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wow, helen! exciting times!! i love packing! wish i ere nearere id come and give you 2 hands!

and nope. no news. unless you count me finally getting another ppaf!: i had my first in january and none since then..and let me tell you. that was stressful. i did two poas because i was all worried and scared of being pregnant again, but they were both thankfully negative. no more scares for me. im going to keep timothy well at bay or get an IUD i think im likely one of those woman who would still get prgnant with an iud but hopefully not. *universe are you hearing me?* maybe when rue is 3 or 4... or 6..

but i love my babies. they are all sooo happy that spring is here. the sunshine and warmth and fresh air is doing us all some good. infact i kept elwynn out of school today so we can go have a river beach adventure.
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Wow, Helen. Things are clipping along, huh?

I'm approaching my annual wanderlust time of year. My doula recently turned me on to this sustainably harvested seaweed, and I am seriously tempted to drop everything, move to the coast of southeast Maine, and have Joshua be an apprentice to the man whose company it is. Yes, I know the inherent flaws in that plan, beginning with making my husband's career choices for him, up to and including my aversion to freezing temperatures. Y'all are just going to have to keep letting me prattle about my miles-away plans each spring...

So, three months later I finally did some reading and researching on the condition that Fox had after his birth. It was weird, at the time I was too scared and in-the-moment to do any research at all. I think I was protecting myself from what I might have found, and already feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day changes and decisions, was reluctant to burden myself with even more ambiguities. But come to find out, he fit the profile for Persistent Fetal Circulation exactly, and his treatment was remarkably typical for the diagnosis. I feel relieved. I was putting this off for so long because I didn't want to discover something that I'd blame myself for, like I should have fought harder for this or refused that. But it was like I was preparing for a storm that never came, like I can finally open a window in the shuttered-up house.

And God, he's so fat and happy and bright. If you make silly woo-woo sounds at him, he'll honk-laugh forever, and when he chews on his fist, he scrunches his face like puppies do when they're gnawing too-big bones.

Nobody needs to remind me how great our jobs are today. I love being a mama.

(DiD, Helen, feel free to remind me of this when Woody is ten or so and telling me what a crap job I'm doing...)

Preggie mamas, hugs, foot rubs, and peppermint tea to y'all., and to mamas of wee ones, hugs, comfrey baths, and surprisingly long stretches of sleep.
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Speaking of surprisingly long stretches of sleep, my delightful new son sleeps from 1am to 7am without fail every night. : I'm so spoiled.
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Congrats on the house, Helen! That sounds wonderful. I have been having sort of house-lust lately - well, townhouse-lust. We don't want a full-on detached jobby, they take too much energy to run and we don't need to leave that large a footprint. But DH wants a workshop space and while those are scarce in condos, around here they seem standard for townhomes or row houses, so that's what we're aiming for. But not yet - DH is still undecided about what exactly he wants to do with his life, and house prices here will probably continue to fall a bit more. In the meantime, I can dream about a super-energy-efficient townhouse in my favourite part of town, with a rooftop patio and the best bakery in town practically on my front doorstep.

DiD, I hope the sleep lasts! Rowan slept like that until she was 4 months old and then it all went to crap for about a year. Or more. I forget, I was sleep-deprived. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your CNA program.

Virtually all my friends are pregnant at the moment. (Or already have kid #2.) I am stepping up the pressure on DH to get fully on board with this and actually plan our little trysts rather than relying on chance to line up a non-pooped night with ovulation. Because that doesn't seem to be happening.

And it is SPRING here in such a big way... Rowan and I were over at a friend's today, and she and her little pal C. were playing in their wading pool, stark naked, having a lovely time. Granted, C's mom filled the pool with warm water, but still, where else in Canada can you boot your children outside to play in the pool in *APRIL*?!?!? Love it. And Rowan has suddenly taken to actually playing with other children. Usually she has pretty low tolerance for C. - she's a pretty intense little girl and very "touchy" which Rowan isn't keen on, but today they were playing playing playing and Rowan didn't want to leave. And last week Rowan practically invited us over for lunch to someone else's place because she wanted to keep playing with the children! It's so amazingly wonderful, I can sit and have uninterrupted conversations with other moms. She barely said two words to me at playgroup today because she was busy helping C's little brother go down the slide. It's happened so many times, but I still can't get over how non-gradual some of her development is.
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(no time to type, school run to do.)
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Spughy, don't you love how you can post a worry on MDC and have the problem solved by your daughter within a week? If only that had worked about the sleep issues

I'm loving the beautiful Spring, too. All of the seeds that I planted too early survived the frost and are lovely little sprouts in my garden. And Neela went swimming in Trout Lake last week. I think it's a gross duck-poop filled pond, but there were other kids swimming and she couldn't resist.

Good luck with the house, Helen. May your packing and moving be ever so smooth.

HoneyTree, I'm glad that the research and answers gave you peace of mind. You are one strong mama

I need to go to the government office to drop-off paperwork for my maternity benefits today, but I have a sleeping baby on my lap and spit up on both of us. Today is the last day of solo parenting, and I'm looking forward to Matt being here again.
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Mamas I hate to keep asking this of you but can you please send me all of your prayers? Lucius is fine, everyone is alive and together and healthy and safe but something really terrible is happening and I need every ounce of your love that you can spare.

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: Lydia and family. Take care.
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Sending Love to you, Lydia.
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We are having another BOY! :

I'm definitely a bit surprised, but absolutely thrilled.

So, moms of two or more boys, tell me all the wonderful things about having two boys and brothers. It is such a new dynamic to me, as both me and DH come from boy-girl families...

DiD, how are you doing?....

Sending love to everyone, extra comfort for other pregnant mamas, and sleep and peaceful vibes to you two new mamas! How's it going?
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I saw DiD post on another board, and things aren't going well for them so she may not be online very much at the moment. Seriously, mamas, whatever you believe in, please pray for that family, or send vibes, whatever.
Does anyone know her IRL, btw?

Congratulations, Barcelona! Erm, the wonderful things about two boys would be- the're straightforward. They tend to say what they mean, and mean what they say. Erm, and they do play well together, but when things go wrong it tends to be with a big, big argument, and some physicality. Other than that, you're asking the wrong person because my boys chose to put their brains in lost property recently. What with the light fitting and the avoidance of road safety, their wonderfulness is somewhat awol.

Packing isn't done, but the house should be ours by the end of the day Maybe sooner.
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started a new thread

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