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Originally Posted by Lemon Juice View Post
I have been overruled! Kids want to go to the beach and dig and get wet in this heat instead. : I think we'll just head over to Buttonwoods today. Hope you all have fun!`

That's where I want to be!!!
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Hi - Just want to double check - are we meeting at Humbolt tomorrow?
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we're hoping to make it to humboldt, but we'll have to leave early. if i'm crazy nervous about my meeting, though, we won't come.
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Well, I don't know what your meeting is about but - you always seem to be very well spoken and intelligent to me so I bet you'll do wonderfully.
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Not sure if/when we'l make it today. There is a new boiler being installed(yay!) and I'll be here until he is done. He is already at work down there, so I'm thinking I might make it to the park by 11:30-12. Fingers crossed!
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Deb, hope your meeting went well. I KNOW how stressful those things can be!

We miss you guys! Ocean is gigantic and restless. Hopefully I can take a morning off soon and join everyone.
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thanks, y'all, for the encouragement. the meeting went well. whew. now i just have to actually produce some dissertation during cooper's naps!!

so, looking forward to next week. how about meeting at brown street park on monday, unless there's another place people have in mind. it's a block from our place, so people can use our bathroom if needed. it's on brown street across from creighton street, behind Hope Highschool. what do you think?
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Brown Street on Monday sounds good to me!
Glad your meeting went well, Deb!
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We'll be there
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Go sub the May thread!!
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