being at your births, but i'd like to do the pg thing now, and just be a pregnant mom of a 2 year old. i need some mama friends. friends of any kind would be good, really. midwifery tends to put a damper on one's social life if one is on call perpetually, but 'tis so worth it.
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****happy b day baby n!

liss - cool! so glad you will be able to hang out. We ahve been doing monday open gym time at gold cup - $5 for the kid and they basically run themselves silly. We are trying to get a kid free tiedye day together for the weekend after easter. we are bad at organizing playgroup and usually decide like a day before

the spanish lessons are up to us. It seems like a lot of people do a 2 hour block 1st hour for the kids (parents can sit in obviously) and then hour 2 is the parents and any kids that want to hang around. We can do group lessons as many times a week as we want and also individual.

One place i talked to was a company - they were more $$ but they were very professional and have been doing this for a bit. The other 2 were individuals and also were fluent spanish speakers and were cheaper.

So far all 3 said they would do lessons as young as 2years old. I told them we have a group of kids and parents starting at age 2. The cost will depend on how large the group is (since we would all split the cost) and how often we do it.

I would like to do it 1-2 times a week. I wanted to get more info on what we were looking for (how much time and how many kids) before i got even more info.
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I'd be up for spanish class. Let me know the details.
My DH left for NYC today. He'll be there for at least a week.
I'd love to get together soon. Although I'll have all four kids so.....
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Happy Birthday N

Wow I don't post for 3 whole hours.

Spanish, I'd love to but right now I'm feeling a bit (ok a lot) overwhelmed and don't see how I can do more.

KMJ, Genghis Grill is our date place I'm a cheap date.

Liss hope you can hang out some, now that you are *just* pregnant with a 2 year old

DoulaRN, I think we should make a pack like those kids in MA and when you get your CNM we'll all get pregnant together, it would be a years worth of work already lined up

I don't see how I can hang out this week.
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Today is bad for us - we have to do our taxes (blech)
Tomorrow is out too, so Friday is our best day for pg.

Happy birthday N!!

Welcome back doularn! Great to know you have options for your education.

KMJ - Very scary on the CO!! We had a small leak for a few weeks, but if I remember right, the info I found didn't say much for long-term low dose exposures. Most of what I read was about a sudden big leak. Hope everyone is ok!!

Speaking of health issues, anyone hear from peace about her back surgery? I hope it went well!

No spanish for us right now, but if it was German I would be right there! We have more german speaking family than spanish right now...
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Hope Peace is doing well!

Happy birthday little N! :

After we got our cat months and months ago, Adam and Eva took him to the vet to check on his cold. The vet and Eva decided on April (15th?) as his birthdate. Upon hearing that today is now April, Eva got excited and yelled "That's Cosmo's birthday party!" So now I have to throw a birthday party for a cat.
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You're such a nice mama Rach.
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Oh I have a great tuna fudge recipe that would make an awesome cake for your cat, of course that might not be what she had in mind.

So teachers not only make the worst students but they also make lousy parents when it comes to doing homework.
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C wants to share one of her favorite links with the other kids

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SO I had two HB transfers today! How wierd is that? GOt to work with the HB midwife I am meeting with on Friday. Unfortunately it was so busy I was not at my best. But it was okay.
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And thanks for all the support. You all are true friends willing to have sex, get knocked up, be pregnant and let me help you have babies!!

I'm trying to figure out how the birth center fits into this for me... who knew there would be so many choices.

Hope you all are feeling better.
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So i'm planning a Dharma order for Monday. If you want anything let me know soon (we will get better pricing with a larger order).

Is there a plan for pg yet?? Friday is my best day this week.
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hey can someone pm me the link to the other board (if there is one still)? i tried to go to the one i was given a while back, but it doesn't work now.

also, if there is a pg this week, is there something i should bring (like food)? i'm not sure how all this works since i've never been
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Liss PM Elm, her dh moved the board a while ago.
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i think we are pretty much out for this week

we plan on going to open gym next week on monday and would love to have a playgroup too if we can get it together. Next week i can do wed, thur, fri

elm - is there a calender function on the other site? I was thinking between tiedye, parties, pippi, etc we should have a calender.
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Liss, I'll pm you.

ASF, I don't know if there is a calendar or not. I'll look closely when Little S goes down for nap soon.

My kids decided that 4am was a good wake up time today. Thankfully dh got up with them (and didn't even complain, in fact I thought they got up because he was up ) then they went back to sleep, which meant I got to sleep until 8:20 with Little S and S slept until 9!
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Oh yeah, is playgroup happening this week?
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