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Theelves, congrats--I added your girl's name!

Fiddlefern-- sorry! I see that the info was already in there....

Jakobsmami--I'm so sorry about your friend... that's just horrible. I'm sure at some point, she will be able to be interested in others' pgs and babies, but yeah, it's kind of understandable. Poor woman.
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fiddlefern, yep, i'm from deutschland. i speak german to ds almost exclusively. if you need some help teaching your son german, check out www.sprachhexen.com or www.californiadeutsche.com. there's also a neat magazine you can subscribe to, it's in german and english, i need to look up the name, but will let you know.
where in germany did you live? it's pretty impressive you still know some of the language, dh has lived over there for 3 ys between 97 and 2000 and still only knows a few cusswords : , even after a german class he took. i'm working on convincing him to move back, i just miss my family too much.
mcsarahb, yes, it sure sucks having your kids grow up w/o grandparents. i feel mostly sorry for my mom though, she misses jakob soooo much and everytime we visit (maybe once a year), she can't really enjoy it, cause she keeps thinking about how she has to let us go back to the states again. my biggest fear is lately, what if sth would happen to my parents and i wouldn't be able to make it in time?? i'm terrified of the thought alone!
theelves: congrats on the good news! now you can start buying all the cute girlie summer outfits!!
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Hi everyone-
I missed you all last week! DH went out of town for 10 days and I was planning on spending time with you all for conversation, but I couldn't! Anyway, dh is still gone, so there's plenty of time to catch up!

It's very exciting hearing what so many of you are having! I love finding out from you, but it still doesn't seem like something we want for ourselves. Kind of funny. But, I do love hearing the baby's heartbeat and I got to do that Friday at my prenatal with my m/w. My fundus is measuring 21 at 21 weeks, so I'm on target. I did gain 8 pounds in the last month, but that only brings my total to 12. That's okay since I started out a bit bigger than I like. I'd like to keep total weight gain in the 20-pound range. But, as long as my BP is normal, I won't worry about it much.

I finally am confident I've felt the baby move, too! That was very exciting, except dh wasn't here to experience it. I know he'll get plenty of other chances.

Since we've talked about baby showers, I wondered if any of you have heard about a ceremony for the birthing woman called a "Blessingway"? I learned about it in my doula training and two of my doula friends are going to give one for me. It's kind of like an alternative baby shower. Instead of being about the baby, it's more about honoring and blessing the journey the birthing woman will be embarking upon. Women in the circle each bring a bead and put together a necklace for the mama to wear during labor. They also all keep a small candle from the circle and light it at their home when they find out she's in labor. It's a wonderful symbol of women supporting other women on their birthing journeys and, for 1st time moms, their journey into motherhood. There's other symbolism throughout the ceremony, but in general it's a nice alternative to all the gifting that goes on during pregnancy. This focuses on the woman herself. Gifts are given, but they are specifically of a hand-made, inexpensive variety with the intention of helping the woman through birth and motherhood. Very beautiful. And, of course, people bring food and it's a lovely little party, too.

That's my dissertion for the day! Have a great week everyone.
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anothermama - congrats on the BOY!
theelves - congrats on the GIRL!
pottermamma - bummer on the house.

So good to be back! The boards are SO FAST. It's great!

We had our ultrasound last Thurs, and while everything looks great (baby is right on target) we couldn't have figured out what Baby was if we wanted to. WAY too squirmy. Actually, baby was more active than he/she has ever been - I dont' think baby liked the ultrasound much at all. The movement almost seemed frantic (guilt, guilt).

I just told my boss yesterday that I won't be coming back to work after my mat. leave. He kept changing what he was offering me and changing the conditions and I decided that it just wasn't worth it. My job is actually pretty stressful and when it all boiled down - this baby was way more important. I'm replaceable as an employee but not as a Mommy. I couldn't justify 10-12 hrs a day of child care (not to mention emergency times when I can be at work for days on end) for a job when a) I don't need to work for $$ (we can manage on Dh's) and b) I don't love my job enough to "need" it for myself. So.. this should be an interesting week. There's about 3.5 months left - if all goes well for them to find a replacement for me - they left it this long thinking that I wasn't "really" pregnant - don't acknowledge it so it doesn't exist until they see my ever expanding belly. Ah well... I'm trying not to stress about it as I know this is the right decision, but it certainly wasn't an easy one to make.
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thanks and CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

It must be a real weight off to have the choice made and be planning for staying home with the babe. I didn't get to stay home with my dd and I am so amazingly over the top excited to be able to do that for this one.....
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Hey all!

Missed you last week! I guess I didn't read a sticky or something because I had no idea that the boards were closing. But they are soooo much faster now, it was well worth it!

PC-Congrats on figuring out your after-pg life! I know you'll enjoy staying home with your babe, and will feel so much more relaxed. Glad you are able to do it.

