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May mamas, it's January!!

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Starting a new thread:

Here's the list from the last thread (copied from Sarah's post)...

User name (name), #which, EDD

Mcsarahb, 4/29 Its a GIRL!!!
Pottermamma, #2 4/30?
Sandra Dee, #5, 4/30? or 5/8?
Sarah'sMama (Sherri), #2, 5/1 It's a GIRL!!!
Dandjsmama (Wendy), #3, 1st week of May
NorthernLight, #2, early May
Fiddlefern, #1, ??, It's a BOY!!! (Luke)
Frankies_Mama (Julie), #2, 5/2 It's a GIRL!!! (Cecelia Louise)
Shalom, #3, 5/3
GoodWillHunter, #5, 5/3
Bekahsmom (Robbie-Lynn), #2, 5/3
Wan2bemama (Jesse),#1, 5/4
Mommasuz (Suzy), #2, 5/4 It's a GIRL!!!!
MorningDove, #1, 5/5
Andriagirlie, #2, 5/6
KKmama (Kristine), #2, 5/7, unmedicated hospital VBAC
Owen&mama (Dinah), #2, 5/10
Learning #1 5/10
Kanpope (Nicole), #3, 5/10, homebirth
Defenestrator, #2, 5/12
Marbles (Rayna), #3, mid-May
SquirmyWorm, #2, mid-May
Mere, #2, mid-May
Babywearingmama (Mary), #3, mid-May?
Pipermomma, #2, 5/14
The Lucky One,#2, 5/18
TwirlGirl (Carla), #4, 5/19
Gus'smama (Elsa), #2, 5/19
Merpk (Amy), #4?, 5/20
Anothermama #2, 5/20-ish, It's a BOY!!!
Phishmama (Julie), #3, 5/23
Kittymama, #1, 5/23
Theelves, #2, 5/23, It's a GIRL!!! (Kathryn Nadine)
A&L+1, #1, edd 5/23
Scbegonias (Stephie), #1, 5/24
Heatherfeather, #1, 5/25
Andrea0408 (Andrea), #3, 5/25, It's a GIRL!!
Kidatheart (Jennifer), #1, 5/26
Jacqulyn, 5/26
Sagesmamacrystal, #2, 5/28
PattyCakes, #1, 5/28
jakobsmami (annika) #2 5/28
Karenpl, #7, late May
Chanin2000, #2, 5/30
Liz-hippymom, #2 or #3?, 5/31
Jacqueline, #1, late May
OlyMama (Trish), #2, ??
DawnaRose (Dawn), #3, ??
Kids'ncows, #3, late May, unmedicated hospital VBAC
TurboClaudia (Claudia), #1, late May/ early June

If you have any additions or changes, please feel free to post, and I will update as soon as I can.
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My ob called this a.m. (I never called her about the pain, in part because I've been too busy, in part because I kind of feel resigned to it at this point)... Apparently, the u/s report she got was really sketchy and didn't even mention the ovary! She wanted to know what happened, so I told her. She sounded pretty mad (at the u/s clinic) because they did such a crappy job (she laughed about not being able to find the brain, though), and I'm supposed to come in for another u/s in a little over a week with her clinic's regular tech.

On my list of things to do today is to call the insurance company and find out about accupuncture. I had another night of pain. Like I said, I feel pretty resigned to it at this point, and I really feel too pregnant to have the surgery, so I just need to find a way to get through the next four months. I could try relaxation techniques when the pain is most intense, but that can be hard to do with an active toddler. And I'm also to the point where there's almost always some pain... I can't meditate through the next 4 months. I'm just trying to keep busy and get enough rest.

There have been lots of comments on weight/body stuff... I had to gain a bit of weight before I got pg (I was too thin, in part due to stupid elimination diet for ds' allergies... I was on it, too, because of nursing). I'm 22 wks and not quite 20 pounds... maybe 17-18 (that virus plateaued my gain, I think). I totally expect to gain 35 pounds, and I think I will be disappointed if I don't. I'm tall, dh and ds are tall, the baby will be tall, and I need some fat in order to nurse... That said, I really don't like comments about my appearance, because I just feel like a sitting duck during pg. I'm taking great care of myself, but I think our bodies have their own strategies during pg, and we don't all fit some pregnancy "ideal." This stuff was harder when I was pg with ds, because I was in grad school in pretty high pressure environment, and I was kind of a freak for being married and having a baby.

