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What do you use for spelling?

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We are finishing up 3rd grade and haven't really started "studying" spelling yet. My son spells phonetically right now, although he can spell 3 letter words without a problem. He has dysgraphia and dyslexia, so I'm thinking we need a simple program without a lot of writing. Ds needs to SEE the word in order to remember how to spell it. Any recommendations?
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Wanted to add that we tried Sequential Spelling for a short time, but the word lists were too long and there was too much writing involved.
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your son is older than my children, but we currently use and like: http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/

scroll down & you will see the spelling links by grade. hth.
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oh, i forgot to mention. after each lesson, my dd takes a test (for lack of a better word) at www.spellingcity.com - she really likes to play at spelling city. they als o have a lot of games to teach spelling that your ds may enjoy.
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i really like spelling workout, i couldn't find the next book for my 2nd grader this year locally so picked up spelling power and she hated it. i think we are going to try Sequential Spelling next year. but i think your son might really like spelling workout, its really easy and the one writing asignment at the end of each chapter is easy enough to skip...
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I just bought All About Spelling for my boys. I'm hoping it helps with reading too; I think ds#1 will like it because it is very minimal with writing (from what I can tell), is multi-sensory, and teaches him the rules (and he's all about rules ). It is also supposed to be very good for dyslexic students, and is based on Orton-Gillingham approach to spelling.
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I would work with SpellingPower and go to spellingcity.com

He can work pretty independantly with it. Type words instead of write them. You put in list of words. Maybe 10-15 a week. At the end of the week put the words he still can't spell in the next and make the list just 10-15 words.
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I also use spelling power. It has really helped DD get beyond the CVC spelling to CVCC type of spelling. Especially if the word was something like mess...she would always spell it mes.

It is multi-sensory as well, and she likes that she has boxes to check off at each step in the practice faze. RR has the workbooks that go with it, and they are cheep and good quality, but if you buy the newer version of spelling power then you can use the resource CDrom to print off the same pages.
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We also use All About Spelling. I think it is an excellent program. The lessons are short, they really teach children how to hear the sounds in words, they are multi-sensory, and they reinforce the basic phonograms.
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How are the words chosen for the word lists in Spelling Power? I'd like lists that include the most commonly used words grouped by similar phonetical elements, word families, etc. I think a combination of that kind of list and spellingcity.com would be great. We could study the words efficiently with good lists, and use the website to accomodate the handwriting difficulties.

Has anyone ever used Spelling Plus: 1000 Words Toward Spelling Success?
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Originally Posted by ReadingMama View Post
How are the words chosen for the word lists in Spelling Power?
Spelling Power is a large manual for all grades that is full of lists. So you do a placement test and then start working on the correct list. And yes, the lists are made up of spelling rules. For example:Level A List one- usually /a/ is spelled s as in cat. Level C List 20- Sometimes the letter o represents unexpected sounds as in come, mother and one.

You are also able to add words or make up your own list if DC is frequently spelling something wrong.
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We use Sequential Spelling, which we are really liking so far. I see you've already tried that though. We are also using the book called "100 Lifelong Words" and we focus on 1-2 words per week.
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We use Spelling Workout. DS uses letter tiles to spell out the words for the test each week rather than writing them down.

We also use Spelling City sometimes.
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Has anyone used Natural Speller for their main spelling "program"?
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