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When did you start to show with your twins?

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This is my first pregnancy and I'm a little over 11 wks pregnant right now with twins and you really can't even tell that I'm pregnant yet. I know I am b/c i've seen with my own two eyes two the heart beats and two babies and i'm nauseous and green all the time so I know it is for real, but i guess i'm kinda in denial since I'm not really showing yet. I know I should just be happy at this point in time since I'll probably be as big as a house before I know it, but I was just wondering when any of you multiple momma's started to first show with your twins??? I know everyone is different!!! TIA
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I started to show at 5 weeks!! I was super skinny to begin with though.
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I was pretty thin when I got pregnant and someone swore to me she could tell the difference at 6 weeks. I don't know about that, but at 9 weeks I could tell the difference, and that's when I started taking belly pics. At 11 I had a clear bump with my shirt pulled up, and by 14 people were offering me seats on the subway. As you said yourself, everyone is different, though. Don't worry, it'll happen!
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This is my third and I actually was showing later with this one than my first 2. I had a bump at about 13 weeks, but exploded from 16-18. Now, I look 8 months pregnant at 20 weeks!!
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My twins were m 2nd pregnancy and I started showing at around 12 weeks.
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Right about 12-13 weeks, and I'm pretty small. And you won't believe how quickly you'll get huge!

Keep eating!
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Around 12-16 weeks I really started showing, but I was growing out of my pants before that. I'm a bit heavy so it took longer, I think.
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quit wearing my regular clothes around 12 weeks. I was 110 lbs when I got pregnant, gained 75 through pregnancy. I don't think I gained a lot of weight at the beginning, just got a big pooch quick. By the end I was in xxl maternity and my dh's clothes.
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Thanks everyone!!! All of your responses made me feel much better!!! I'm 5'5" and weigh about 120ish pre-pregnancy so I'm sure the weight will be coming here in the next few weeks since this week I will be 12wks. Thanks again for all the feedback!!!!
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I am a bit overweight and started showing pretty much right away with twins. I was in maternity clothes full time before the end of my first trimester. I didn't want to be telling people so early, but there wasn't much choice. I think I started wearing maternity pants (I had some bigger tops that I could use for a while) by 6-7 weeks.
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I started off super skinny too and didn't show until around 15 weeks or so... before then I looked a little bloated.
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I started with needing to loose a little, but I still started showing much earlier with the twins than I did with my son. My son implanted so low in my uterus and he sat so low in my cervix for my entire pregnancy that I thought I was just carrying higher. I litterally took a picture at 12 weeks because I thought I looked huge! We found out about the twins the next week.
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I always start showing pretty much as soon as that stick turns positive LOL
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I don't remember for sure but I know that by 14 weeks there was no question by looking that I was pg - people were shocked at that point to find out that I was only 14 weeks along.
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