Ds and I continue to have a couple of very short nursing episodes every day, usually waking, going to sleep, and sometimes naptime. No sign of the colostrum yet.

My best friend is visiting from out of state soon, and she's going to help me find some more maternity clothes (very kind of her, because I hate shopping).

Fiddlefern, woo hoo on the boy. I really like that name, too. Hmmm.... I should add that to the list of names. Anyone else want me to add gender/names?
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Thanks for starting the new monthly thread. I am sorry your pain is still there, and so intense. I do hope acupuncture helps. My mws absolutely recommend it; in fact, I am going to try it very soon for my own lower back pain. Hopefully your next u/s will give some more answers.

I have gained more weight than I thought I would have at this point. I think I have gained about 15 lbs., too. I wasn't overweight to being with, but certainly not underweight, either, so I kind of hope it levels off. I know I could eat a lot less sugar and carbs, for sure.:

Lots of movement recently, complete with visible "trembles" that my dh can see. So cool! I love it.

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Thanks for being so on the ball about the new thread KKMama. I came on here today to start it, but ya beat me to it! Toward the end of the month I wasn't good at all about keeping the roll call updated, so I bet there are a few changes that I didn't get to. So sorry you are still in pain. Hopefully you can try the accupuncture, and it will be successful for you. Hoping you can find a solution to lessen your pain.

Hope you all are having a nice 2004! Just think, our new babes will be here this year!

As for me, I'm eating like a cow. I have GOT to stop. Too much temptation around the holidays, and I have NO willpower. Now it is a habit, and one I need to break. Of course, all of the foods I'm eating are not exactly good for me or baby.:

Its very pretty here today. Its snowing lightly, and put a nice fresh coat of snow on the ground. I love fresh snow!

Dh and I bought a backpack carrier for our dd yesterday. We're flying next month, and she doesn't really like the stroller, so we figured we'd try out the backpack, and if she doesn't like it, we're hoping dd#2 will! So we got home last night and dh tried it on and put Sarah in it, well she looooved it! It was so cool! She was so upset when he took her out of it. So I'm really glad we bought it, so when we go anywhere, dh can put dd #1 in there,, and I can sling the newborn.

Anyone have any good recommendations for a sling? I didn't sling my dd, but I really wish I had. I know I want/need to sling this new one, so I can have hands free to be with dd1. I'm really also considering getting a Baby Bjorn in addition to a sling, because I think Dh would be more likely to use that than a sling, and I think there would be instances where it would come in handy for me to use as well.

I'm getting some really strong nesting instincts for this new baby. I am really gung ho about getting dd1's sleeping arrangements in order. Went to get a toddler bed for her yesterday, and we picked up the tag, paid for it, then went around back to pick it up, only to be told they didn't have it. I was really upset, since we had to travel almost an hour to get there, and went specifically for the toddler bed.

Then my disappointment #2 of the day was I found out the hospital I'm birthing at is offering a prenatal yoga class. I've never done yoga, but would love to try, especially since I'm eating like a pig lately. But the class is on Wed. night, and dh works late on Wed. nights. I could get a babysitter, but I hate to spend the additional money on one, since the class is already kinda pricey, $75.00. We don't live near any family, except for bil/sil, but they don't have kids, so I really feel like I'm asking too much of a commitment from them for sil to watch dd one night a week for two hours for eight weeks. I don't know. I really want to take the class,, but don't know what to do. I'm so disappointed.

OK, enough from me! Hope you all have good weekends!
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Someone remarked to me today "So you're about 7 months now?". Uh... no.

I feel like I have a sign on my back that says "insult me".
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Kk mama - I'm sorry to hear about the pain you are in. It certainly puts my concerns in perspective for me. I really hope the acupuncture helps.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and am feeling pretty shell shocked. None of it is extremely major, but suddenly I have so much to research.

#1. The ultrasound report says that the baby has a "unilateral cleft lip on the left." This means: surgery soon after birth, having to deal with insurance, probably definite vit K shot and who knows what else, pumping from birth until cleft is corrected and then transitioning from adaptive bottle to breast feeding. The report says that "the palate would appear to be intact." This is a good thing because palate repair is more complicated, affects breastfeeding more, and affects the development of speech. Our nurse midwife said we can schedule a level 2 ultrasound to confirm this information. I need to talk to a few people first. I really don't want to put the baby through another ultrasound, but I would like to know the status of the palate for sure. We didn't schedule this yet. What do you think about the level 2?

