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We scrape all left overs (even from the boys' plates) into a small glass dish, and dh takes it for lunch the next day. If there is only a very small amount left, dh will usually eat it before we clear the table. Otherwise, it's his lunch. I try and make enough for dinner plus about 3/4 of another serving (figured between that and what is usually left from at least ds#3's plate, dh will have enough lunch). There are a few things I purposely make extra of so we can have lunch - enchiladas, lasagna/baked ziti type meals, soup, chili.
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What do you think? LOL

If its just a spoonful, my DH will just eat it. He is trim and is always on the move, its fine. For me, taste makes waist so I eat a healthy portion that fills me up and be done so I too can stay trim.

I usually make enough for leftovers, mainly DH takes them to work the next day. When we started menu planning, I noticed we always have had more than enough food to eat as well as leftover in the fridge. The biggest pile up of leftovers is usually on lent. We cannot eat the meat based meals so we eat them over the weekend. We have a leftover night if they are not consumed by lunches. This happens about every 6 weeks or so. So your plate might have leftover beef w garlic sauce, spanish rice and a piece of pizza.

As far as bits n pieces, I too like to eat them for breakfast or put them into another meal- like leftover mashed potatoes in shepard pie, leftover chicken breast on nachos or a salad the next day. We have a different home made pizza every week based on whats left in the crisper/deli drawer. My all time favorite ecletic pizza- blue cheese, pears, and ham pizza.
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Originally Posted by Amylcd View Post
We don't keep leftovers for most foods.
same here.

I am really trying to get better at it, though. My problem is that the leftovers never seem to get used up before they go bad; so why bother saving them.

What I have done recently is save the surplus food if I cooked too much and freeze it right away. Like when I made twice as much spaghetti as usual.

Food off plates? I don't ever save that. I'm sure it's a small chance but doesn't bacteria continue to grow if saliva has touched the fork/food? That's actually not my real excuse (it's still the fact that it won't get ate before going bad excuse.) Plus my kids tend to eat all their food since they don't really snack.
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Yes, we do a version of this. If there is any bit left in a baking pan or serving dish, it gets saved, and usually dh will snack on the remains after a late night at work. It like a tapas plate for him. I don't save food off the kids plates because in the winter there's too much illness that goes around, so I don't particularly want to save that on a plate for dh! BUT, I do take plated leftovers and other scraps and cook them into a mush for my hens. Not much goes to waste here.
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Originally Posted by Amylcd View Post
We don't keep leftovers for most foods.
What do you do with them, then? Compost?

We have gotten very, very good about only putting a small serving of each item on our plate. And I leave the food in the kitchen, not on the dining table in front of us. Helps us eat less (us grown ups, lol), and the kids are free to go back and get more of something *if they eat everything, or almost everything else first*. If there are a few bites between all the plates (there is NEVER more than this) after we are done, and no one wants it, it goes to the chickens. And I do not consider that waste. What DOES bother me, though, is to see someone serve their child (or themselves!) an unreasonable amount of food and then throw it away, or even scrape it into the compost. My dh works way too hard to make money for this food, and I work way too hard cooking it, and we ALL work way too hard raising it, butchering it, growing it, harvesting it, and processing it to let waste happen!!

As far as leftovers in the pot or casserole dish, those go in the fridge to be eaten for lunch the next day (dh takes lunch to work, and the kids and I eat here every day). If they don't get eaten for lunch, they will likely morph into something new for supper the next night. Or I freeze, or dehydrate!

Tell me more about these 'leftover soups'. Do you just dump ANYTHING in there, or do you do, say meat, grain, and veggies? I mean, would anyone dump a wad of, oh...spinach artichoke casserole in the pot? I read somewhere about keeping a container in the freezer and all leftovers go in there and then are made into soup. Some things I can't wrap my head around, though, so help me out, lol!

I do keep a container of 'good' veggie scraps for stock in the freezer.
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I try to be good about leftovers, and cooking only what we will eat. Or, more commonly, I will make more than enough so we can eat a nice cooked meal two nights and I only have to cook once! So random leftovers are not so common, and no, I don't do what you describe.
Even though I consider us frugal, I when I throw out food, I don't feel guilty for the financial waste. It is more of a general guilt about wasting resources when others go without. And I usually talk myself out of the guilt by saying that my waste can't help anyone anyhow.
Actually, we are talking about starting to compost, which should possibly alleviate some of that guilt too.
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Originally Posted by Amys1st View Post

If its just a spoonful, my DH will just eat it. He is trim and is always on the move, its fine..
I think this is the other reason we don't have a lot of leftovers at our house too!
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If there is a teeny amount, leftovers will be served to the puppy.
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I plan for leftovers so dh has a lunch for the next day. All leftovers including any decent looking bits on our plates get dumped into a lunch tin. Dh loves it since he is too busy to make lunch for himself and I love it since everything gets eaten.

I grew up eating a lot of those left-over dinners that velochic described. My grandma was a master of the 'little dab' meals. She would save everything from a meal, even if it was a 'little dab' and then once a week pull it all out -- a little dab of this, a little dab of that -- sometimes it was a single mouthful of something, but she warmed it all up and we ate it.

