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Spin off: Could you live on 50% of your income?

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I read in the Suze Orman post that she recommended that people live on 50% of their income. I'm assuming she means take-home pay.

I just checked our budget and we aren't even close... and that's after spending the last year getting on a really tight budget to get out of debt and save money. If I take all savings out of our budget (with the exception of sink funds for known expenses, like car and renter's insurance, etc.), we are currently spending 72% of our take-home pay every month. Even if I cut everything down to bare bones (no blow money, no clothing budget, cut $150 from food budget etc.), we're still at about 65%. I just don't see how we could do it without moving in with my folks or going without health insurance. Neither of which seems too tenable.

What about you? Could you/do you do it?
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Um no.
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Not even close! If I could put that much toward paying off school loans and car payment and investing I'd be a really happy camper!

With the exception of DSL and our van, we're living about as frugally as we can. We have to so I can be a SAHM and it's worth it!
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Not only could I, but I already do.

I currently live on 48% of my net income (after taxes and 6% 401K). If I truly got aggressive and cut back on eating out and grocery budget, I could decrease that further.
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We're doing it right now. Well, close to half. We are agressively trying to pay off debt.
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Nope no way but only dh is working right now so in essence we are living on 1/3 of what we use to make.
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We do, barring frivolous expenses.
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we currently live on about 60% of our income (rest goes to retirement, college and targeted savings like vacation, etc), so we could squeeze it down to 50%, but not happily.
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Nope, we couldn't without making some MAJOR changes.
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Originally Posted by maryjane View Post

What about you? Could you/do you do it?

Heck no. We already live in poverty and I spend NOTHING on me ever. My husband buys cigarettes, soda, coffee and other things during his work days, which adds up being a waste of around $250 a month that we need to be spending on paying off our bills. I'd love to buy healthier food if he'd quit smoking!
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well, we took a pay cut of 40% when we moved to Manitoba from Alberta - and we will have the same debts as we did in Alberta - so we almost ARE on 50%. I do NOT know how we could make it any lower without selling our vehicle for starters
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We live on 80% and send 20% to debt. I think if I squeezed, squeezed, squeezed I could get it down to 60%.

My goal is to live on 50% of our income, but we are not there yet.

ETA -- I reran the number and if we paid off our van and student loan and lived crazy lean, we could survive on 50% or our take home pay. It wouldn't be pretty, but we could do it.
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That is my goal but 50% of nothing is well, no not at the moment.
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If we sold both cars and bought a cheaper house, yes.
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We could but only b/c we are debt free except the house ....

It would include cable & cell which are under contract, all sink funds for insurance and taxes, and home & auto repairs

It would not include 401K/roth, 529s, fun money, eating out, etc.
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Not right now. My income is zero.
Dh's income just covers our bills and we are fairly frugal.
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Heck, no. We can't really even live on 100% of our income.
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I make ~1000 a month and have the two kids. No way. Maybe if I had a better paying job (I graduate from college in a year with a Geology degree).
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heck no.
i wish we could, but it's not a possibility on dh's current income. would be nice, though! maybe someday
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HAHAHAHAHAHA no way. We are juggling necessities right now, using 100% of our income. I can barely buy enough groceries to get thru the month AND pay the bills on time. At least brighter times are on the horizon.
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