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Old Baby Stains

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I just got out my son's newborn clothes last night and looked through them. I was sad to see that many of them have light yellowish stains around the necks and in other places. I'm not sure if they're from drool, milk, or poop. They're pretty faded, but definitely noticeable. Does anyone have any magical advice for getting them out, or have I waited too long?
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here is some OLD advice from my grandma. This is what she did when my mom was a baby Put some lemon juice on them and hang them in the sun. I did that with a lot of hand-me-downs when my daughter was a baby and it worked like a charm
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I don't know if this will work for really old stains, but I got lazy with laundry at one point and was just putting things back in the drawer even if the stains didn't come out the first time...all DD's onesies had food milk, etc. stains. I did a load on hot with detergent, oxy clean (I can't remember if I used the regular kind or the baby, but both seem to work) and borax. The onesies look nice and white again

I've also heard good things about sunning out stains, but haven't tried it.
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I've had luck with sun bleaching and Oxy with everything but old banana stains. Who'd know that banana stained so badly over time??
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I'll start by saying I am, by no means, a laundry expert. I "forget" about SO many stains I end up w/ a lot of stained items. When I do, these are things I try, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

Sunning does wonders...although I ususally put them in the sun to dry after I've washed them.

I'm also a big fan of oxyclean (I use the tub of reg stuff, not the baby) and Zout. If I'm really trying to get a stain out, I'll pretreat it w/ a little Zout, start the washer on hot or warm, put in a couple scoops of oxclean and swish it until it's disolved, and let the water run until it's deep enough for my clothes to soak. Then i stop the washer and let it soak overnight. In the morning I run it like normal, and it has saved so many items for me! I've found that it works best on light colored clothes/whites.

You've reminded me I've got some baby clothes w/ stains too- I think it's just part of that new-mommy, too tired to shower much less treat stains mode of early babyhood!

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ok, this recipe is not, erm, green, BUT it works for old, dried-in stains.

5 gallons hot water
1 C color safe bleach (like clorox 2 or vivid)
1 C cascade

mix it all together and soak clothes in it for several hours, then wash as usual. I have had amazing results with it.
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This is what worked for me. My mom handed down our baby clothes for ds. So think 20+yr old stained baby clothes. That have been through 6 kids. Ds is the seventh! lol

For a toploader:
Fill up the washer with HOT water. Add a scoop or two of oxiclean. Throw in clothes. I'd separate the darks from the lights. I did have ONE dark blue jumper transfer onto a white sunsuit. So be safe. Let soak overnight, then in the morning, wash as usual. You may need to do this more than once. For the severely stained items I had to do it 3 times.

For a frontloader, I used a tub to soak. Fill with HOT water, pour in a scoop or two of oxiclean, and let soak overnight or at least 6 hrs. Run through the washer. Still stained items go back in the tub to soak.

Whatever you do, do NOT dry them until all the stains are gone!

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