#2. I have O- blood. We are going to try to find out what type Dh has. This means I am Rh- and if his blood is +, they want me to consider getting the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks and after birth. I know there is information about this here on the boards and I am going to search for it after completing this message. One thing to consider is that we are 99% sure that this is going to be our only biological child, but 1% not sure we're willing to committ to that decision now. The one good to come out of this is that I have been tinkering on the edge of becoming a regular blood donor (now that i know I give blood so easily), and now I am committing to the idea since I have a blood type they are always needing. Has anyone done the Rhogam shot? Where can I find info?

#3. My iron counts are borderline so they expect they will probably be down by the next time they draw blood. I already take 36 mg/day as amino acid chelate/complex in my multivitamin. I will try to increase the iron rich foods in my diet (I do not do red meat or liver -yuck). The nurse-midwife recommended that I consider adding another dose of iron at another time of the day. What natural products/herbs are there?

#4. I have a mild yeast infection (my first ever, so shouldn't whine). She gave me the option of a prescription cream that only has to be used once. Now that I have it home, it says it has never been tested on pregnant women and should be used only with doctor recommendation, blah blah blah. Now I'm worried about using it. What to do?
In the area of prevention, I will double my daily intake of yogurt and reduce sugar intake (ugh the holidays). What else can I do?

I know this was long, but I feel better after having written it all out. Dh seems to be fine. He went off to work after the appointment. He's sweetly worried about how I am feeling, but he took it all in calmly.
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Oh no,
I'm not on the list... please add me!

Frankies_Mama (julie), #2, 05/02 (girl--Cecelia Louise)
Thanks KKmama!
-So sorry to hear about your crappy u/s! I hope you get good news from the ins co about acupuncture.. i have heard only good things about it!! I hope it helps!

I'm feeling lots of movement, but myhusband hasn't caught any yet, I have only gained about 2pounds (technically i mean). I lost about 10 durning my first tri, and am now about 2 pounds over what I was when I first got pregnant. does that put me at 2 or 12? how do you count that? i'm guessing, i'll probably balloon up pretty soon, my 2nd energy just kicked in and so has my appetite!

Sarah'sMama-- i would definitely recommend getting a sling, i couldn't live without mine! i'm still slinging my 25 pounder-- i don't think i could live without it!
I think peapods.com has a comparison chart fro some of the different kinds. That totally sucks about the toddler bed-- what a pain in the nutter butter!!!
you should check with your local community education and see if they offer prenatal yoga, i did it with frankie, and loved it!! (some ymca's offer it too)
I just bought the fitmama dvd at target, i'm hoping i acn get into a good routine with it, it looks really fun... but i hope nobody peeked in my livingroom while my husband, son and i tired to learn how to salsa!!
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take it as a compliment--- Your doing an awesome job growing a big healthy baby!!!!

Morning Dove--

My niece was born with a cleft lip last summer, as it turned out she was a wonderful little nurser!! She didn't have a cleft palette, but there was somewhat a dip in her gum line and her lip was split all the way up into her left nostril. She has only had to have one surgery (at about 6 months) she is now almost a year and a half and you would never know there was ever any problem! She is a gorgeous little girl!! I'm sure it's scary, but i hope this is somewhat reassuring. As for the level 2, i have never had one, but i haven't heard that they are anymore dangerous than a normal one. So i'd say go for it!!
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KKmama: Can you add me to the rollcall? TurboClaudia (Claudia) #1 late May/ early June Thanks in advance! And I'm sending you pain relief vibes for your ovary and belly...

MorningDove: I'm sad to hear about your less than ideal prenatal appointment today. I hope that you find the information that will put your mind at ease and able to enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy. Sending you and your beautiful baby hugs...

Pattycakes: Sometimes people just don't know how dumb they sound... maybe we can start coming up with quick, polite retorts to the anticipated stupid things other people will say so we don't feel like speechless doormats... sending you quick wit vibes...

And mcsarahb and Fiddlefern: Yes! We must get together at some point in our pregnancies/ new mother lives!