We thought she was nuts only because her fridge was overflowing with teeny tupperware containers, little reused margarine cups would fall out every time you opened the door.

We are very careful to not waste food, but I prefer to use stuff up the next day -- throw it in some soup, in a casserole (who will know that last night's carrots are mashed into tonight's enchiladas?) and then be done with it. Otherwise stuff gets lost in my fridge.
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I do, and I have trays specially to serve them to my kids, like these from Target
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yes but a bit differently than you ... most of my small amounts of vegetables simply get thrown into the weekly pot of homemade soup. it is our tradition here to have a big pot of homemade soup Sundays after church. small amounts of leftover meats also get thrown in. actually leftover veggies and meat make better tasting soup than fresh.

leftover meats get re-served and leftover potatoes often get added together until there is enough to make one meal and fry up.
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Not from plates, but we serve the kids on small plates so there is little waste from their plates.

But, yes, otherwise. Today for lunch I had a very small amt of tomato soup and a very small amt of steamed broccoli. I heated the soup, added the broccoli, and ate it together.

Usually I scoop all the leftovers into one container and put them in the fridge, unless there is a lot of one thing. So I will scoop even the smallest amt of a thing and add it to the plate. Ds and I often eat those leftovers for lunch, or I roll them into the meal the next day (add veggies to soup or casserole, for example). I rarely serve leftovers in the same form as the first meal, because we get bored and I like to mix it up
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yes and it drives my mom nuts!
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We use it all. Waste not, want not. The less we throw away, the less we spend, the less we need to worry about the financial future.

If it's been partially eaten, it goes to the chickens so we get it back in eggs and meat. If it's chicken meat, I give it to our cat since I am not comfortable feeding chicken to my own flock. However, we under-plate anything questionable and have trained the kids to go back for seconds, so waste is to a minimum. The chickens also get our vegetable trimmings and the like.

All bones are claimed and frozen for stock-making.

If it's still in the pan/pot/bowl, it gets put up and used in another meal, placed into the freezer container that goes for soup or pulled out for a YOYO meal- you're on your own, like what you're describing you do with all of the little bits and pieces.
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If it hasn't been on someone's plate, I save it (I agree with the stomach flu thing). Even the smallest amount makes two or three portions for my one-year-old. I freeze it in individual serving containers and label it with the contents and her name. It would make me sad to throw away food that would be enough for a meal for her just because it would not make a meal for me.

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Another leftover-saver here.

If it's a big portion leftover, DD & I eat it while the DH is not home for dinner.

If its a small leftover, I freeze it and give it to DH for lunch (usually the following week).

Tiny leftover go into tiny containers in the freezer to throw-together meals. Today, for example, I got out all the containers of meat and beans, added some broth and seasonings, and made taco soup (which will now last us two nights). If there's lots of leftover chicken and veg, I do potpies or similar.

Veg trimmings and such go in the compost bowl on the counter, and get dumped into the pile every few days.
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We save leftovers. For DD, 3, if it's been on her plate it often goes back into the leftover bowl, since sometimes she'll leave a full serving on her plate.

I do save little bites of things, too. I have a bit of tin foil with 3 falafel balls in the fridge right now. It's not enough for lunch on it's own, but add salad or wrap in a tortilla and it's a great snack.

But if I have 3 baby carrots in a dish I usually just eat them before I wash the bowl.

We also do "smorgasbord" one night a week where we break out all the leftovers and eat them up.
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this is why we also save yogurt cups which make very handy storage containers.

even if it was on a family member's plate.

and if it's no longer edible, I throw it on this patch of land.

though we try to use before going bad.

(leftover breastmilk i feed to my plants... or use in my kid's bath --> both look great)
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I do save small amounts of leftovers, but I try to use them up within a day or two. The vegetables usually get added to another dish, and the meats, eggs, waffles, etc. are offered to the children when they're still hungry after or between meals.

My 3 year old DS has a particularly big appetite, and he'll often clean out our entire supply of leftovers as a bedtime snack. He'll just keep saying, "I'm still hung-a-weee!" and I'll just keep dishing them up until they're all gone.

I guess it's kind of like feeding them to the puppy.
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Originally Posted by Wugmama View Post
Before I had my 3rd baby who has all the food allergies, I age a lot of tortillas w/melted cheese. I remember frequently dumping all the left overs off my toddler's plates unto a tortilla, sprinkling cheese on it, and putting it in the microwave for myself. My dh would be so grossed out lol.~Tracy
Just had to say laughup

I save everything (no matter how small) that isn't on an individual's plate (still in the serving bowl or whatever). Sometimes I will save DS's food for him for later if he is having a not-so-hungry meal moment and it is "savable" (like - not squished up banana...lol) and then he eats it later. If it's only a little bit that's okay, I just give him a few different things.

Sometimes if I don't have enough of something for a meal I'll try to somehow mix things together or do something else creative so I don't have to "make" anything.
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