Annika, I can't imagine how much you must miss home! I've always wanted to visit Germany, as dh and I have a VERY German last name. (Freiberger). And I have alot of ancestors from Germany as well. I live far from my mom as well (tho' not as far as you!) and I fear the day when something happens and I can't get there. It makes me so sad to think about it.

I'm guessing all you gals not finding out the gender of your baby are all having BOYS! since there seems to be a huge girl boom, with a few exceptions of course.

Feeling good here. Got a few new mat. duds. Some of my old stuff was pretty old-ladyish, I was kinda self-conscious wearing it. We didn't have much moolah when I was pg with dd#1, so I swore this time around I would splurge on some cute things. Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday and dh bought me a digital camera (Yay!) but I totally knew what he was going to get me, and he even went to the store over the weekend, came home and plopped it on the kitchen table. Now it is sitting in our den, not wrapped and right there for me to see. Men. : I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but could he at least have tried to hide it or wrap it? Geez. I guess I'm too sensitive.

Anyone always feeling out of breath here lately? I'm constantly sighing, not because I'm bored or anything, just the baby is pushing up and making it more difficult to breathe. And forget climbing stairs, I sound like I just ran a marathon. :LOL Oh, and the lovely heartburn is setting in. Yesterday at church I sat behind this couple who smelled like bacon. Between that and the heartburn I thought I was going to toss my cookies.!!!:LOL

OK, enough rambling from me. Have a great week everyone!
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Just giving us the ol' BUMP!

Hope everyone is doing great!!
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Can I join you?

Havent been around MDC as much as I'd like here lately...can I join you? We're due with baby girl on May 25. This is baby number three for us...cant wait!
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Hi, ladies.

Anyone else having sciatica problems?

It seems to start earlier and earlier with each pregnancy. Makes me nuts. Though have figured out that a few minutes on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me helps clear it up a little.

Spending a lot of time on the floor lately.

Anyone else want to complain? Pull up a chair ...

Or a nice rug ...

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It's really interesting how much variety there is in belly size. I've finally come to terms with mine (smallish so far), and just ignore the comments that "you're hardly showing." They used to really worry me, and then later to irritate me. The baby's growing all right, my uterus is too, and I'd gained 11 lbs at the last apt. (At 19 weeks, 5 weeks ago- I have another one next week so I'll find out then how much more I've gained). I don't seem to have access to a scale in my everyday comings and goings- never really noticed that because I've never really paid attention to my weight.

I'm sure all of you have those favorite two or three phrases regarding your pregancy that are so old at this point that they make no impact.

Welcome Andrea!

Jakobsmami- I'll pm ya so I'm not guilty of a tangent about Deutch zu Hause.

Kkmama- that's OK. There's tons of info to keep track of. I appreciate you for taking the time to set the role up for us- thanks!
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Welcome Andrea0408! Of course you can join in! Congrats on your baby girl!

merpk - I don't know if what I've got going on is related to sciatica but I can somewhat relate. I have to stand up, stretch etc often. Right along the lower edge of my pelvis (lower butt) gets very, very sore. I spent a lot of time in the evening wigglin' around on the carpet trying to stretch out.
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i hear you, my scaitic nerve has been very angry lately. i've got good days and bad days, but sometimes i can barely move.
i definately have to relief my hips a bit and use a pillow between my knees at night. just very hard when the bed is already crammed with big hubby and ds.
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Hi all,
Just checking in again to say hello. I am doing really well. I can relate to the sciatica but it has really not been too bad. Taking baths has been my "cure". Also I think I saw the baby moving when I was in the bath last night; my belly was jumping around a bit. Pretty exciting. The baby is moving a lot these days!

My only issue is that I am finding sleep more difficult. If I move wrong in my sleep I sometimes feel the beginnings of a leg cramp in my thigh!!! I am eating my bananas, drinking tons of milk, stretching and walking...I don't know what else I can do.

My partner and I have come to some decisions. We did decide to hire a doula. I am really excited about that. There were two that we interviewed that we really liked so it was a tough but grateful decision.

Jacqueline - The doula we picked does Blessingway ceremonies. I don't think we are going to have one though (unless a mini one maybe). I think that the whole showers thing is really overwhleming and I am feeling like less is more for us...

We also have started nursery planning. We found a great glider type overstuffed chair and a crib. We are planning a vegetable theme (carrots and peas) with the colors orange, yellow and green. It is exciting to think about. We are getting creative about how to do this without spending obscene money. Any ideas would be appreciated...

Welcome Andrea!

PattyCakes - congrats on your decision to stay home. My partner is going to stay home and it was a hard decision. You are right though - the baby is worth it!

Pottermamma - so sorry about the house. I hope another house that is EVEN BETTER shows up soon for you.

Congrats to those that have found out boy/girl! How exciting...you are making me wish we had the tech write ours down for us somewhere.
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Well, I haven't posted in ages, but have been keeping up on everyone. It seems as though this time of our pregnancy is a little more relaxing than before and I am sure a lot more comfortable that what's ahead. I am really enjoying it.