My update:

We had our first prenatal apppointment with the midwives just before the new year. They gave us a whole bunch of forms to fill out, then I peed in a cup (after a day of not having much appetite and not drinking enough water so of course there were ketones in my urine!), and then they took my blood (5 vials!!!) to send to the lab. And then one of them felt my belly, and I mentioned that last week I had felt my belly and concluded that the baby was probably on the right side and the midwife thought that's where the baby was that evening, too.

And then we got to hear our baby's heartbeat Although I will probably have them listen for the heartbeat with a fetascope in the future (limit the ultrasound waves to my belly), my mom and sister were in town for probably the only time during my pregnancy and I wanted them to hear the baby's heartbeat and it's a little too early to use the fetascope so we used the doppler. I just smiled and smiled and held Bill's hand. I haven't felt any for-sure-baby-attributable movement yet, and for some reason I had this fear that they wouldn't be able to find the heartbeat. But it was there and it was strong and there really is a baby in there! Bill told me later he was jumping up and down saying yay inside when we heard our baby's heartbeat.

Add to that an absolutely wonderful visit with my mom and sister and I had the perfect ending to the year 2003! And now 2004 is here and this is the year I get to meet our baby! I'm getting weepy...

Sending everyone's bellies gentle rubs and everyone's babies growing strong and healthy vibes...

mama-to-be in late spring 2004!
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KKmama - I'm sorry you are in near constant pain. I really hope the accupunture provides some relief.

MorningDove - I'm so sorry to hear about your news. It is a very good thing that the palette doesn't appear to be affected. Like you said it's not major but I know it's so hard to find out anything at all isn't absolutely perfect. If it were me I'd definitely have the ultrasound, it will hopefully give you a much clearer view of what you are dealing with and you will be able to prepare so much better. I'd also contact LLL as I'm sure they can offer plenty of advice on nursing with a cleft lip.

I've only had 2 YI's, one with each pregnancy. I took the medication and it cleared it right up. I've read conflicting reports as to whether or not YI can contribute to premature labor but with my son I was hospitalized on vacation at 27 weeks with contractions and when I got home my doctor discovered I had a YI and told me that was what was most likely causing the problem. As soon as I was on meds they stopped right away.

Sarah's Mom - I have the Sling EZee and while it's okay I'd go with something else if I were to buy another. I just don't like the padded rails. www.kangarookorner has a great selection of all types of slings/carriers. I was adamant about NOT using a Baby Bjorn with our son, and even returned the 2 I got. The lady at the sling store really freaked me out telling me how horrible it was for their genitals and whatnot. DH kept begging me to get one so he could get things done while holding the baby but I was stubborn as I could be. Well, this time we are getting one! It would have given me so much more of a break for DH to have a carrier (he hated the sling), and I know we will really need it with a toddler to chase.

Have you considered any prenatal yoga DVD's? I have Yoga Zone, which I hate, but am buying more soon. Check out Amazon for reviews.

As for me, I'm finally feeling real kicks. The placenta being anterior has made such a difference with the amount/strength of movement I feel, and I am so glad to feel strong kicks finally. I've even felt her all bunched up on my right side a few times.

I've gained 15 lbs. and am feeling really FAT! All this junk I've been eating over the holidays really hasn't helped. I'm so glad they are over and I can get back to normal eating and walking. I can't believe the difference in the size of my belly from last time! I look now at 22 weeks what I did then at 30 weeks! Kind of scary wondering how I'll be at the end when I was so incredible huge last time.

I gained 45 lbs with my first, and started this pg 10 lbs over my original prepregnancy weight. I hope to only gain 35 but if I don't start making changes I'll be over that for sure. Most of my weight was gained at the end too so I'm really going to have to watch it.

Okay, enough rambling from me! It's way too late for me to be thinking clearly, so I'm going to bed!
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Morning Dove!
I'm sorry to hear about your stunner news ultrasound. If it was me, I'd probably schedule the level 2 - if it would show things more conclusively. There's a big difference between a cleft lip and a cleft palate and I think I'd like to know what to expect (as much as possible). I'm the kind of person who likes to be as prepared as possible. But it's up to you.

