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Are you going to find out the gender?

Poll Results: Will you be finding out the gender or waiting?

  • 50% (38)
    Yes, we'll find out via ultrasound!
  • 42% (32)
    No, we are waiting until s/he arrives!
  • 7% (6)
76 Total Votes  
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So, when the time comes, are you going to find out the gender? Or wait until you deliver?
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We're waiting! I've always said I would wait, but it's going to be so much more difficult now that I'm actually carrying a child, lol! I'm a very impatient person, so it really surprises most people that I'd even consider waiting.
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I'm not finding out either! : I'm glad to see others that are not finding out... It's going to be awesome to find out if it's a boy or girl when the baby is born.
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It is so fun keeping it a surprise! With dd, Dh announced, "It's a boy!" when she popped out. After a few minutes, I looked between her legs and agreed it was a boy. Thank goodness our midwife still had her head on straight and corrected us that we had a girl! Fun times!!
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We are also waiting! This is the first time we haven't found out via u/s and I'm really excited!
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It almost killed me with dd2 when I couldn't find out at my 20 week ultrasound. They usually only do one up here, unless a problem arises. So I thought I was going to have to wait, and I was having serious issues and panic attacks about how to get ready for this unknown gender baby. Unfortunetly (but fortunate to find out the sex) problems did arise and I had to have 3 more ultrasounds so I was able to find out. Now that I have two girls and only have girl (can I say pink everything!) clothes. If it is a boy I would like to be able to get some more appropriate clothes for his first few weeks.
But besides that fact for some reason not knowing something as simple as the sex of a baby really makes me nervous and scared. I'm the type that has everything planned out for the next ten years. I can handle change if it pops up, but I like to have things planned out so I know the general direction I'm headed in. Plus I hate and when I say hate, I mean loathe surprises. I don't know why exactly, but I really dislike surprises even relatively good surprises. I guess I'm strange that way.
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We'll see. I have hear so many stories, were the gender was determined incorrectly, that I am just not putting to much weight on it. Plus, sometimes the baby turns away during the ultrasound. Either way is fine with us. My husband would love a girl, I personally don't have a real opinion about it. In the long run, I would love to have both though
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Haven't decided yet. If we have an ultrasound we will find out. We haven't made the decision whether to have one yet. It seems to far off to me!
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I want to wait to find out - husband wants to know as soon as he can. I'm thinking that we might find out, but keep it a secret from family/friends, so we can have the fun of announcing it when the bebe is born.
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Yes! I have 2 little boys and have dreamed of a girl for so long. I need to know before the birth so I can be prepared mentally and emotionally either way.
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i want to wait until i deliver. i just hope i don't cave....i'm kind of bad being patient for surprises and fun news.
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When the time comes is when I deliver....
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I'm way too impatient to wait! So we're hoping to find out during a 20wk U/S.
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I'm shocked at how many of us are waiting! People IRL look at me like I'm growing a 3rd eyeball when I tell them we aren't going to find out the gender, lol!
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I want to wait, but am horrible with surprises. On the other hand, we don't care either way, so its not something we need. Dp may want to find out though, and if he does, I won't argue.

So my answer, we don't know yet
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I will find out as long as the midwives do the 20 week ultrasound- I'm not sure if they do or not yet. I wouldn't find out if I had a boy and a girl already but I need to know if I have to buy girl's clothes! Plus I am inpatient.
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We will be finding out.
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We're finding out. It is something my husband really wants.
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Nope, not this time. I was dying to know with dd, but this time around I'm psyched for a surprise. Plus we're trying to go really natural this time and avoid any testing that isn't medically necessary.
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We will find out. He doesn't really want to, but I am way to impatient not to know! Plus I want to shop!!
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