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I'm better!!!!

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OMG - I can't believe it!! I was in agonizing, tortorous pain form my tear until yesterday, and I finally went to my midwife to ask what the H was wrong with me and it was granular tissue? weird - anyway she sent me to her back up gyn who used silver nitrate (she numbed me first thank goodness) and today I'm BACK TO NORMAL!!!! Almost 12 weeks later I CAN WALK NORMALLY!!!!

: : : : : : : : : : : : : :

It's amazing - I can't believe it was just that simple. But I'm SO HAPPY I can finally do the things I wanted to before and couldn't b/c of the pain!!

I'll probably take it easy for a few days more just in case it needs a little time to heal, but I can't wait to go to YOGA!!!
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Good to hear, I saw your post on the birth pros page, I felt so bad for you, dealing with all that pain for so long! Really glad its resolving!!
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Yay! Glad your feeling better!
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