Don't worry - both you and babe will adapt and everything will work out. ((hugs))

As for the blood. I'm A- Dh is O+. I've had 2 Rogham shots. 1 10 years ago when I had a miscarriage and another at 6wks with this pregnancy because I was bleeding and thought I was having a miscarriage. I know that i will be having other children (or at least that's my intention) and while there are other ways to do this or to wait until the baby is tested to see if there's a reason for the shot, I decided to have it done anyway. There are risks with everything (tests, shots, etc) but this I wanted to do. I will probably wait to have the baby tested though before receiving another shot after the birth though.

As for the Yeast infection. #1 Cut out as much sugar as you possibly can IMMEDIATELY. Yeast thrives on sugar. #2 Start eating yoghurt (plain) or taking acidophulous tablets. #3 Instead of using cream you can also insert plain (meaning UNSWEETENED) yoghurt into your vagina.

KKmama! Hang in there!!! I hope you get some relief soon!

As for carriers - some one gave us a snugli carrier for my DH as I KNOW he won't use a sling... but my Mum is making me a couple of maya wrap slings (the pattern is free on their website). I have every intention of using it to the fullest!!!

As for exercise... check out prenatal pilates!!! Also, i think I've found a... BELLY DANCING class! AHAHAHAHA. Wouldn't that be great!? I'm goign to see if she'll take me at 5-6 months preggo.. I hope she does cos it sounds fun and frankly, I could really use the extra exercise. I fully expect to gain about 40-50 lbs with this pregnancy (at the rate things are going now. good grief!). I was not over weight when I started out (but not too skinny either). The pounds just seem to pack right on me.

have a great weekend!
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hehe, i toured my hospital today and am quite impressed! it's all so cozy and comfy in there, big daybeds in all rooms, big whirltubs and all the medical equipment hides behind nice pictures on the walls after they're done with it. so it really looks more like a hotel room. they serve breakfast whenever you want to and you won't be awakend at 6am by some guy taking out the trash or so.
when i mentioned that i'm gbs + but will decline the abx and don't want my baby to get the eyegoop and vit k and all the good stuff, the nurse just said: you decide, it's your babe! WOW! how awesome is that for a hospital?
guess what? they even have double beds in some rooms...
i was gonna check out after 12 hs max, but it's so nice there, i might consider staying for the full 2 days, lol. especially if my mil will be here

morning dove - sorry to hear about your worries. your baby will be perfect and beautiful no matter what, they all are!!!
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MorningDove, I'm really sorry about the cleft lip. It must be a big surprise. I'm really hoping that you find out the palate is fine in the next u/s (yeah, I'd have one, just to find out as much as possible beforehand). I read something about cleft lips/cleft palates in a LLL publication sometime this year... it sounds like maybe there's new info/new research about how to increase breastfeeding ease and success. The info will probably be in the new Womanly Art of Breastfeeding or the new Breastfeeding Answer Book (both have been revised and are coming out in new editions shortly). Even though it's a shock, finding out about the cleft now means you can best prepare for the surgery and for nursing.

I have A- blood, dh has A+ (ds has A+, too). I had the rhogam shot at 28 weeks when I was pg with ds and after birth, and I will be doing it again this time. The risks of not doing the shot weren't worth it for me. You should definitely request a thimerosol-free shot, though (I think nearly all rhogam is mercury-free now, though). We want at least 1 more child, and I don't want another complicated pregnancy.

As far as iron goes... oh, the name is slipping me now, but at natural food stores, there's a liquid herbal formula which is high in iron. It makes me nauseous, though, so I'm just taking a regular iron capsule and eating a piece of citrus fruit mid-afternoon.

Thanks for all your kind words about my pain. Unfortunately, I found out that acupuncture isn't covered. I still want to know how much it could cost, though. And a friend of mine who's had some painful gynecological problems of her own has been making some good suggestions...

Ds felt the baby this morning.

Sherri, we've used a backpack a ton with ds, because we're big hikers. He's almost too tall for it... I'm thinking of trying to lengthen the straps that fasten him in. It's great to use in a place like an airport where everything is so crowded--you keep your precious child up and out of reach.

I'm looking into a different sling this time... I think I need a wider piece of fabric going over my shoulder (to distribute the weight more, if that makes sense). But my dh used the sling a ton. We used a Kelty Kangaroo carrier instead of a Baby Bjorn... it just seemed a lot more comfortable. Thanks for the info...

