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Gun- yep, it rained. then Gilli got into paint and got it everywhere.

Congratulations! woohoo!!!!! it sounds like it will work well for you
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Congrats Gun!!

Morning mamas. Yesterday was so flipping hot! This morning it is a bit on the chilly side, but just beautiful. I hope everyone has a great day. I am off to work in the garden.
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brendon- I hear ya. The month is almost over...thankfully!

DoK - have you checked with your doc?
I went to the doc on Saturday. I'm feeling much better now. Still tired and feel wiped out but that could also be from allergies.

Congrats on the job!
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today is wednesday. tomorrow is thursday. then it is friday! AAAAACCCCCKKKK!
now the nerves are full blast! ia m getting married. what the hell am i doing? dont worry i am not going to call it off, i am just nervous. it is a big event, my whole family is going to be there. did i buy enough beer?


ok now that i got myself together.....

i have to go check the cupcakes again today, i have to go to the salon and look through their hairstyle book, and i have to stop at the store for cat food and look for the jewelry i want to wear. and then there is what i have to do tomorrow. there ig o again. breathe jennifer breathe...

i have social anxiety anyway so this is mild for me.
i did put my rose quartz back on while i was typing this. things seem to be going well though, despite my worrying. the food is all taken care of, the drinks, my MIL, clothes, etc. my mom even found somebody (her husbands relation) to take pics and supply speakers for our music. we were are prepared to buy them, but it seems like now we dont have to.

the only thing driving me nuts right now is me, and DH who is too tired at night to take advantage of a hormonal woman. lol. 2nd trimester surge in libido is not helping right now. . he still has to make the signs tonight after working a 10 hour day. go to work and cut drywall, come home and cut wood. at least they will be sturdy and rain proof. it is looking like it is going to be 66 deg and partly cloudy. i am sticking to my original prediction. rain in the morning with an afternoon rise in temp to the 70's with enough heat to un-mud the ground. that might be wishful thinking though .

i found out i do not need to clean the lodge. the park manager said he would sweep, mop, and scrub. all i gotta do is double check everything. then rearrange and decorate.
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LM~ yer sweet. maybe look for one of these guys, if you have time. i think they'd look lovely on you, and i find them very calming... i've just started wearing one, since my last bead store trip, and i lurve it. wish i'd known that sooner! just be sure that the day of, you go to bride land... where no problem is YOURs... but someone else deals so you just dont even know about it. hugs, you! it'll be awesome. oh, and please eat the day of. make sure someone saves you food. i'll be thinking of you!!!!

FR~ gak. i was right, i'm afraid. there will be no flowers for may baskets from my garden this year. i dont know if it's that it's hot, or just that it was so cool for so long then got HOT so fast? but the sweet peas are really fading fast this year. last year i was still picking arms full til the end of may!!! this year, i'll be lucky to get more than two small vases full at the beginning of may. sniff.

val, yes! this new moon has been something, huh? ::

gun, that is awesome about the job!!! weeehew!!! (and, yer trying again! yay! hugs and baby dust sweetest one!!!)

DOK, have you ever tried taking local honey? it's awesome for allergies...
and LOVE the tent/canopy idea! i'm making ds one when we get our new place. yay!

bella, hugs you. the trip sounds like an awesome idea!! maybe make some flying beads to help you cope.

:so, i guess i'm most into pushing camp, so.... anyone have any additional camp thoughts/want to claim a topic? i'm thinking after the 1st i'll start a seperate planning thread and we can go from there..... ??:
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Morning All.

Well, I won't be going to VA to visit my friend. Things are just too crazy right now with the way DH is and this deployment, which is almost over. I really feel that I need to concentrate on us and am trying to manifest more harmony between us. Not sure exactly how to do that though.

My sister and nephew are coming over today. I am very excited. I have not seen my nephew in a long time and not only do I get to spend today with him, I am spending the night at my parents tomorrow. My Mom and I are going to the midnight showing of Wolverine (did I mention that on here already *hides*).

