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Homeschool Along 4/1-4/7

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I hope kittywitty doesn't mind if I start a new thread for now. Just jump in and tell us about your day if you'd like.

Today DD1 did Mind Bender puzzles for most of the early morning and a little quiet reading all on her own in her bedroom to escape her younger twin siblings who were seriously wound up. Then I taught botany class for a few of our friends in on of our HS groups. We talked about wild and wacky flowers-- ones that don't fit the mold as pretty, seasonal and plesantly fragrant. Then the kids used construction paper, cardstock, glue, scissors and crayons to design their own wild and wacky flower. After botany, we had lunch and then I read aloud Dealing with Dragons to DD1 while DD2 and DS settled down for a nap. They listened to the story until they fell asleep and then DD1 and I kept reading for a little while. After nap, the kids watered our container garden and went picking the wild evening primrose that has popped up in our backyard. The kids and I re-did the Zen rock garden DH made me as a gift a couple of years ago. Then DD1 wanted to try using the eveing primrose to recreate a scene from Lilo and Stitch where Lilo and her sister hold a flower in their hands, lift them up and open them and the wind carries the flower away. It is pretty windy today, so it was worth a shot. She ended up figuring out on her own that the flower and stem were too heavy to fly at all. The blossom only didn't fly that far, but the petals would sail beautifully over the fence. She wanted to know why, so we talked a bit about basic aerodynamics. Then we watched the latest episode of the PBS show Nature about Hawaii's volcanos (all three kiddos love volcanos.) Now the kids are playing some game they invented called "Mud-O!" which involves calling each other babies (in a nurturing way actually) and jumping over designated patches of carpet. DD1 also asked if it is windy again tomorrow if she could try to find other aerodynamic objects in the house to float on the wind. We'll probably read some history after dinner and call it a day! I felt the urge to post because it's just been very pleasant today and I wanted to share that!
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I am a lurker and possible someday-homeschooler. When I read this post, I just had to pipe in and say something. What a heavenly and wonderful day that sounds like!!! You just re-affirmed my desire to homeschool my daughter. Enjoy your evening.
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That sounds like a beautiful day.
Dusty (11) watched a dvd while little brother played some video games. Then after breakfast it was outside time for the littlest one. I washed some wool with Dusty's help. Later when its dry, my littlest one Rhett will help me pull most of the vegetation out of it and will help me card it. We've already got a pile going....
Dusty and I usually take turns spinning it with a drop spindle.
Rhett and I colored and did some math (counting objects and him writing the numbers down). Pretty soon I will have him help me measuring my herbs for formulas and writing down the amounts.
We will do some reading or play a game after dinner. I'm thinking 5 Minute Mysteries or Scrabble.
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Today as a great day for us. My In-laws come on Thursday to help homeschool my kids. My Father-in-law did arts and crafts with the little ones (4 and 3), played store, did puzzles, and some PE outside. My Mother-in-law worked with Emily on Math U See, Story of the World, and Sing, Spell, and Read. They also read two chapters of Little House on Rocky Ridge.

I was able to get the kitchen cleaned, laundry down, and one of the bathrooms cleaned. Yipee for a great day.
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wow! that's so great that your family is so supportive that they even help out!
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We are in the middle of packing to move, so our days are ALL outta whack. Today in amonst me packing some boxes, mr 5yo did some playing with letters on starfall while mr 7 and I watched his math u see lesson (and ended up going on to the next one as well, he said that one was too easy lol) and quickly did his lesson from First Language Lessons for the day (love this, the lessons are less than 10minutes and oral for the first part of the year). We then read the Australian Aboriginal legend of How the sun was made again and kiddo and I found some pics online that relate to the legend and made a notebooking page for him to colour. Then it was back to more packing for mom.. and some Mario 64 on the emulator for mr 7 :
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We've had a fun and busy week...and now dd1 is sick, so we are having a relaxing/tv day. Last week dh was out of town, so the kids and I had a tv free week (it's so easy when he isn't here!) and got a lot accomplished. We decluttered a TON and got the house really organized and clean.

On Sunday we celebrated dd1's b-day and all her friends came over for a fun day of playing. Monday dh and dd1 made a wooden garden container for our vegetables. DD and I had started a few weeks ago and everything is growing so quickly! We may actually follow through and get some veggies!! Wednesday the girls had their gym class and then we went to the park for our homeschool coop (PE for now, eventually dd will join the science one) and then we went to go get ice cream with some friends. Thursday we did crafts at the park with our and made kites. It's been really windy lately so the kids had a great time running around. Abby's friend met us at the park and we took her home with us for the day. They did everything from play-doh to collages to painting. They raided the craft closet and made good use of lots of material. I bought Abby a new work book (she loves them) for K and she did all the math pages. I think there were 20-25 in all. This was at 9:30 at night, I was trying to bore her into going to bed...and it backfired. Anyway, she's been asking to 'do school' like her friends do, hence the work book. She goes in phases, doing a bunch of pages per day and then not touching it for a while. I never thought we would do workbooks...boy was I wrong!

