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Mel, I'm so glad that nursing has been going well, and that Nora is sleeping a lot! And that Neela loves her
As for her meltdowns and behavior with others, I'm sure it'll ease up as she adjusts to the big change. And, I hope that you and Matt aren't too strained on your gentle-discipline toes.

I'm so glad that things are going so well, overall!!!


...and Amy, cannot wait to hear your news!
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Amy, sending you many, many vibes

I have news too. I'm pregnant : It's been something of a shock, frankly, but we're getting used to the idea.
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Amy, sending gentle birthing vibes and hoping for good news soon!

Helen : I bet Steve is over the moon! EDD?

Mel, Nora is just beautiful. I'm glad you are doing well.

All these babies....
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HELEN!!!! OMG!!!!

Amy, hope all is well with you.

No news here. I am definitely NOT pregnant. It is a beautiful day here though and we are off to see our cow's new calf this afternoon. I think my cheater cauliflower plants got frost-killed last night though. The grass was crunchy this morning, and the spray nozzle for the hose was missing so I opted to forfeit the $1.50 they cost and let them die rather than freezing my thumb off and getting cold, cold water all over me in a possibly vain attempt to make the hose spray anyway. I am a cruel and selfish person, but I'm ok with that.
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Mel, melt my heart! The picture is beautiful!!! Thank the gods for eventless nursing! Fox sleeps 4-5 hours at a stretch, too, and once I finally calmed down about it, I was really, really glad for having that much time for my body to heal.

HELEN!!! : and : and Oh, girl!

Amy, I am waiting anxiously for splendid news!

Foxy's lost his hair on the sides just like Woody did, so he's sporting quite the funky faux-hawk these days. And he's staying huge. I don't know exactly how much he weighs, but I think it's close to 16 lbs. He's out of clothes that fit Woody until 9 months. But he laughs as soon as he looks at you, and he grabs things with his feet! I'm so in love.

As for Woody, he's having a bit of an adjustment going back to school. He's had three accidents in two weeks. I think he is just getting too distracted to notice the sensation until it's urgent, and then he still needs me to go in the bathroom with him when he's not at home, so by the time he finds me and I get to the point where I can leave the class and we both get to the bathroom...you see the problem. I'm hoping that's all it is, but there might be some other difficulties--he did spend 24/7 with me from mid-December to mid-March.

In other news, we planted a new 4 ' by 10 ' garden box, though my sprouts got pummeled by a massive thunderstorm yesterday, so I think I'm going to have to start many of them over again.
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wow..all of a sudden there is a LOT going on..

first off AMY! ive been thinking of you for days. i cant wait to hear how everything is going. i hope that you have that wee sweet baby in your arms now and that everything is perfect.:

mel, your sweet girl Nora is just lovely!! im so happy for you all.

helen, ive already posted in your DDC.

honey: i love these little peaks into your world.

as for me.. not much new here. rue is a nurse-a-holic. so much that my nipples feel as though they could possibly fall off any moment.
ive been offered a fairly full time daycare job for 3 of my favorite kids in clearwater, but timothy and i have decided to leave this lovely town for something slightly different. a town called kaslo, in the kootenays. its got a bit more going for it..a waldorfy preschool, lots of home/unschoolers.. lake in town and lots of health food stores and coffee shops. im kind of at the point where im having panick attacks thinking about moving and since so far we have no home there, and timothy no job..it will likely be a while.. we are hoping around july...so until then ill do the job.6 kids under the age of 6..well 5 really since E will be in school. their youngest is 7 months or so..

ngaio..is..well..still...a lot of work. i wish that i had a lot of nice things to say but honetsly im not at my best these days. i feel so overwhelmed by the constant tantriums and messes and stuff. ive been hididng away in my house watching movies and reading books and hoping that it will all pass by quickly. rue isnt much better. elwynn is my shining hope that someday this too shall pass.
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Helen and : in equal measure, as you need them.

Fern, I'm glad that you have great plans ahead. I really like Kaslo. Good luck with the daycare job!

HoneyTree, I hope that the transition to school progresses well for Woody. And Fox sounds amazing- 16lbs! WOW!
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Fern FWIW, the past few weeks I've found myself putting Skye back to bed most mornings and telling her that we don't scream in company- and since I've done that, she's been a much happier person to be around.

Honeytree Enjoy your blessings, they sound wonderful.

Spughy, I'm sorry for your poor plants
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HELEN, WOW!!! :::::::
Congratulations!!! What wonderful news!

Also, AMY!, too, I am just DYING for news! I saw a congrats on facebook and assumed the person had news, from the way they wrote it...but am not sure...and cannot wait to hear that all is well that your baby boy is in your arms

HoneyTree, your boys sound so beautiful. I just love hearing about dear Fox.