Anyway, LM. Your wedding will be beautiful and I can't wait to see pictures.

Talk to you all later!
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Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
Health update: My body is very very tired and sore. Weak. But, the show must go on. I still have to bring my son to school and pick him up. Still have to go to the grocery store.
At the moment, I'm not feeling dizzy or lightheaded so that's good.

My son is super excited. We asked the building manager if we can hang a silk bower/canopy from the ceiling in ds's room and he said ok. So now Roo is carrying my wholesale Sarah's Silks catalog around everywhere and trying to decide which one to get. He said it's going to be his own magical space. Aww. (I'm going to have to save up for it, though. I tried talking him into the much less expensive playscape but he wasn't going for it).
mama! i hope to all the gods that you don't have swine flu :
yay about the canopy. those are so cool! his magic space, aww! that's so cute! i'd get one for my ds but he has bunk beds.

bellaluna: JMO-- i think to promote harmony with DH it'd be a thing to do to work on yourself, as in manifesting calmness and confidence and peace within yourself and your home. visualize not reacting hugely when he has PTS from being over there. remember that he has lots more on his mind now, bigger things, like...world peace, maybe, and he's perhaps not going to be as worried as you are about the littler things, like...marriage actually i don't mean that to be funny at all, but i wanted to lighten the tone a bit so you don't think i'm sounding be-yotchy, kwim? but anyway. hope that made sense.
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Trying to catch up before the end of the month and.... nope. Not a gonna happen. Soooooo...

Big hugs to those dealing with illness, whether that is a physical or a spiritual/emotional condition. For the body maybe some hot soup, citrus fruits/juice, tea (I love gypsy cold care), echinacea, probiotics, and massage. Find one of those online "rub your feet right" sites and after a foot bath give yourself a foot treatment maybe? For the spirit, perhaps one of the bach flower remedies? Aspen for fear of the unknown, Gentian for self doubt, Hornbeam if you feel overwhelmed, Star of Bethlehem for emotional loss.

And huge hurrahs to those with things to celebrate... graduations (or a loved one's successful defense ), weddings, adventures!

Weather- it snowed last week, then was in the 90s over the weekend, and now it's a (normal for us, for the season) 50s with some sun. But the plants are seriously confused. This should be an interesting May Day.

Still don't have any good plans for Beltane... somehow it keeps going wobbly. DD1's preschool has a maypole and morris dance on Friday, then one of the local ecovillages is doing a fest on the weekend, then close friends are hosting a combo May Day party (may pole, music, huge bonfire) and Birthday party (four adults sharing a birthday) on the 9th. But my personal plans just keep getting pushed aside.
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Just found out our local library is having a May Day Celebration. It's on Saturday...Complete with may pole dancing. Trouble is, it's probably going to rain.
Ah, Spring.
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Morning mamas. Today is going to be nice, as usual I will be spending most of it outside. I hope everyone has a good day.

Beltane- I too have no plans. I am finding it difficult to keep my thoughts on one thing at a time. It must be the Spring, I have all these things I want to start/finish around here, plus getting ready to move to our land, too much going on.
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well, I managed to salvage yesterday. met with my dff and discussed the concerns parents had about tuition- found a few resolutions. I also got to chat with her about all the stuff between dh and I and felt so much better. Yay for friends!

I bought some Mike's Hard Berry yummy goodness and dh and I talked.

Beltane plans- stir fry shrimp for dh, fake chicken for me and the girls. for dessert something berry- torte maybe? I have to pick up the materials for the baskets and flowers today. Kids are going to Grandma's house in Saturday

Beads and Stuff- my necklace is done- I am short maybe 5-10 beads, so need to pick those up today.
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Originally Posted by aweynsayl View Post
LM~ yer sweet. maybe look for one of these guys, if you have time. i think they'd look lovely on you, and i find them very calming... i've just started wearing one, since my last bead store trip, and i lurve it. wish i'd known that sooner! just be sure that the day of, you go to bride land... where no problem is YOURs... but someone else deals so you just dont even know about it. hugs, you! it'll be awesome. oh, and please eat the day of. make sure someone saves you food. i'll be thinking of you!!!!
thanks. i did pick up some aventurine. same exact color.

