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Feeling cautiously optimistic re: flu. I'm chugging TheraFlu and resting, but I have hope. : Also.. I miss my redhead.
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Rynna: Hang in there!!!

Theia: Thanks for checking in! So sorry to hear about the constipation issues

Teeny: Congrats: on no cast!!

Babybump!!! I'll be thinking about you tonight and tomorrow!! Healthy baby vibes!!!

Flu: Not really thinking about it much, other than just making sure to wash my hands after being out and about, and before making food and things like that. I have friends stockpiling food, but I feel like that is really premature at this point. The poor little guy who died in Texas was visiting from Mexico City, and had been sick for a while before getting treatment in the US, so I don't think that I have been too worried about things here at this point.
We'll see how the next few weeks go, though.
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I think some of it finally hit me tonight. I sobbed for a good 10-15 minutes straight. I had to take a Xanax to calm myself down because the shaking was making me unable to sleep. Hopefully I'll be able to go to sleep in a few minutes and be ok. I needed DH to be here so badly, but I couldn't bother him at work and risk his job over this. So I prayed and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.

I don't see my counselor again for another 2 weeks. Feels like 2 months.
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theia- SO good to see you!! we're looking right now for rentals around that area, probably moving november-ish. not sure how to help with the constipation issue... is there any way for you to make a green smoothie? like, juice and kale and maybe some cucumber? lots of liquid and fiber?

sarah lynne- big huge hugs mama!! can you schedule another appt sooner? if not, make yourself a mug of tea, read a book, watch a movie? i don't know, i've never been in your shoes so i'm not sure if i should advocate distancing yourself from the emotion or letting yourself completely and fully feel it and move through it...

heather- you're having a baby soon may you have a wonderful birth!

rynna- glad you're feeling okay. fingers crossed!

emily- count me in for margarita night too! and, um, i am sorta stock piling food : but it's not just because of the flu, it's more a realization that when you don't have much money it's better to fill the pantry when things are on sale rather than save money, eat the pantry down, and then buy at full price.
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Theia, River's cup has a straw- I think it's made by Avent- that he can suck, but doesn't leak, and it rocks my world. Skye had them too, and it's great. I can't find htem online.

Sarah Lynne

well, our bank accounts are now significantly emptier and by the middle of the day, we should be home owners... I'm scared and excited and really, really missing my dad right now.
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Helen- Good luck on the house!!!

I'm feeling better this morning. Didn't get much sleep and definitely have to talk to DH when he gets home about what happened.

OH and I'm super excited because I won $100 on one of my GPT sites
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