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Phantom Baby/Pregnancy?

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I need to preface this by saying that my first son was born & died when I was 16 weeks pregnant with him. He was born alive, but didn't live long. 1.5 mos later I was (unknowingly) pregnant with ds2. Carried him to full term, but the pregnancy was stressfull (had to rule out everything that could have explained losing Joseph). Things calmed down around 26 weeks. I developed pre-eclampsia at around 37weeks, was induced, 22hrs later had a c-section. I had to be put completely under because the spinal didn't take well.

Since ds's birth (say 4wks later), I've been experiencing 'phantom' kicks. Some strong enough that dh felt them when I was sleeping next to him. They 'calmed' down in intensity (aka they don't show up on my belly but I feel them). Until today. I felt 3 distinct kicks right below my sternum. I saw my belly jump too, through my shirt.

I've gone crazy testing every month since ds has been born due to this. All Negative. I've had AF back since ds was 11 mos. I just had my period. What is going on? I'm seriously wondering if I'm going crazy, but I SAW the 'kicks' today. And these are so not gas bubbles. I know the feeling of those and these are NOT anything like gas bubbles. Almost all the kicks (about 80%) have been navel or up. It's so weird. Anyone know anything about this? Any reasonable explanation? It's 19mos later, my milk is still in full force, but these kicks are so disconcerting!


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I also feel "phantom kicks" since I had my daughter one year ago. And all of the mamas that I know have felt "phantom kicks" as well. I can't explain it but you are not alone. My girlfriends and I have all joked about how these little bumps make us paranoid that we are pregnant because it feels so distinctly like a little foot or hand.
My best guess is that it is digestive movement. Perhaps we are better at listening to our bodies after being pregnant. I just don't know.
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My mom says she's been feeling phantom kicks ever since her first pregnancy. I'm nearly 33, and my mom had a hysterectomy ten years ago. I feel phantom kicks occasionally (including some with visible abdominal movement). I've been putting that down to random muscle twitches.
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Thank goodness, I'm not the only one! I asked my mom about this and she looked at me all strange and asked if I was preggo! And she's had 3 kids too. So here I thought I was all alone, experiencing all these weird phantom kicks. I've heard that moms of stillborn babies have phantom kicks, with the usual explanation being psychological. I have my little munchkin, so no idea why I'd be having these movements.

It's weird. The 'movement' hasn't been this active in a long time. I can feel the rolling & kicking really strong today. It's disconcerting. Maybe it is weird muscle twitches? I'm a bit scared it's a spirit child or something trying to 'come over', kwim?

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I can relate mama! My dd2 is almost 2 and I still get phantom kicks. I have seen them through my shirt. It is completely bizarre.
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my assumption - physically speaking- is that the abdomimal muscles are much more lax ater having babies.. perhaps regular digestion and the like are much more noticable. pregnancy changes our bodies SO very much! we are not as "hard and set" as men physically. we move anc change a lot so there is a fluidity to us. We're also much more aware having gotten used to, for a period of time, listening to our bodies and looking for kicked and punches from baby. we notice these things more. obviouls if a man feels this movement he isn't going to think "that's just like what it feels like when I'm pregnant!"

so yeah, I think it makes total sense to feel sensations that feel like kicks after having kids.
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Originally Posted by HennyPenny View Post
obviouls if a man feels this movement he isn't going to think "that's just like what it feels like when I'm pregnant!"
This sparked a funny memory for me, Henny Penny. When dh felt the 'kicks' 4 weeks after ds was born he jumped out of bed and was freaking out! He didn't know how I could possibly be pregnant again! lol The thing was I was one of those rare women who experience nausea while bf, especially during numerous, long nursing sessions. So I had 'unexplained nausea' AND the kicks. Poor dh!

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I had "phantom kicks" for a bit after dd... my dh could even feel them sometimes. (He thought it was really weird, since I couldn't have been far enough along in hypothetical pregnancy then to have felt baby kicks)

I do think it's digestive, but I'm not sure exactly how it works.
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My Baby is 3 now and I occasionally feel and see move. And I know I'm no pregnant! I always wonder whats going on in there... I never had "movement" before I had kids.

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Not sure if this is helpful, OP, but some of my 'kicks' have actually been fibroids in my uterous which occassionally shift.  I didn't know I had fibroids and to what extent until I had DD, and my OB said that my uterous was full of them.  They haven't gotten to the point where I would require medical intervention, but oddly they seemed to become only noticable after I had DD.  I can literally feel them with my hand when I am laying down.  Sometimes I'll be sitting quietly and I feel them shift.  It is very bizarre.  Did your doctor mention anything to you about this?  But, like PPs said, it could be for other reasons.

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After my first was born, I was *convinced* I was pregnant again.  I thought I must have gotten preggers as soon as we started being intimate again.  I had those "kicks".  They were strong and persistent.  I didn't believe the negative pregnancy tests.


But I must have somewhere in the back of my mind known that it wasn't real, because I refused to go for prenatal care, for no rational reason, even when I thought I might be about 7 months along. 


I still get them, and they are pretty strong.  Some kind of digestive related thing, twitchy muscles or the like.  My sister was shocked the first time she felt them after she had her baby too.  Apparently it is pretty common.

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Right there with ya!  Just felt one yesterday. 

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Well... I was feeling those for my SIL.  DH received a call from his brother saying they are pregnant with their 2nd due in September! 

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Totally normal. I felt kicks after having DD semi-regularly, although they decreased as she got older. And there was no way I could have been pregnant, as I am married to another woman and am certain I will not have any surprise pregnancies.

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I have heard of patients with intestinal parasites describe a feeling "like a baby moving" when in reality it was the parasite moving. I know it's totally gross, but just something to consider, especially if there are other symptoms of parasitic infection (ie; constipation/diarrhea/IBS, chronic fatigue, teeth grinding, pica, anemia, immune dysfunction, allergies/skin disorders, joint/muscle ache, insomnia). I would be extremely surprised if you all had parasites though!

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