We haven't done the hospital tour yet, but I want to do it soon (because I have a ton of questions). I'm actually pretty excited, because it's within walking distance of our house (my ob and ds' pediatrician are there, too, so we walk to all prenatal and well-child appts), brand new, and very groovy. The rooms have a lot of amenities we didn't have around ds' birth in CA, and the hospital is much lower in interventions than most.

I'm making a mental list of why I want to have a VBAC... one I came up with today is that I want to EAT immediately after giving birth, instead of 2 days later (like with ds)!!
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Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!

KKmamma, hope that this next ultrasound comes out more clearly so you and your doc can decide what to do...and I REALLY hope the acupuncture comes through for you I have been looking into it and although the initial visit is bit much depending on the provider (50-60$) the rest of the visits are pretty reasonable (like $30)...which isn't that much to pay if you are in a great deal of pain and this actually helps!!!!

Morning Dove...sorry to hear of the surprise of the cleft lip and everything else...Hope you are able to find out more info soon.

Yoga Videos...I just got Baby and Mom prenatal yoga with Gurmukah and I LOVE it!!!!! It feels SO good to strech!!! It is really great and totally for any level of practice.

Our update.... SIL came and has left today...she was so gracious and honest with us and everything went over as well as I could have hoped for (she just had her 3rd IVF treatment and found out she was not preggo just before arriving here). I am hoping I sent her home wiht some strong baby dust so she gets to have some positive news really soon.
We are pretty sure we sold our house...which has been a long process since it has been on and off the market fo 3+ years. We will close 1/30 as long as everything goes well (which it shouls..we just found out today that the buyers were approved for the mortgage...all that is left now is the appraisal which should come out fine as we sold for $5,000 less than our appraised value just last year). So....now I am looking at a move at about 6 mo along...This to me is good and bad...I hate to move and I will get to be less involved due to the pregnancy, but it is still such a huge transition, especially for DS. We found a really cute rental though in a great part of our area so hopefully after we see the inside (saw the outside this weekend) next weekend, all that will be set. We also have some friends that have offered to help move....but we have been in this house for 4 years now and have acumulated a LOT of crap. I'm sorta looking forward to thining things out ya know!!!!!
We just found out this weekend that our beloved 6 yr old, 102lb pooch Bear has a torn ACL....The vet says "So..he has a sports injury" We are lucky to have a really great vet though who is willing to help us out with the finances to some degree so we can afford the $500-600 surgery. We are so broke, but we just feel that we have to do this. Bear just loves to run and hike with us and has already been showing signs of depression due to not being able to play with the other dogs...and he has always been so good to us...the best dog we've ever owned (and we've had a few...still do). The big draws back (besides the $) is that I have to keep him low key for 3 mo after the surgery...which is not easy ya know. We have 4 dogs, 2 of which we have to find homes for due to the move (another drag), but our other dog that will come with us will also pose a hazard to Bear cause they all LOVE to play!!!!! So, good luck keeping him mellow...but we have to do whatever will be best for him. At least the property we will move to (if all that goes through) is one in which he won't be able to have such free roam (we have 2 acres now and lots of open land beyone they all patrol) and Dh and I have already committed to more walks and more inside time (he hates to come in and we have to caox him in at night even when it is cold...goofy dogs!!!)
Baby is moving a bunch....which is such a cool feeling...Ds and Dh have gotten to feel him or her and Ds is getting really excited to become a big brother!!!!!!! So, Come on Spring....and all these beautiful babies!!!!!
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I think I've been feeling movement today! It's definitely not gas and it's different than "digestive" feelings.

Little "boots" here and there. Cool!
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edited to delete double post!
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Woo hoo on the baby movements! I'm getting a lot of stomps on my bladder.

Pottermama, I was really hoping your sil was pg. I'm glad things went well, and I'll send some babydust her way, too... We sold our house and moved across the country when ds was 17 mos, and it was pretty hectic (but I wasn't pg like you). Your poor dog... some friends went through this with their dog--best of luck to you. They were glad they did the surgery.

The last couple of days, my pain has been greatly diminished--thanks for all of the positive thoughts. I'm really hoping that the pain I was feeling was some more cyst shrinking/popping action going on... I'm still going to look for an acupuncturist in case, though. I know it helped at the end with ds...
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Everybody thrilled to be in the year of our babies?!?!?

KKMama- glad to hear your pain is shrinking- hope it continues that way.