Fern, the move sounds exciting. I hope it all comes together perfectly in the right time. And I hope it eases with the girls soon. Finley definitely has his moments, and I find myself often asking him to talk to me nicely, etc. Three definitely seems like a challenging age to me...

Also sorry about your plants, spughy.

As for me, I meet a midwife tomorrow, and hopefully will like her and can start really planning and envisioning this birth. I am so excited to have this one at home! I am feeling much better, and so grateful for that.
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Amy- : can't wait to hear the official news!!!! Thinking of you and hope you're snuggling your little boy right now!

Mel- I'm glad to hear nursing has smoothed out a bit and Nora is sleeping. It is definitely harder to allocate your time with more than one.

Teresa- I'm so glad Fox is growing and thriving We're having potty problems, too. It's no fun. But it's got to improve soon!

Fern- I totally feel you, mama. I'm actually glad you wrote what you did because somehow it makes me feel better that we all have times like that, and it's not just me! As great as having these wonderful children are, often I find it quite HARD! Although today and yesterday we had great days! I am so thankful for those recharging days.

Helen! Woo hoo. Um, looks like we'll be sharing a DDC again. Yep. : I am scared to death, already way in over my head with what I already have to manage, but for some reason feel a sense of calm. Who knows, with my history I'm not expecting it to go beyond 12 weeks.
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Mary! I'll quote Mel and say and : as you need them!
Hope you all have a great DDC for 12/09!

I'm checking in looking for Amy baby news, and I keep getting other baby news!!!
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WOW & HOORAY Awaken! CONGRATULATIONS!! : I'm so excited for all our end of 2009 babies!! I already sent Helen congrats on the moms of many thread, but here's some more: : : :

I've been lurking on Amy's thread in her ddc. I can't wait for news!

Anyone else want to come out & admit to being pregnant??
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She posted to her blog - he's here, he's beautiful, all is well.
"Just after 2:30pm on Monday, Baby Boy arrived!
He weighed 9lbs 5oz and was 22" long!!
He was perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful"

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Oh, that's wonderful, a big, healthy boy. So happy for Amy, Jason, and Brynn.

And Aubrey, you too??

This is the most interesting month!!!
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9lb 5? : Brynn wasn't particularly big at birth, was she? Where the heck did she put him?

Thanks for the congratulations. It's still sinking in. Five. Whoa. I'm insane.
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Hey girls!! Well the past two weeks have sure been busy in the November '05 uterus department! Congrats to Mary and Helen on the babes to be! That is very exciting. :

Yes y'all, William Henry is here!! He is amazingly beautiful and squishy and heavenly. And BIG! Brynn was 8lbs 10oz, Helen, so no delicate pixie herself. Guess I know how to grow 'em big. Too big to birth, apparently, because Will Henry was eventually brought into the world via cesarean. It was another long story of hours of pushing, massive swelling, epidural, pitocin, and then decision to have the c/s to keep us both from going into distress. I found out yesterday from the doctor that my uterus *did* actually tear from all of the pushing, but not at my previous scar. I think I know when it labor it actually happened, too, because I had been coping fairly well for hours and then just lost it because the pain was so horrible. I know that we did the right thing by coming to the hospital and being really conservative w/pit - I'm just really really thankful that nothing more serious happened. Will Henry and I are both fine (although recovering from a c/s is actually harder than I had remembered!) and I should get to go home tomorrow. Brynn is doing well - totally IN LOVE with her baby brother, but understandably distressed that I can't come home yet. Jason has been doing a wonderful job of being the full-time daddy for her the past few days. He's so awesome.

Pics and the brief story are on the blog. Thanks for all of the love and vibes. I you guys!!!
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We love you too He sounds gorgeous, and I'm glad the two of you are safe now. Gentle healing to you.

Mary, with all the fuss over new babies, I missed your announcement Yay!!!!!!!!!
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I'll congratulate you over here, too, Amy. Wishing you a gentle recovery and transition for Brynn :

Mary and Helen, big congratulations and hugs, as you need them.


So, this has been quite the busy DDC with new babies and pregnancies... anyone else holding out?
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Hey girls!! Well the past two weeks have sure been busy in the November '05 uterus department!

Amy, I'm so glad everyone ended up safe and your gorgeous baby is here. It definitely sounds like you trusted your instincts and they served you well. I'm so glad you have a sense of peace and joy surrounding your birth :

And any mamas on here that have 3 or more kids, expect a PM from me because I have to figure out HOW it is possible!!! Each of our kids takes 1 full parent each to maintain and even that sometimes is not enough, I can't imagine being outnumbered.
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wow. babies..babies..babies!

in my experience 3 is insanity, but ive heard after 3 its all the same. actually most days 3 is peachy..and im more than often on my own with them. im just tired today i guess.
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