It is tomorrow. the wedding is tomorrow. breathe breathe breathe.. huff huff huff, omg omg.

i have to got to the chiro today, then i am going to get my mani/pedi! havent had one in a long time. i wasnt going to get fake nails but i changed my mind. i have so much stuff to do that i am afraid the paint would come off my real nails. they are so thin. i never paint them b/c it peels off within hours. so ia m going to see what kind of fake stuff they have.

finally made a decision on the cupcake decs. the lady called this morning andsaid she already made the 80 yellow cupcakes (at hyvee) but said she would make me chocolate ones today. no problem. the dec i wanted on them looked awful even though she did exactly what i asked. so i picked something out of the book. it will be much better. chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese/buttercream frosting. with little pink and orange flowers and green vines. much better than what i had thought i wanted.

i made a hair appt for tomorrow. the lady who is supposed to be doing my hair is past her due date! she might not be there and doesnt know if someone will fill in for her! i have to make a back up appt! so that has me worried. the hair college i am getting my nails done at would be able to get me in but it is 30 mi away from the lodge. i better start calling around.

all i am waiting on is to hear from the music man. the last piece of the puzzle. i am hoping my mps player will work with his setup b/c i personally chose all the music. my favs from the 60' 70's. some offbeat stuff also like stray cats and dr hook.

here's praying everything goes right tomorrow! wish me luck!
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lioness- I am so excited for you!! Happy, merry, wedded bliss vibes!!! :
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brendon, yay beads! what'd you do?

clay, ye gods, i bet the plants are confused! yipes! maybe may day will be blessing them to withstand the insanity, lol....

:LM~ have a blessed, blessed, wonderful, magical, splendiferous, fantastic wedding day, sweetest!:

happy may eve, all!
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LM-Have a fantastic, wonderful day tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and your celebration.
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Gah! I'm a bit bummed out. I'm not going to make my personal sales goal for this month. Wish I knew how to get a few more orders in. Hmm, maybe I should showcase a fabulous magical book. giggle.

Ds is looking forward to the May Day celebration on Saturday. We read from the BFB of Festivals and he really seems to remember the info well from there. I was even told that he talked about it at school. Aww.

Lioness- Best Wishes!!
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Ok, so it's actually May for me now but I'll wait for you guys to catch up hehehe. Today (in the US) is my sons 16th birthday! He's having ice cream cake & got a swish illuminated new keyboard for his birthday and I sent him a nice gift card so I'm sure more techy toys will be coming lol. I just talked to him and Jon, who's up there for the weekend Jon's update: he's been discharged from all therapies! AND he's going to return to work in a couple of weeks : We never thought he would recover so FAST!! He said he's just going to show up at work one morning hehehe! (his boss has been holding his job for him all this time) He was pretty happy with my plan to be there for his birthday
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Cari- good news all around!!!
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Cari- Great news about Jon!
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yay Cari! i'm so glad. i hope he'll allow you to post pics. that's one amazing recovery!

Lioness-- happy wedding tomorrow! you'll just glow, i know you will. remember to breathe! the day is yours! i can't wait to see photos.

mamas-- i got my acceptance letter to the nursing program yesterday! : i'm happy, but i'm also really, really nervous. mostly about two things:
1) having to possibly get a roommate to help out with ds. it depends on my clinical hours.
2) being able to handle doing this *with* a kid. yikes. but i know plenty of other mamas who've done it, and with more kids, and with a job. they are my strength. i just don't handle lots of things well.
my treasure map says "Nursing Made Easy" in the career spot!

oh, aweyn, no, i didn't yet. i may or may not. email him, i mean. it's not about fear; i'm just too busy.
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