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I feel sooooo crappy (whiny)

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UGHHHHH. I am tired, queasy, emotionally and physically drained... it is all I can do to get up the stairs. My stomach is achey. My eyes burn from all the crying over nothing. NOTHING appeals to me, food wise. I don't have M/S per se.. I dry heave till I get something in my stomach. So of course, with my being the paranoid soul that I am, I am worried about the health of the baby. Last night for dinner all I wanted was pizza. I tried to have a salad with it but the lettuce had me gagging. so, the only veggie I got with my dinner was fried eggplant on the pizza.

I take my prenatals faithfully and try to keep a balanced diet through the day, but lemmee tell you, there is no shortage of cookies in my diet.

I need to shape up, get a grip, and look toward the 2nd trimester when hopefully I start to feel better!
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Hope you feel better soon. 2nd tri isn't too far off!
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Aww It'll all be better soon! Every time I throw up, all I think about is how wonderful I will feel when I have that beautiful baby in my arms! It makes it all worth it!
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That is so true. It WILL be worth it. I am trying to be more mindful of what I have.. and how lucky I am that I am able to get pregnant and experience it all.
I am feeling weepy and mushy.. I just saw on the April DDC that there were 2 stillbirths over the past several days. I am going to cherish every moment of this pregnancy.
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I just wanted to toss that your way. I am a basket case. Here's to hoping it gets better soon.
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From Sept DDC, but just wanted to tell you that I am an extremely healthy eater and I had so much guilt and fear about the vegetable aversion that accompanied my 1st tri. You've done this before, so I probably don't have to tell you this, but just eat whatever you can. . .soon you will like food again! Even the good stuff. At 15 weeks I am back to eating healthy and normally and love my salads again. But it was a big shock to find that I could only eat bread and cheese for weeks on end

I think even pizza-fed babies turn out happy and healthy
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Oh this came at a good time. I've been so turned off by veggies it's ridicuolous. Thanks Kismetbaby for giving me hope- I really miss my salads!
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WOW- I am suddenly craving a salad. maybe one of those panera ones with the mandarin oranges, strawberries, blueberries, pecans... and some sassy dressing. I hope it lasts...

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This thread is SOOOOOOO helpful for me today. (7 weeks and 3 days)

I have been lucky enough to avoid too much nausea (a little here and there) and have not had any vomiting, but the food aversion thing is really messing with my head.

I am normally a brown rice, TONS of veggies (Steamed, raw, whatever--I will eat it) and fruits, lean protein, grilled fish eating, non chemical consuming gal..I hadn't even bought any bread in months before I was pg......but right now I can hardly stand eating veggies and I am craving junk food and its actually pretty upsetting because I know it isn't healthy.

I haven't eaten most of my cravings, but things like pizza, burgers, rueben's, french toast, FILLET O FISH (ekk!), french fries, grilled cheese sound pretty darn good.

I fight the cravings because they are bad for me, but its miserable to eat my normal healthy foods......

So, I am REALLY GLAD to hear that many have grown out of this--and get back to their old eating habits in the 2nd trimester....:
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