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Skeeter - well I am happy that you are happy with the result and your mind is at rest. Once the opk gets faint it wil get to neg in no time and then you can watch for a temp rise...... goodluck and keep us posted for sure!

MP I agree with Skeeter - you are one beautiful family
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Thank you both

I cant wait to have children with dbf... in my heart i have such a strong feeling he will give me my little blonde boy i always wanted... i'm a brunette and dd/ds's father was a brunette as well so there as no chance of it with them, but dbf is blonde as is my mother and two of my siblings

And he wants a boy so bad!
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Got another very dark OPK this morning...I am so confused right now!
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I was under the impression that you shouldn't use FMU for an OPK because LH is naturally higher at that time and gives a false rsult - test again tonight!
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I thought you shouldn't use it b/c the hormone needs time to metabolize in your system so you may not get a positive??? I'm not sure??? I will check the instructions and get back to you!
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This is quoted from peeonastick.com:

Should I use first morning urine (FMU) with OPK's?
No. LH is synthesized early in the day, and is not metabolized into your urine until later. So, as a rule, you are more likely to catch your surge later in the day. ("They" say you should test sometime around 2-4 p.m., but I've had fine luck at 10 p.m.-midnight.) Using FMU may not be a problem for you, but if you do not detect a surge during the cycle you use FMU, try testing later during the next cycle.
Note: the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is the exception. The FM Monitor does require FMU.
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positive opk for days

I had a positive opk on days 10, 11, 12, and then i didnt test on 12 and 14, but my CM was still fertile like so i took an opk on day 15 and it was still positive! today is day 16, and...still positive. the test line is waaaaay darker than the control line as well. I also still haven't had a thermal shift. I took clomid on days 3-7. the tests coming out positive like that is just really confusing me. I have 3 boys, so I know I can have babies--I just haven't been ovulating lately (according to blood tests done by OB). Any advice of common experiences would be wonderfully appreciated.
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Hi I got  "mostly" positive OPK on Friday and a SUPER positive OPK on SAT which was the SAME day as my thermal shift (had been 97.7 and on SAT went up to 98.59)  I've had positive OPK's for the last  3-4 days (if you count Friday)  PLUS my temp has been over 98 for the last three days.  Thermal Shift and positive OPK's tell me I already O'd but when will the OPK's start registering negative??

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