MorningDove, I'm sorry to hear about the cleft lip, and I would also go for the level 2 ultrasound. I had one a few weeks ago because of other concerns, and it was very reassuring to get such a detailed look at what's going on in there.

Pottermama- I hear you on the moving woes. DH and I have been living in married student housing for three years, and now that I'm not a student anymore we have to move out by next month . We're looking for an apartment now and starting to pack up. The worst part is, DH's company wants to move him out of this area, but we don't know exactly when that will be or where they will send us. Looks like we're going to be living out of boxes for awhile- fun. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we can stay around here until the baby's born.

I've been feeling all sorts of baby movement and hiccups lately- I love it! I can't wait until DH can feel it, and I'm thinking that will be within the next month or so. Had an OB appt today, and got to hear the lovely sound of the heart beating away. DH came with for the first time in awhile, and it was the first time he got to hear the heartbeat. He loved it! I learned I have gained about 10 pounds so far, but about 4 of those were in the last 4 weeks. Yikes! The Dr says I'm gaining just about right, but I'm really hoping not to gain more than 25 pounds or so. We'll see what happens now that the holidays are over.

Hope everybody else is doing great!
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Hey everyone-
Lots of news to catch up on! I am now in week 19 or 20 and have felt movement many times, but am still not 100% sure it's baby! My mw said that's how it usually starts, so I'm okay with that for now. Also, I'm a little thicker around the middle even when I'm NOT pregnant, and I've read it might take a little longer to feel kicks with excess weight, so I'm hoping that's why they're not so obvious. I think the nausea is mostly over....I haven't thrown up in almost 3 weeks, so that's good. But, I occasionally feel nauseous when I go to bed. Once I'm asleep, I'm fine. A couple people have told me I look pregnant now, so that's reassuring, iykwim.

Someone asked about the Rh factor issue: I'm A- and dh is O+. My midwife typically doesn't give he rhogam shot during pregnancy unless I've experienced a prior miscarriage. I'm pretty sure I haven't, but as an assurance, when they did my blood workup a couple visits ago, one thing they checked for is if I've built up any antibodies as a result of Rh incompatibility. Mine came back okay, so I feel fine waiting until the birth. My mw said *if* baby is Rh+, I can get the shot at that time (doesn't have to be immediately at birth). I also researched this on my own and feel comfortable with our decision. But, make sure the shot is thimerosol-free as KKmama said--whether you get it now or later.

KKMama-glad you're in less pain! I hope it stays that way. Also, you might be able to work out some sort of deal with an acupuncturist, so don't give up! I get a slightly discounted rate of $50 per visit with mine and I try to just go once a month, although I went more with the bad nausea. Most alternative healthcare providers I know (and I've been one) are willing to work with you if you're truly interested. Their time is valuable, of course, but they're ultimately more interested in restoring health and will work with you.

Morning Dove-I hope you find out what you need to know to give you a sense of peace about the latest news. You're in my thoughts.

That's it for now. I hope everyone else is enjoying their 5th month!
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Thank you all so much for your encouraging responses and positive thoughts.

We are waiting for our insurance to approve the level two ultrasound. We decided that it is important to know whether the baby just has a cleft lip or whether the palate is also involved. I told Dh that having to have this second ultrasound is making me very tempted to find out the sex of the baby. I'm not sure I can maintain my resolve not to find out.

I have found out that most babies with just cleft lip can breastfeed and, in fact, breast feeding is more successful than bottle feeding. I had already planned to begin attending La Leche league this month. My first meeting is next week. Even if I end up having to pump because of a cleft palate, this will be helpful.

I am much calmer than I was on Friday. I'm feeling quite positive about the pregnancy and everything else now.

We are supposed to tour the hospital today, but the entire town is snowed in (First snow in 20 years), so I need to call to confirm. The hospital is only 2 flat miles from our house and Dh is quite confident driving in the snow, so if they are open we will probably go.

The baby and I are exactly the size we should be. I was 22 inches at 22 weeks and had gained a total of 141/2 pds. It looks like I will probably gain around 35 total if things stay steady. I certainly don't look as big as I always imagined I would. I'm supposed to start a medical pilates class next week and am looking forward to that. I need a group atmosphere to stay motivated.

I am going to get some Floradix and acidophilus tablets. That should help with the other minor issues. Is it safe to take acidophilus tablets during pregnancy as far as you all know?

Cozy January wishes to everyone.
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