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charlotte neighborhoods

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Hi everyone,

dh and I are planning a move from mooresville into charlotte, he just got a studio in NoDa (he's a sculptor) and we feel like we should be closer to everything. Does anyone have suggestions for inexpensive rent (like below $600/mo) in SAFE areas? We have two kids, 6 and 1 1/2 and one arriving early June (Yikes).
I found a house online in an area called Washington Heights that looks really nice. Does anyone know about that neighborhood and surrounds? Any other suggestions? I'd really like to be in somewhere soon so I can nest!

Thanks in advance!
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Here, does this help? I am not VERY familiar with that area, but it is near a side of town that I am not very comfortable with. That exact area isn't bad though. http://neighborhoods.realtor.com/NC/...39/Crime-stats
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