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How much does it cost for a homebirth?

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I am trying to figure out whether we can afford a hb. Sounds silly, I know.

My insurance will cover 80% of prenatal care after a$850 deductible, with an out of pocket max of $2750 for a homebirth or birthing center. (Of course they will pay 100% of the ob/gyn and hospital costs).

I had my first 2 kids in a hospital and my 3rd in a birthing center, all fully covered by insurance in CT, so I am not sure how all of this works with the deductible etc. If I had a ballpark figure for what prenatal care with a hb midwife costs, I would feel better.

Let me know!
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The quote I received for using The Morningstar Birth Center in Menominee/new location in the cities was 3000/1000 so 4000 total. That seem comparable to what I've heard other hb midwives charge in the cities. Usually 3000-4000.
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the cpms in duluth charge $2500-$3000 and the hb cnm charges $3500-4500. it depends on what all you decide to do, since a lot of screening and stuff is your choice. you may be able to work out tandem care where you only see the mw every-other appointment and see your back-up doc the rest of the time so that more of your prenatal care is covered. i know my mw billed my insurance $250 per prenatal visit (they only paid $196 but whatever) so that adds up, if you have 12 prenatal visits.

by the half-way point of my pregnancy, i was telling my mw with every check that i wrote "you're worth every penny!" because the care was soooooooo much better.
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Thanks ladies. Cileag--I also spoke with MorningStar, briefy, and am considering birthing there as well.

So, what's the difference between a cnm and a cpm?
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I just visted the Morning Star site and they indicated that the ave charge is $6000-8000. There is also a scenario about the baby's charges and a co-pay for the baby as well. Was your quote all inclusive, if you don't mind my asking?

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From what I understand, they charge 6,000-8,000 for the insurance companies--but offer a "discount" for those paying ahead of time/cash/check (in other words, most people) and that is 3,000 for their services and 1,000 for the birthing center charges. It was a little confusing how it works, but it sounds like they submit the charges to your insurance but you pay no more than 4,000. You should definitely call them to clarify.
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My homebirth midwife (CPM and LM) charges $3000, which includes prenatal, birth, and 3 postnatal visits; plus lab fees for whatever extra tests I want. $200 is the average mothers pay in lab fees, she says. Anyway, I think $3000 is pretty normal for a homebirth in the twin cities. I'm paying her up front, and she is billing my insurance. She said she can usually get insurance to reimburse 50-80% of the cost.

With homebirth, reimbursement is always the real question. I'm prepared to eat the $3000 myself (and budgeted as if I am), but expecting I'll get at least some back. You might have a better guaranteed bottom line price from a birthing center.

CNM is trained as a midwife and a nurse, while a CPM is just a midwife. As far as I can tell, the real difference between CNM and CPM is that CNM's all seem to work in hospitals or birthcenters, and CPM's do homebirths.
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cnms do homebirth too - it's just that most work in the hospitals. you'd be hard-pressed to find one who does both. a hospital cnm would likely get too much flack from her colleagues over attending homebirth, and may not be able to promise availability to hb clients if she has to be on call at the hospital part of each week. a homebirth cnm isn't likely to have admitting rights at any hospital, because it's not worth buying malpractice insurance required to work in a hospital if you're specifically choosing not to. i think it's more common to find a mw who does both birth center and home births, but we're new to birth centers here in mn.

a cpm does a long training and apprenticeship and catches a lot of babies with her mentor by her side before getting her certification. the only ways that a cpm offers "less" is that she isn't supposed to use certain drugs that a cnm can, and in the fact that some insurance companies are more willing to reimburse a cnm. otoh, the absense of a medical background is an advantage in some moms' eyes.
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I birthed at home with a CNM. Her out of pocket cost was $3500. I think she had a very clever insurance biller , because even though my insurance said they would cover 80% of the prenatals and none of the birth, in the end I got a check from the insurance company for all but $100 of her fees.

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Can you ladies recommend a hb midwife? I've searched the archives and made a short list. I've also called a few of the more popular ones but haven't received a return phonecall from ANY of them!!

I'm hoping that I click immediately with someone and start this process! Even though I'm only 5 weeks along, I"m a planner by nature and will feel alot more comfortable when all the pieces are in place.
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I birthed with Clare and Emme from Trillium Midwifery and I absolutely LOVED them both! They work with Gail Tully as well.
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Mine was $1500, but we got a bit of a discount at $1350. We're way up north though, but our midwife was AWESOME. Her name is Beth Bergeron, & her email is travelingmidwife@yahoo.com . She does travel .
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My homebirth midwife is Aly Folin. Haven't birthed with her yet, but the prenatal care has been excellent and she has an entire bookcase of pregnancy and birthing books that she lends out to her mommas. She was recommended by a friend who birthed with her twice.

I also hear good things about Jeanne Bazille, particularly that she is one of the most experienced midwives in town.
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My DEM charged me $2000 for all prenatals, birth, and postnatals. We had to pay out of pocket/bill insurance for the ultrasound, bloodwork (I didn't have any), and Rhogam shot if needed (we didn't). We also had to put together a basic birth kit (chux pads, plastic sheets, stuff like that). She provided the birth pool. She's in south central MN but will travel up to 90 miles.
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We're working with Jeanne Bazille right now, and I really really like her! Her fee is $3000. My insurance doesn't cover HB at all but it's one of those things that I just *can't* base on money. Even though we have none.
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My midwife charged us, I think around $1300, which was on the low end on a sliding scale, and the birth center it self was, I think around $300 for it's use. I also payed my midwife an extra charge per prenatal visit. This is in Milwaukee, WI. If a birth center/homebirth in Milwaukee would cost as much as it does in the Twin cities I don't know if we could have afforded it. But then again what you have up there might be different then what we have here. Our midwives are independent of the birth center, the birth center is just there if you don't want to give birth in your home with your midwife.
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My midwife charges 3000, which is pretty average here in Minnesota. That includes all prenatals, the birth and six weeks of pp care. (A 24 hour, 3 day, 1 week, 3 week and 6 week)

Jeanne Bazille is my midwife.
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Mine is $3600 and MW is hopeful that I'll receive a good chunk of it back. If so, it'll be a nice bonus. We're prepared to eat the $3600.

My first delivery was standard hospital (induction, epidural etc) and we paid about $2000 out of pocket. So, the difference between 3600 and 2000 was negligible, especially because I want a homebirth so badly.
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My midwife has a fee of about $3200, but if you pay by a certain point, you can get quite a reduction, so we paid $2600 for all prenatals, delivery, and 6 weeks postpartum/well baby care. We haven't had the birth yet but she's been fantastic so far. The way our insurance works, they wouldn't cover her because she's out of network, but even paying out of pocket we're paying less than we would for a hospital birth because our deductible is so high. There are resources on these boards for helping "encourage" insurance companies to cover your midwife, though... I'd suggest checking those out while you're going through the process as well. A lot of the time it seems to come down to in/out of network and the billing codes the midwife uses.
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just want to know who did you decide to go with? Prices always varied and I'm also looking for discount.

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