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, CO Mommy. That's rough.

M and little C must have found time to whisper in H's ear, because since I came to Eman's house, he has decided hanging out on Mommy (with or without the boob) all night is the way to be. I've decided he likes to sleep on something warm that moves a bit -- do you think they make a waterbed mattress in crib size?

Elm, I hate painting, too. Hence me never doing it.

In taking a hard, realistic look at the budget, I think the friggin' pool fence has to wait another year. I guess it depends on how much it costs to start up a square foot garden from scratch. I hear the successful soil mix is pricey to assemble. Maybe I can just do a very small one, since I've always had a black thumb anyway.
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We spent this afternoon at the Atomic Museum that just opened by my house. Lots of fun for the grownups, mediocre fun for the kids. But the planes were neat.

I'm out for playgroup on Thursday or Friday. Could we maybe do Wednesday? The aquarium has a new touch pool open (where the koi pond was) that I've been wanting to go to. Anyone interested in doing that?
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we will be at open gym today - hope to see ya there!
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Planning on being there.

This week I could do Thursday or Friday, I could do something on Tuesday but it would have to be on this side of town (man for a bunch of SAH's we don't have much free time do we )
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i am out for tuesday - i am teaching dance at C's school and she has an apt with Drk

wed she has gymnastics so we are out till like 1pm

thursday i am good after 1 (baby c has pics)

friday i am good after 11 (C can leave school early)
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I can't make it today. Burke has a cold and a cough as well.
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Okay I can probably do Friday. Let's just plan for that. Now where will we be?

Oh and we'll be at open gym. It's very much needed this morning!
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We are out for this week. I am at the airport now and will pick up kids as soon as I get home. Tomorrow I work and Wed my sister and her hubby arrive. I can only imagine what my house looks like now. Looks like my sister will see the real us.

Our presentation went well. We rocked. We surprised them in a big way.

Any of you who are not nurse, midwies or doulas interested in being on a national discussion of homebirth and maternity care? Doesnt matter if you had a home birth or not in fact they want a variety of experiences. There would be a conference to travel to (fun!) and not much homework. The conference will be 2010 probably so the babies maybe could handle a couple days away from mom.

Contact me if you are interested. Not sure where the meeting will be yet.

miss you!!
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Ack!!! Dh just scheduled an interview in Colorado for Monday. The job isn't great, but we're getting desperate. So, we decided the kids and I will tag along. Seemed crappy to miss Easter with him. We're going up Saturday - Monday. The kids will get to see their grandparents and cousins. I'm praying A will do better in the car than she has in the past. If she does ok, the drive really isn't that bad.

I can probably do Wed. or Fri. for playgroup.
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Yeah for the trip COMommy, but we want him to get a job here.

Doularn, let me think it could be fun

D is packing up and moving out

well at least for a few days.
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COMommy, enjoy the trip but tell him to get a job here (I know, I know, it's not like you can be picky right now.)

Eman, I'm so glad dh can't travel for work right now!

So after open gym I took the kiddos to ToysRUs. Why did I do that? It wasn't to bad but still, TRU by myself with 2 of them. The Christmas list grew by about 2 feet this afternoon.
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burke - hope he is on the mend soon

doularn - i might do that since apparently i like to present

comommy - good luck and have fun in colorado

elm - you didnt see a zip/buckle/snap toy did ya?

so ds didnt sleep until midnight - then he got up for the day at 4am : I am teaching dance for 4 hours at dds school today - so i cant have coffee - there is a little boy who wants to test his mommys gd limits
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Sugar and carb load to get through, that is what I did after R was born, of course I gained nearly 30 pounds AFTER she was born so maybe that wasn't the best idea
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ASF, didn't see one but wasn't really looking either. I'm just happy I survived and we only bought one extra thing. Sorry your little man decided to test you today. It's things like that that make me not want a third.

Doularn, I hate talking in front of people but I'll gladly come on the trip
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School news, ASF E's school isn't even holding a lotto, the numbers are going up just with sibs and they are more than full. DoulaRN, are you a bit bugged that they are extending the school day without asking us first?: Didn't we shoot that down with a huge H#LL NO last year.
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So Little S had his annual check up with the allergist. He agrees that he needs to see a Ped GI based on his symptoms which kind of sucks. But his skin test came back negative to peanuts (still positive for soy) which is nice. We went and got a blood test done to double check but it'd be nice to have peanuts and tree nuts back in our diets. Esp. since the doctor wants me to be extra careful with soy right now since his hive was so large.
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elm - glad to hear about the peanuts - hey, maybe you will be able to go back to chick-fil-a : : sorry about the ped gi

drk wants me to see dr jones about allergy testing for both kids (just muscle tests not scratch or blood etc) he is sure this cough is allergy related and both of them have brown circles under their eyes. I think big C may have the same lactose issues as i do - mine started at 4 and for the last 2 weeks she has been complaining of tummy pain.
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I just pretend the dark circles under my eyes are from lack of sleep and ignore the fact that I've had them since I was a kid.

Elm hope the peanuts come back negative, if soy turns out to be extra bad it would be nice to eat a peanut butter cup to console yourself.
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom View Post
Elm hope the peanuts come back negative, if soy turns out to be extra bad it would be nice to eat a peanut butter cup to console yourself.
Yes it would.
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Eman- Guess they got smart and stopped asking!
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