Then last night Abby felt sick, probably because we've been running around and super busy for a few weeks. Poor baby. Anyway, today she's been laying on the couch and watching some tv for a while, we may continue our worksheets if she's up to it. I found some awesome sites for reading older/classic books online!! I love finding free resources like that. If anyone wants the sites, let me know!
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Today we learned how the public transportation system works...
What usually takes us 10 minutes to get to the library, took us 47 minutes.
Rhett had fun, Dusty played with his Nintendo ds and I watched the scenery since I didn't have to keep my eyes on the road.
We enjoyed our time at the library and made some new friends. Then caught the bus back home. We get to do this for park day next week. I'm hoping they have a bus that runs that way.
Dusty has been researching areas around Tacoma Washington. He is trying to find the best location for us if/when we move.
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We have finished our two week journey through Japan. We are using Galloping the Globe. We made Japanese paper dolls, a flag, a map, watched a you tube of the Snow Monkeys, read a ton of Japanese stories, and tomorrow my parents are coming over for a Japanese meal with us. DD is happy to eat with chopsticks again (we used them in our study of South Korea and China as well and she loves them)

She has almost completed her math chapter on subtraction and loving it. In phonics she is halfway through the short e reader and 3/4 the way through the short e spelling list. It is a 50 word list and I only give her 5 words at a time, so it takes a while. She finally understands the difference between the letter g and q. She kept reversing. Now we need to work on b and d.

I managed to fill my RR shopping cart so that I got free shipping, and I am looking forward to start DS on before FIAR...we are just using the list of books and homeschool shares lapbooks, I am not buying the before FIAR manual.

As for me, I finally got a housecleaning schedule that is working YAY! and I was able to spend time with both kids doing school seperatly. I feel much more organized again. I think I am finally getting to that point of "normal" after having a baby.

(did we used to have spell check on here?)
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We're recovering from a series of traumas over the last month and the last one is still in limbo... Plus my ds just turned 5yo in Jan. and we have a 5mo adoptive daughter. I'm not even close to "together" and I'm using these threads to kind of help myself along if nobody minds...

Last night I managed not only to fill all the workboxes, but to gather up stuff for them for the next few days. Today the weather was horrible and I get weather-related migraines... so yuck. Today ds had:

* Use 8 snap blocks (LinkFix cubes?) to make 3 different shapes and trace them onto a paper

* Do two worksheets related to learning time: one was filling in the missing numbers in blocks (1-12) and the other was tracing the numbers in their place on a clock face

* 2 color by number (for 4-7yos)

* Draw an insect using the book he read yesterday to help him make all the parts. Of course, he only had to do one, but drew something like SIX of them!

* Put together a puzzle (I did this with him)

* 2 phonics worksheets. One was filling in the missing first letter of about 4-5 words (figuring out the letter based on rhyming and a picture) and the other was just drawing a line between rhyming words (3 pairs)

We didn't do any of the "work with mommy" stuff, but we did manage to have some nice snuggle time (plus working on the puzzle and eating together). Ds helped daddy make eggs for breakfast by cracking the eggs into a bowl and whisking them--then pouring them into the pan. When he wasn't doing his box-work, he's been going around the house with his little Vtech camera. Daddy got him working on a picture-taking project during lunch (dh works from home).

And can I tell you how much I HATE worksheets? I hate them. DS LOOOOOOOVES them and for now, I'm justifying it with getting him to do his MUCH needed writing to help with his OT issues.

To be honest, I'm happy to just get anything done that isn't him sitting in front of the TV or playing Legos ALL DAY. It's a start. We'll get better. The activities will be more engaging and fun; and mommy will have more personal resources to attend to it.
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special activity day

Today we're off to a local art gallery where a childrens author/illustrator, who just happens to be from our town, is exhibiting artwork from his books. After the kids get to look at everything, he's got a special little workshop planned for the kids Should be fun IF the boys decide to participate and behave themselves And I'll have the 2yo lol.. should be interesting! Then we'll stop at aldi & pick up a few bits. We might get some other work done later in the afternoon, but it's looking like 130pm before we get home.
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Originally Posted by heatherdeg View Post
We're recovering from a series of traumas over the last month and the last one is still in limbo... Plus my ds just turned 5yo in Jan. and we have a 5mo adoptive daughter. I'm not even close to "together" and I'm using these threads to kind of help myself along if nobody minds...

Your ds is still really young. It's perfectly ok to take time to heal and relax as a family. My son is 9 and we took 2 months off when my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer in late August. He passed away in late September and it took us another month to get past just making it through the day. Just cocoon for awhile and you and your family will emerge whole when you're ready.
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We took last week off, and I have this week off from work, so our school days have taken forever to get through. Getting back into school after Spring Break is slow going here! My ds had a headache and a mood to go with it. So we did our Explode the Code, independent reading, FIAR reading and lesson.

Right now, our house is bursting with kids. It's sunny, so all of the neighborhood kids are in and out. They have twenty minutes to play before they head home. Then we'll finish math and violin.

My 4 yo dd is really excited about learning to read! She did the first two Episodes from Headsprout yesterday and today. She marched around the house spelling the words that she had learned. Hopefully that excitement will carry over after our free trial ends.

I do love having all of this time to get our work done! I usually have to cram it all in before I leave for work at noon.
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