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Refusing an IV

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Are any of you girls that is going to the hospital refusing the IV?

I didnt think about it before, but when I got one on Friday night. I was so uncomfortable and concerned with pulling on it everytime I moved that I dont understand how anyone could wear that during labor, I wanna be thinking about pushing and what position Im the most comfortable in, not reminding myself to be careful with an IV.
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Our plan is to be at the birth center, but if I were at the hospital, I would refuse a routine IV for fluids. If I had to get meds for some reason, I'd ask for a hep lock and DH would know to be diligent about when it would need to be in and not need to be in.
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what's a hep lock?
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I'm requesting a hep-lock. My veins are really hard to get a needle into on a good day, and frankly, in an emergency it would be a nightmare. I want to be stuck one time and that is it.

SereneBabe - a hep lock is like the first part of an IV, the "needle" that is in your vein, but it is capped off instead of being hooked to an IV bag. It gives the med staff easy access to veins in an emergency without the hassle of dragging an IV around with you. It also means you can monitor better what is being given to you since the staff wold have to get up close to you to access it.
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This is a hep lock. They can turn it on and off that way you don't have to drag your bag around.

You do however have to be on task about who's touching what on you. Its easy to stick something in you without you really knowing. Especially when you are groggy or pi$$y.

Unless I turn up to be GBS+ I will refuse IVs and locks.

I'm skeptical about the hep that they use to flush the lock between uses. Its been known to cause issues in the past.
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If I had to get transfered I would allow to have a heplock for an emergency because I to only want to be stuck once.
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I'm requesting a heplock. And also that they don't put it in the top of my hand (like when I was in L&D for monitoring after a car accident) or in the crook of my elbow. I will request they put it in my forearm, where I think it will be the least intrusive for moving around.
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Originally Posted by j_p_i View Post
I'm requesting a heplock. And also that they don't put it in the top of my hand (like when I was in L&D for monitoring after a car accident) or in the crook of my elbow. I will request they put it in my forearm, where I think it will be the least intrusive for moving around.
That is what I was thinking too, forearm so it doesn't get in my way.
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I will be at a hospital for my birth and unless I am GBS +. I will be refusing IV or hep lock. If GBS + I will only accept a hep lock.

I am not afraid of needles at all and have had plenty of IVs without issue but I had a dream last night about this very thing. I was in the hospital and my midwife and a nurse took a 3 inch long very wide needle and she forcefully stabbed it in my forearm until it was completely in and visible under the skin. I woke up sweating and thinking my arm genuinely hurt. Maybe Im starting to get paranoid about the idea of being stuck with needles during my birth. IDK...but I definitely don't see a justification for the IV or Hep lock if you are lacking any risk factors that would require either.
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Having it in the top of my hand was awful, and it was just 4 hours of lying in a bed on a monitor! Every time I moved I felt like I was going to rip it out. I don't know why they put it there, maybe inexperienced and didn't want to start up too high, so they can keep sticking me if they need to. Anyway, it hurt and was uncomfortable, whereas the forearm is never bad for me.
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Another reason to request somewhere other than your hand, besides the fact it burns, is during pushing you could actually push it out. Thats what happened with mine. I was grabbing the side things you pull yourself up on. Pretty soon my blood was going into the iv and therefore completely not working. Of course no one noticed but me , when I brought it to their attention they removed it.
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I am refusing the IV and the hep lock. In my previous labors I moved around a lot, the LAST thing I need is a frigging hole in my arm with something hanging out of it that could get caught on the bedrails, pillows etc.
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Do they still use Heparin Locks in the USA??? Here in Manitoba we were trained with just saline locks - we flush the IV with regular saline every 2-3 hours to keep it clear. Heparin isn't used anymore.

That being said, I had an IV put in as needed. With my first it was when I had my epi put in and with my 3rd it was because I had a hemmorage after birth and required Oxytocin.
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Last time I didn't get anything put in, not even a hep lock (hospital birth w/CNM). This time I'm going to to the same group, but they tell me they've gotten tougher about insisting on putting one in, and I've been putting off having that discussion for real...

... my veins are easy, and I'd really rather trust them to stab me hard when they need to than just offer up my arm from the beginning. Also, the tub was really helpful last time, and what -- get my arm wrapped in plastic to cover the hep lock when I'm in the water? Yuck!

(Also, the IVF that resulted in this pregnancy was at one of the big "assembly line" clinics; on retrieval day, they have like 12 women sitting around in gowns w/hep locks waiting their turn with the doctor... it was a sort of freaky scene, and I understand why they wanted it there, but I don't especially want to relive that bit of experience during labor...)
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Yeah, if you can avoid it, do so! It was an annoyance for me in the pool especially. I did a lot of leaning on the bed sitting on the birth ball too and I had to be so careful about where I placed my hand.

And I still have a scar on the top of my hand from it!
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I do not get anything like that unless needed. I was gbs+ last pregnancy and ended up with a hep lock. I had a water labor/birth and my midwife gave me a little floaty thing to put my arm on b/c I kept worrying about getting water in/around the hep lock. It was fine, however, unless needed, I won't be having anything like that.

That's definitely something for your birth plan.
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I've only had an IV on 3 different occasions, my veins are super hard to find and they always hurt me more than they need to. Even when Im getting a blood test my veins are hard to find, it just doesnt hurt so bad there as in the top of my hand.

Getting the IV fluids on Friday night was great because I was REALLY dehydrated, but I dont want it just because it's routine. I only had it for 2 hours and my hand ended up all bruised up, still is.
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if anyone is getting an IV or a hep lock just remember that if you are dehydrated it can be extremely difficult to get a vein.

The only time I ever had a problem was when I was dehydrated and it took 4 sticks to get a vein.

drink drink drink puff those veins up!
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Yep, their policy is heplock immediately for VBACs. I already told my OB, no, if I have another very long labor I might be okay with it, but I will not be getting it as soon as I'm there.
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I had a saline lock with my last birth because of a history of hemmorhage. It was hell, and I will not do it again without a valid reason.
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