It is great to see what everyone is having. We decided not to find out and although I am excited about waiting, I do think it would be nice to know who is in there. I could call it by name and it would seem to be more real, possibly, but I think not knowing will help me make that last push, just so I can find out! So, congrats to those of you who have the opportunity for extra early bonding and to those of you who are waiting... I share your excitement.

I have been trying to nest like crazy, but without much of a nest. We have a home, yes, but no nursery. We are waiting to find out my dh's future job situation... his GA is up when the baby is due . So, I don't plan on moving the office into the basement if we are going to have to move before the baby even comes. I have been sorting through all the fun baby items I have so far though. It seems to help a little.

I have been seeing a chiro for the past few weeks. I know that can really help with sciatic nerve problems. I have also started exercising again. I had to take a break for a little while. I am glad to be back in it again though. I don't want another 8lb month!

Well, it is Wednesday and the days just can't' go by fast enough. I will be quitting work when the baby is due and talk about loss of motivation!! I just can't stop thinking about being able to stay home and do the things I love to do like cook and sew and take care of our home, wherever that may be . Does anyone else have this problem?

Sorry so long, that is what happens when I wait until forever to post. Keep up the good work Mammas; you are all working so hard to produce these beautiful babes!

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Jacqulyn-I can totally agree with your feeling unmotivated at work thing. I, too, will not come back to work after the baby is born and I think so often of what I could be doing at home to get ready! But, I'm also trying to live in the present moment. It's hard!

Sorry to hear about the sciatic pain for so many of you. I've avoided that too horribly so far. However, I think I've got hemorrhoids I really was hoping to avoid them. And, I'm not sure how it happened...I'm not constipated and drink lots of water each day. But, something's there nonetheless (sorry if TMI!) I'm treating it on my own as it's not severe (no bleeding) and hoping my latest increase in exercise and yoga will help them go away, too. I've heard that once you get them, you're more prone to them, though. I hope that doesn't have to happen. If any of you have any surefire ways to ease the discomfort, I'd welcome it.

DH has been gone for over a week and returns tomorrow night and I'm very eager to see him! I talked to him on the phone yesterday and told him I have felt real baby movement and he was very excited, so it will be fun to share that when he gets home.
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Me too (not going back to work) I hear ya Jacqueline and Jacqulyn. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm ready to be done now!
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Welcome Andrea! I'll update the list.

Hey, if I miss any name/date/gender/etc. edits, please pm me... also, if anyone has birth plans (eg, homebirth, VBAC, etc.), tell me, and I'll start adding that.

I get really excited by the other threads... like the Jan. mamas starting to have their babies, and a new Oct. thread starting up...

Patty, I'm glad you're going to be able to get away from the job stress after the birth.

Sherri, yeah, I've kind of been thinking that all the "dunno" babies are boys, too. It will be interesting to see in May...

Fiddlefern, I think my tummy has actually gotten smaller in the last week (maybe my uterus just straightened out?). It feels smaller, and my mat. pants won't stay up at all...

We're still working on finding a doula... 2 we've liked, 1 we didn't. 1 yet to interview is also a massage therapist (I'm rooting for her--I hope I like her).

A&L+1--I *really* like the vegetable idea and color scheme. That sounds so great. And I think showers are overwhelming, too (I mentioned that before).

Jacqulyn, is there a possibility you'll be moving shortly before/after your birth???

Jacqueline, pears can help constipation a lot (I was sceptical, but it worked for me last pg). Also, could it be your prenatal vitamins? It was for me last pg... (This time, I'm so regular you can set your watch by me... knock on wood.)
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Hi Guys,

I just found this place, it's great!

We have a 4yr ds that was an emergency c-section, 2yr dd - unmedicated hospital VBAC, and expecting ? at the end of May. Planning another unmedicated VBAC, I'd love to have this one at home but we are 35 minutes from the nearest hospital that has quality emergency services so we've compromised. See KKmama, you're not the only May VBAC'er!

I guess that's it for now, this much took me an hour to post anyway!
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Welcome Kids'ncows!

Aahh, yes, it is so fun to browse all the other threads. I could spend all day on MDC, and it is not such a good because I should be working, blah!

Jacqueline, I heard Witch Hazel on a cotton ball helps.

KKMamma, yes, the move could be before/after the birth. I am hoping not though. I would like to be able to focus on just one thing at a time.

-- J
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Welcome Kids'ncows!

Aahh, yes, it is so fun to browse all the other threads. I could spend all day on MDC, and it is not such a good because I should be working, blah!

Jacqueline, I heard Witch Hazel on a cotton ball helps.

KKMamma, yes, the move could be before/after the birth. I am hoping not though. I would like to be able to focus on just one thing at a time.

-- J
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