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Hello from OH!

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I've posted on a few different boards, but have yet to introduce myself!

My name is Sarah, I'm 26 and have a 5 y/o ds. I'm a single Mama, but Dad is very involved in ds's life- he stays there a couple days a week and sees him for an hour or two pretty much every day. We drive each other a little crazy sometimes, but do our best to get along for ds's sake! He's a good Daddy and I'm happy that he loves ds so much.

I am a student, an ABA tutor, and a child care provider.

I also am vegetarian, thinking about going vegan again. Lately my diet has really suffered and I'm trying to get back on track. DS is a elf proclaimed "meatitarian." I don't push vegetarianism, but I do push veggies!!

DS is bright, creative, and energetic to the max. He has some high/special needs that have left me a little perplexed at times, and I've found it hard to be an attached mommy at times- and that's one of the reasons I'm posting on MDC! I would love to be a better Mommy and love to learn. My little boy is amazing, and needs an amazing Mommy to guide him.

Nice to meet everyone!
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Glad you joined in. This is a fantastic place with lots of different points of view!
Michelle :
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Welcome to MDC! Sounds like your child had some reason to choose you as his mother... happy learning! (Hey, I know what I'm talking about!)
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Welcome to the forums I'm glad to hear that your son's father is still a big part of his life -- that is such a special bond.
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I have a high needs LO too - think there's a tribe on here somewhere if you search!
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Welcome to MDC!!
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Hi from an Ohio Momma!:
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Hi from another here in Ohio!
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Nice to meet you glorio!

WOW! Sounds like you have your hands full with your little guy! They can be SO inquisitive & reall throw you for some big loops. I hope you find all the tools you need here. I'm a mom of two DD's and a DSS in MO!
Big hugs to you!
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hello! welcome! another Ohio mama here....where about in Ohio are you?? Northeast Ohio has a very active private forum, with members as far south as Canton/Akron, East as Chardon, Mentor/etc.....West as LaGrange, etc etc....

pm me for info if you are in our neck of the woods

anyway, besides being in Ohio, I am also another single mom, to a 6yr old girl and a 3yr old boy. Their father is also super involved, sees them daily, all day while I work, and 3 nights a week, plus every other weekend...we are definetely a team when it comes to our babies!
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Welcome to Mothering!
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Welcome to MDC!
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::Great to meet you::
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hi there! welcome to the forum. enjoy.
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Nice to meet you...............
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