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lochia question

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So how are the post-partum mamas doing?
I have something kinda weird going on, at least compared to my first pregnancy, and I wanted to get your thoughts . . .
I am 2 weeks and 2 days since a wonderful home water birth. My bleeding started to slow down, but then picked up again, and is now dark red again (it had gone to pinkish for a few days)- I change a maxi about every 4-5 hours, and it is about 1/2 full. I don't think I've overdone it- my DH is home most days for our 3yo, and I try to rest with the baby most of the day.
I also have been having some stomach pains- I think gas really, since I've been eating lots of rice and beans But when I try to bear down, the bleeding really seems to increase, like dripping into the toilet (TMI!),
Anyway, the online resources seem to say that the lochia should be pink/brown by now.
I plan on calling my midwife tomorrow to talk about this, but I was wondering if this is even in the realm of normal? Is there anything I should do different? Would arnica help?
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I vote for realm of normal....I'm having the same thing (in fact, the pink picked up today to dripping...and I'm two weeks and two days postpartum)

I'm really pleased because I normally have much heavier bleeding for longer, I really think the shepherds purse helped!
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hmmm, i dunno...but i can say that i am two weeks today and a few days ago, I started bleeding much heavier than had been. but i attributed it to doing too much that day - dh went to work and i was up and down stairs multiple times, hardly sat down all day taking care of baby and ds1. so...??? def talk to mw to see.
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Normal, I think. I had red bleeding with my first 2 a lot longer than "they" said I should. Evenn though I mostly don't have any bleeding now, some days I still get a bit that's bright red
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normal vote, except not sure about bear down = dripping thing. otherwise, same thing going on here at 2w + 3d.
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Normal. I had the same thing at 2 weeks and the midwife said it was fine and normal unless you are filling 4-5 maxis a day with the bright red. Then you can worry.

Now I am 3 weeks 2 days and it is just starting to go brownish again.
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I'm experiencing something similar and both my Midwife and Doula said it's normal. The Midwife said that sometimes part of the uterus almost scabs over immediately after birth and then as the scab sheds there is more bleeding. I knew that my 2-3 days of bright red and 3-4 days of pink then nothing was too good to be true. :-)
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I know I am a few days late in my reply, but how are you doing now Goniopal? What did your mw say?

I got goosebumps reading your post b/c it was identical to what I went thru. Altho I was more like pp days 6 to 10....10 days by the time I got to the back up OB to find out why my gas was almost-go-to-the-hospital-unbearably-painful and found out I had a retained placental lobe.

I had a D&C on day 11. Gosh was I glad I went in to find out.....

So, what happened with you???? Please report back! (worried)
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Ugh. This happened to me, too. At 1.5 weeks PP, I was just barely spotting, but at 2 weeks PP I was bleeding fairly heavily again for a few days. Then it completely stopped a couple of days ago (over 3 weeks PP). Now, as of today, it is back again and fairly heavy. There was even a dime-sized clot in the toilet (TMI). : And here I was excited about not having to wear pads anymore. I hate pads.

Anyone know if it is normal for it to not only come back once, but twice?
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